Grateful Dead

Hershey Park Stadium - June 28, 1985

Hershey Park Stadium

June 28, 1985

Hershey, PA US

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final "Bottom" - final "Superstitious"

Set List:

Cold Rain and Snow
Promised Land
Ramble on Rose
Down in the Bottom
Ain't Superstitious
Bird Song
Comes a Time

Music Never Stopped
Tom Thumb's Blues
Estimated Prophet
Terrapin Station
I Need a Miracle
Morning Dew
Throwin' Stones
Not Fade Away

Day Job

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Joined: Jul 24 2007

I was up front ,standing in front of Jerry, what a show . If I recall right in stopped raining right before Morning Dew and there was a cloud of steam coming from the crowd that was a trip . We did the Meriweather shows and Pittsburg after this show . Boy I miss those days .

Joined: Jul 20 2007
A grate show!!

We had a blast!! Deal rocked!! We were soaking wet!!
After the show we had a van full of Mexican blankets for sale, they were DRY everything else was wet!!
Another grateful wonderful time!!

joeybug69's picture
Joined: Jun 5 2007
Chocolate Trip

I convinced a bunch of pie-eyed dosers that the entire region around Hershey was built over a rich vein of liquid chocolate and that's what we were all dancing in, not mud!

Hey, sometimes you feel like a nut...

Joined: Jun 29 2007
as we resume our singin in the rain*!*!*!*

Xyes could not remember what that moment was, quite magical, been trying to think what song, but it was just an echoed bob wier, thanks too comment above, for solving the puzzel, that unlocked very fond memory, tom thumb blues, what a rare gem, the whole experience was wet and alive, like morning dew on a perfact day, another renunion show for me, like the rich stadium jack straw fourth of july, with old highschool sweetheart, only this one was from yet another town i moved away from, poor army bratt blues, and this young love passed away the same year as the previous one not from accident but from cancer, i fear i might be cursed, all my old beaus are gone, i fell like a black cat, caught on a limb here, yall know better, but i know him, tis the season of the witch, here is too autumm leaves, old boyfriends, morning dew the passing of young love, fond memories, and great shows

scottlovett's picture
Joined: Jun 16 2007
Memories of Hershey Dead

It was a dark and stormy day... well not too stormy but enough rain to cause Bill to come out on stage prior to the festivities. As the crowd cheered his appearance he made a show of looking around at the cloudy skies and finally made a gesture that suggested it was too wet for a concert that day. The moist throng voiced our disapproval of his weather forecast as he retired to the enclave backstage and a good laugh was had by all.
This pic must have been made while Phil was singing Tom Thumb Blues (see photo's section of this site) which was quite heavy for me as I and my concert going buddy Al were both out of our minds (and bodies.) I recall a tall gentleman, right in the middle of the crowd between the stage and soundboard putting his arms around his friends and he seemed to encompass 15 people with each arm.
Later during Not Fade Away I distinctly heard Bobby say, “Everybody ready?” at a point during the song intro when he was NOWHERE near his mic stand. I repeated his words to myself, under my breath and the dude in front of me turned around and put his forefinger to his lips and went “Shhhhh.” This really blew my mind!!!
This was also the first show at which the pre show music selection really hit home for me. For some cosmic reason Healy played The Dark Side of the Moon in its entirety and his choice provided the PERFECT “set and setting” for an incredible night of music and fun.
Good Times!


sfumato's picture
Joined: Nov 30 2007
The Hole in the Sky

ummm did any one else see the hole that opened up in the clouds during space/drums ??? what a day what a show the steam rising off the crown was intense as was this memorable show...i came out barly dressed and spun big time could not fine my ride walked through soaking wet parking lot /field for hours made some new friends and then hit the road.. i remeber it like yesterday

Joined: Jul 4 2007
WOW what a time

Went to this show w guitar player/best friend from HS and we both dosed hard. We didn't get in till the second set, but I remember "dripping" in the lot during Cold Rain and Comes a Time was my first. All I can say other that the Estimated/Terrapin was awesum, but Dew was the greatest I've heard. I remember the spots only on Jerry during the quiet part and it was surreal. Then the Throwing Stones hit and I don't know if it was only me and the acid, but it seemed like this incredible "anti-nuke" environmental message...from Dew into Stones then Not Fade. I got that message feeling at several shows after, but this was the first time my brain seemed to hear it.

His job is to shed light, not to master.

InTheSticksUBEPA's picture
Joined: Jan 18 2008
my first show

I'm a stone jackhammer and my heart is true and i'll give all i got to you

mobay2001's picture
Joined: Dec 29 2007
one way

it rained and we made great time coming from Camden nj after work to get to the show.....until we got off PA turnpike and it was bumper to bumper for miles into hershey park on a 2 lane road. there was no traffic coming out but we had to stay single file. Good show but cold rain.

Joined: Jan 19 2008
Anybody have a copy on disc?

I've been trying to get this show for a long time and if someone could burn it for me I'd gladly return the favor. Let me know if you can help!


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Hershey Park Stadium - June 28, 1985