Grateful Dead

The Palace - June 8, 1993

The Palace

June 08, 1993

Auburn Hills, MI US

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Set List:

Picasso Moon
Queen Jane Approximately
It Must Have Been the Roses
It's All Over Now
Bird Song

New Speedway Boogie
That Would Be Something
Long Way Home
Saint of Circumstance
He's Gone
The Last Time
Standing on the Moon
Turn on Your Love Light

I Fought the Law

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Joined: Dec 14 2007
Truckin>Speedway OMG

The first set was short but fairly rocking. I have seen these boys countless times and I thought I was dreaming when they opened the second set with Truckin' into New Speedway Boogie! Show just kept getting better as the night progressed. One of my favorite shows--oh hell, they were ALL my favorite shows each and every one of them.

Joined: Apr 30 2008
Good Show. I really love the

Good Show. I really love the Bird Song I consider it the best of the last few years.

Joined: Jul 19 2010
my 1st dead show

this was my first dead show ever. im a bit younger than most dead fans but oh well, ya gotta start somewhere! I had a friends older brother drive us, and I had to fake sleeping over at a friends house- I was only 14. totally got away with it and was blown away by the whole experience. From that day on I've been a devoted detroit dead head!


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The Palace - June 8, 1993