Grateful Dead

Campus Stadium - June 4, 1978

Campus Stadium

June 04, 1978

Santa Barbara, CA US

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The Dead did a sound check the day before that included: Dancin' In The Streets instrumental, Yellow Bird instrumental and Iko Iko instrumental.

Last "Nobody's Jam": 07-21-74 [166] - billing: GD; Warren Zevon; Elvin Bishop; Wah-Koo

Set List:

Good Lovin'
Dire Wolf
Me and My Uncle
Big River
Brown Eyed Women
Looks Like Rain
Tennessee Jed
Jack Straw

Samson and Delilah
Ship of Fools
Estimated Prophet
Eyes of the World
Not Fade Away
Nobody's Jam
Not Fade Away
Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad
Around and Around

U.S. Blues
Sugar Magnolia

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Joined: Jun 15 2007

OK, maybe I'm prejudiced because it was my first show and like a first love, you only see the wonderfulness of it all. But truth be told, it was pretty freakin' wonderful.
A beautiful day, a beautiful setting, a beautiful stage set and The Dead at the peak of their 'post-retirement' form.
True, the Godchauxs were just months away from getting the heave-ho but you'd never know it from the performances here. Additionally, it was a great set list, very peppy and the concluding jam, centering around Not Fade Away and a rhythm section assisted by roaring motorcyles, is one of the coolest things I have ever experienced to this day.
Why this hasn't been chosen for release, I have no idea. Find it and treat yourself.

Joined: Jun 15 2007
first show

Have to agree with evbaby, this was my first show. The day was perfect and hot including the music.There was a buzz in the audio all day but when the grateful dead took stage they had found the problem and the sound was the cleanest I've ever heard, especially considering it was in an arena . the stage was the most awesome ever seen. I wish I had taken my camera an had pictures of it.If any exhist i would be interested in them. Also please release this show as a whole.

Joined: Jun 15 2007
santa barbara show

Does anyone have a copy of this Santa Barbara sho June 4 1978 campus stadium, that would be willing to send me one???? please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SCM GD LVR's picture
Joined: Jun 15 2007
wrong poster

Hey isn't that the poster for the 73 show(s)? I have one (my best relic of years at UCSB!) and was told it was from the 73 shows.

Trader X's picture
Joined: Jun 14 2007
Wrong Poster

Trader X

Loony lobo is correct - this is the poster for the 1973 show. The poster for the 6/4/78 was a black background with a picture of a skull (pretty cheasy) - I have a framed copy hanging in my bedroom. This was my 3rd Dead show, and it was a doozy. - Fun in the Sun! Here is a link to the Audio Archives for those of you that would like to listen tothe show.

T-Rex3, If you still need a copy, drop me a line.'s picture
Joined: Jul 4 2007
good show

One of these santa babra shows they had some wierd sound gun thing
bless dangerous doug and danno

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Joined: Jul 18 2007
competitive playing

It seems like the Dead would usually start shows in some sort of loping, let's-get-warmed-up mode, but Warren Zevon had just played a savage set, and the Dead came out of the gate like gangbusters! One of the most intense Bertha's I remember. We drove all the way down and back from SF for this show the same day. What a long day!

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Joined: Jul 19 2007
Elvin Bishop was great:

Elvin Bishop was great: "Stealin' watermelons off the vine..." Warren Zevon actually got booed offstage, threww down his mike from behind the piano and stomped offstage. Lots of great freze-dried little thingies in the hot summer sun.

I'm glad evbaby mentioned the cycles, I would have forgotten. That was so spontaneous, what a surprise.

Joined: Nov 12 2007
that soundcheck; wait there's more!

I caught the soundcheck the day before. As I wandered up to the side gate the band was jamming a long instrumental "Dancin'" riff. They eventually stopped and Bobby & Jerry started playing the melody of an old Harry Belafonte song called "Yellow Bird" on twin slide guitars. (I recognized the tune, having heard it on my parent's records hundreds of times). Then the band started jamming a riff that at the time I presumed was an instrumental vamp of Feat's "Dixie Chicken" (plausible), which is listed above as Iko (possible), but as it followed another Harry Belafonte song it coulda been "Women Smarter" (probable). The half dozen of us kindred strangers made the mistake of applauding and were chased off.
Yes indeed, despite much anticipation, Zevon got booed off mainly due to distortion. He exited Zieg Heiling and calling the audience acid casualties. Elvin cracked me up saying when he was done he was "goin' fish fish fishin'". Jerryy cracked Elvin up during the Waku jam by playing some preposterous low fuzzy blues lick. Of course The Dead cracked everyone up by having that miked up Harley revving up during NFA. (they also managed to blow the same break lick on Prophet as on the recently released Englishtown bootleg!) Another lovely day at UCSB.

Joined: Nov 12 2007
correction to soundcheck for june 4 1978 (on june 3)

Further to my entry above;
This nagged me for a couple days so I did my own homework. The Harry Belafonte song (melody) that Bobby & Jerry played on twin slide guitars during the soundcheck between instrumental Dancin' and DixieChicken/Iko/WomenSmarter is actually called "Don't Ever Love Me" ("..this can never be, she said pleadingly, don't ever love me..)


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Campus Stadium - June 4, 1978