Grateful Dead

Blossom Music Center - June 29, 1984

Blossom Music Center

June 29, 1984

Cuyahoga Falls, OH US

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Set List:

Greatest Story Ever Told
They Love Each Other
C.C. Rider
Bird Song
Hell in a Bucket
West L.A. Fadeaway
Music Never Stopped
Don't Ease Me In

Scarlet Begonias
Touch of Grey
Dear Mr. Fantasy
Man Smart/Woman Smarter
The Wheel
The Other One
Black Peter
Around and Around
Johnny B. Goode

U.S. Blues

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Attendees of this show

DJ FORT COLLINS, dubai-escorts-bunnies, spineman, Brad125, msmiranda, islandeskie, Dead Head 44, bmoney,, Cath0516, WhoWhatWendy, Michaeltallon, pukegrub, ascialabba, crunchyfrog, Jules N Binokulas, UncleJohn61, anewbold, dewahba, brain man, grantros, payingdues, NevilleC, lehua, rymo, hockey_john, cosmicsushi714, the axis, cmd, Quazi, zachtown, chuckulz, TheTieDyeDude, minutemouse, intrepid, DoctorDale, AlpineValley81, ChinaRider77, tccody19, cryptl1028, ocean, moogirl, Dpwilljr, Dolabella, Althea Rose, diamond dudeegs, Row Jimmy Tisdall, greeksam78, DavAlan, gpeach, tpenn, downtownbear, WeLoveEachOther, AlaskaDeadHead1, Toadmaster, midiman007, jsginbull, duppree, gonzo4osu, kimmerjo, chdaws, sugarmag68, BLC420, alovours13, edge 2009, gr8fulal, misterglen, docmark, pat L, BurntDawg, lagnaf, thechief19641964, skydog0223, ladnarc, marc., tardis, elgrande, MissReddin, The_Music_Danced_Me, aikox2, jebs07, jlg3rd, shithead, rami, mdaggett, Sleepingdragon777,, ohio4peace, hippiedino, scrltbg, sseif, darkstar stu, sakparadise, uncjhn, how_many_shows, StaggerLee32, ticket lee, gusfromcbus, Nikolai, PeterB, osborne fitzgerald mcclintic, ginsu710, uncle lefty, mp51, Bennyj, romafan, lioness, mrkaos63, Yippierb, klaussmith, Rum Jungle, Majuroguy, Valerie Stevenson, joeman, mickyfun, Shimanto, Ernest Angley, leper van atom, mtnref4, smokey mountains, Walstib, lordofys, wharfrat8199, Wink Slideloaf, Oroborous, johnieappel, AikoBearzly, kennedk23, jonnyy, Doc, uncleduke, KevinGutzmer, tommytomato, levitonjl, duboman, bamstutz, toshiro549, mapfreak, gremmie1, gr84lgamer, pdb, Bobby33914, safarian34, jay_harrs, tcerneskie, sgolston, Kenpb, Far-L, Trew, dschpan, uncle crappy, Duggles, boxorain62, Gravy, augustwest, rodger allinson, Steve-O, tn2nadoes


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Joined: Jun 19 2010
My 1ST Show, and they we're smoking hot!

I think they loved playing this venue, Blossom Music Center, in the north Ohio country side, between Cleveland and Columbus. My first show, it was awesome! I had only been exposed to Europe '72 and was lucky to hit this show when I was 16. It was a fun period for the band with their rising popularity and abundance of material at this time. The energy was playful and ecstatic. I was drawn into the whole scene at this show, and followed them off and on for years. The second set list is my favorite of all time for the 80's. They were flowin'.

Joined: Feb 21 2009
My first show also! Still

My first show also! Still on the bus 26 years later. I still can only find 1 audience copy of the show. The scarlet-touch of grey-dear mr. fantasy sequence which kicked off the second set was not from this simply cannot understand unless you were there! I sure wish I could find a better sounding copy of the show (thank goodness for Jim Wise for that copy, although I recently saw a Charlie Miller sbd of the second set only posted on the l.m.a.) I thought it was a dream till I heard the tape about a year later..fundamentally life-changing experience. That show was all I could think about for the next year till I saw my second show also at Blossom almost exactly 1 year later. That magical sound, all those beautiful brothers and sisters, it was like finding something you were searching for your whole life but not knowing what it was until you found it. Only 6 days till the Furthur summer tour kicks off right here in Rochester, N.Y. The long strange trip continues. God bless the Grateful Dead.

Dpwilljr's picture
Joined: Oct 20 2010
Good Times

There was an abundance of positive energy and electricity in the air when this second set started.
I was behind the last row of seats in the aisle dancing with all the other tourheads.
My favorite time at Blossom.
I heard from John that they broke out Fantasy at Red Rocks and was so happy to hear it for the first time here.
A lot of heads who saw both think the Red Rocks version is best....this version has Brent taking over the last verse before Jerry's blistering solo.

RobbZ's picture
Joined: Oct 25 2011
First Show

Girlfriend won tix from WMMS radio station and thought it would be fun to go. I being a fan of good music and a good time, tagged along. Many years and shows later, she's long gone...yet the Dead and I remain.

zachtown's picture
Joined: Dec 22 2011
My first show

This started years of fantastic adventure!

bmoney's picture
Joined: Sep 12 2015
I feel ya

I lost my car in that parking lot many times!!

bmoney's picture
Joined: Sep 12 2015

I remember this dude getting busted outside the gates for dealing. He was an enterprising, conservative looking guy. More like the Michael J Fox character in Family Ties than the usual deadhead. It seemed he was there to profit from the show and not to there really see the show. It was crazy to me to see the Man, who is hired to protect the Capitalists, busting this young future Capitalist. It was as if they were eating their young.

..........Man, we had some good stuff that night!!


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Blossom Music Center - June 29, 1984