Grateful Dead

Richfield Coliseum - June 8, 1992

Richfield Coliseum

June 08, 1992

Richfield, OH US

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last "Mind Left Body Jam": 03-24-90 [171] - "Dark Star" is first verse only

Set List:

Feel Like a Stranger
Little Red Rooster
So Many Roads
Tom Thumb's Blues
Black-Throated Wind
Don't Ease Me In

China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Crazy Fingers
Dark Star
This Could Be the Last Time
Stella Blue
Sugar Magnolia

U.S. Blues

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dubai-escorts-bunnies, DeadBear13, angelachayce, docspine, rick r, Ianwilson1, Dead Head 44, blue5, loveandpeace, EZinTN, volkl1, AzNiner, Kimock7, tofer golbins, plc3, Michaeltallon, KevinKroner, keylimejellybean, John Bonham, bamagirl, CRK, Dog Star, adamz, jaybird48230, sleepgeek, Lost_Sailor1, Lazylightning16, deadheadbobcat, Bonzey1171, customhds, CarrionCrow, leper van atom, hornsby, Cbus Scott, Cinrockhntr, kwener, John Kovacs, dedhed1963, sciyerface, Dogmatician, hippiechick308, Charlie Mosbrook, capt_mellow, JMD1971, mjnash666, chazzam1066, hardee.420, legba23, Rottenclam, craig rose, wheelerman125, missntour, tomcruz, bmason, tashwolf, CaptCleveland, MOTOR, JohnRapp, packymalley, Petronius Jablonski, smarcus, dredileogirl, chriswyhead, kwitt, skychief, MorninSun, jackstraw72, flybri1, Row Jimmy Tisdall, Shecky23, nathan_g, CaptTheo, terrapinT, Kristin-Quinn, gpeach, darkstarcrashes, jussieyes, purple75, Topaz, relnad, Toadmaster, illicoug, midiman007, rreszler, sitontoptworld, photogeek423, toddlesh, Betteroffdeadjed, GogglesPizano, aikoaiko66, phreeang, Shadowboxxx, blotterman, Sampson1966, celticwolfsun, gonzo4osu, zebadya, TreeTop, joetye, Kykind, moodyja395, cherylannie, hippintrippy, onemeanchef0420, BLC420, bluefairee, delylah24, Snapperhead, Pedro2009, Cosmic_Dad, ritekowst, Grateful_HERSH, Blysergic, dport, angela chayce, zackman27, jam e, lucky mahone, StaggerLeeMcNasty, cosmic tuna, Tie-Dyed Jedi, gratefulsunshine, stiney456, mtgear, smithfish, retiredwingnut, Martin G. Knott Jr, skullpoet, pearldiver069, kugster1, still missing brent, krklein2001, joekyle,, Eriepiper, IndyBear, Mr.SanJose, jbatt4, gravedigger7, fostever, tjazzbo, randyoftheredwoods, Miguel69, ktown44420, dylan from canada, lasthippiestanding, Lynnzie, Christopher_Joyal, ronmarley1, hippiechickmom, Squirrel95, greendad, silentlyscreaming, drc32-0, coryferber, FreakDaddy, Natty Bumppo, lifesavermedic, JAH, rick_r, pyy, semi-colon, grtfuldad, chuckm77, bobbyb, snow_and_rain, GOONZQUAD, mbwade20, jebs07, jaykuhles, sprots, zion, am_dew89, STELLA BLUEE, PalfHead, ERNIE, gonewild2, roscoemaplesbaby73, DrewFreeman, mdaggett, mrbaggs, red feather, air_garcia_416, coertje, ithrash420, ohio4peace, schwaz, muffin, biglog, Cosmic wolf, Deegs, jimi864, ColoradoDeadRainbow, Miss Missy, TJD, AlabamaGetaway, Hey Tom Banjo, mbaker1967, Tiffanydawn, Laurenlj, dave36, edigadee, luv Brent70, Mitrananda, another jerry, darthvader, drumspace, zerothehero, ohioted, Tenner, kbdeadhead, Mr.Skjellyfetti, osborne fitzgerald mcclintic, Gr8fulnNJ, LevitatingYogi, Brother cricket, garnet262, bubbadub, paintedmandolin71, fatmanrocks, walstib77, shappychef, Pha_Q, daytripper420, highvibe, BULLHEADEDDOGS, leeeroy36, sebastian, spacekat, DogCow, notbetty, mrellis, chiina_whiite, thundermike, Gr8fulTed, CLETUS UNCLE, shakedownman, cactus420, ekbond, notlikeyourmom, Valerie Stevenson, picone90, chuckulz, joeman, melissa, justice, Whitey, mkav, BobG913, mary-sunshine, mtnref4, mardieta, HARPER, jaymcf, Trail Head, badtpyist, Father Of Stella Rose, communemary, Scarlet.-.Roses, mackie67, JBT420247, D00Dah, blackeyed Susan, StreetVision, smokin_dave, aquanee, Will, eddo, Jeffervonjefferson, PearlyB, moosilauke, Cutback, Phattskis, dcrockz, TEagleton, dezmeister, Sequoia420, kennedk23, jonnyy, uncleduke, bakinthaday, JOEG, Fillmore Midwest, marian, rckhld, wharfgee2, drgarcia, Lindy8018, 10acjed, Reddawgfuji, amzeyboop, ssc5160, Teajay, Puffem420, tommytomato, mixmaster, jkelley, ZiggyDaMoe, kelster, mapfreak, headfullofdead, Maggot Brain, pdb, moxxie, jillstraw, MojoHand, garystar, scruff, jaybird, gregk63, Will Speed, safarian34, direwolf23, gdtrfb5, waynes werld II, DonBasai, dennisw, youshine, gighouse, dolecda, PsillyJim, Lazy-Supp-Deal, davidsmeff, Gen Jack Jones, mightzwell, uncle crappy, gpoulos, tannertdog, wlknblu, ws1995, JaimeAlphaMale, Zippatron, Lucab12, bradleyg, rickyrick15, Gravy, ggloyd, HeadwayGraphixx, Steve-O, deadheadgarcia, jbastin


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waynes werld II's picture
Joined: Jun 9 2007
My First Show

I became freinds with a deadhead in college/tech school and he invited me to go to this show[and the next, both at Richfeild]. At this point I knew very little about the Dead and besides the bootlegs he and a few other freinds played when we were puffin I only knew a few songs[all I owned was American Beauty ]. To some up an epic adventure [including meeting The Wrecking Crew], I had a great time and was determined to be apart of this awesome scene I knew so little about....

"All good things in all good time"-JGB

jaybird's picture
Joined: Jun 11 2007
Melts into a Dream

This was a great show for post Brent..Stella Is great

Joined: Jun 9 2007
He Did It !

I was all over the place. From a balcony I yelled "Stella Blue"
twice and Garcia immediately drifted into Stella Blue !

Joined: Jun 22 2007
My pal, Nostradamus

My pal Matt did the same thing on the way into this show as he did a couple of months earlier in Landover- he looked up at the coliseum and said "they're gonna do a Dark Star." Even though he'd been right at Landover on March 9th, I didn't take his word for it. "You'll see," I said, "they won't play it this time." But they did. He never called it when they didn't play it. I always wondered how he did that. I can't remember if he called it again at Star Lake later this month, which is probably good, 'cause if he did I'd be scared of him now.

Joined: Jun 30 2008
first dark star w/ vocals

even if it was only the first verse... still pretty sweet after being teased relentlessly with DS "instrumentals." Don't Ease, Crazy Fingers and Stella are some of my personal faves. Hell yeah!

darkstar92117's picture
Joined: Oct 8 2007
My 2nd show

Wow while attending only my 2nd show I got my Darkstar, other highlights for me were China cat>Rider>Crazy Fingers and of course Stella Blue. During Stella there was a soft blue light on Jerry and a fan was gently making his hair ripple. It brought me to tears.

Joined: Jul 7 2010
Indoor Shows In June???

I remember when the tour dates were announced and was like ummm ok I like the venue but in June???

Good shows and a break from worrying about weather was actually nice. Especially from the daytime heat of Vegas the week before, Sam Boyd Silver Bowl - May 29, 1992

Joined: Nov 4 2011
first concert

me and a friend were going to just party in the parking lot and i scored 2 row a tickets to this show omg everyone said dont let it be your first it will wreck every other concert you go to and except getting to go back stage with the b52s it did do that nothingwill ever compare!!


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Richfield Coliseum - June 8, 1992