Grateful Dead

Richfield Coliseum - June 9, 1992

Richfield Coliseum

June 09, 1992

Richfield, OH US

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"Shangri-La" tuning before "Cold Rain"

Set List:

Cold Rain and Snow
Wang Dang Doodle
Me and My Uncle
Big River
Stagger Lee

Victim or the Crime
Ship of Fools
Long Way to Go Home
Eyes of the World
All Along the Watchtower
Black Peter
Turn on Your Love Light

Brokedown Palace

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Attendees of this show

Ianwilson1, matlea25303, Dead Head 44, blue5, loveandpeace, EZinTN, AzNiner, Kimock7, tofer golbins, sparkyperry, plc3, Michaeltallon, KevinKroner, keylimejellybean, John Bonham, bamagirl, CRK, Dog Star, adamz, jaybird48230, sleepgeek, Lost_Sailor1, Lazylightning16, deadheadbobcat, Bonzey1171, customhds, banjocyborg, CarrionCrow, leper van atom, hornsby, Cbus Scott, Cinrockhntr, kwener, John Kovacs, dedhed1963, sciyerface, Dogmatician, the axis, hippiechick308, Tri1pinJ1mmy, capt_mellow, JimboFloat, JMD1971, mjnash666, chazzam1066, legba23, Rottenclam, for_veronicas_sake, craig rose, wheelerman125, playdead7, missntour, tomcruz, bmason, tashwolf, CaptCleveland, JohnRapp, packymalley, Petronius Jablonski, smarcus, dredileogirl, kwitt, skychief, MorninSun, jackstraw72, flybri1, Row Jimmy Tisdall, Shecky23, nathan_g, CaptTheo, terrapinT, Kristin-Quinn, gpeach, darkstarcrashes, jussieyes, purple75, Topaz, relnad, Toadmaster, likedasoup, illicoug, midiman007, rreszler, sitontoptworld, photogeek423, toddlesh, Betteroffdeadjed, GogglesPizano, aikoaiko66, phreeang, Shadowboxxx, shabu, blotterman, Sampson1966, celticwolfsun, zebadya, TreeTop, joetye, Kykind, moodyja395, hippintrippy, onemeanchef0420, BLC420, bluefairee, delylah24, Snapperhead, Pedro2009, Cosmic_Dad, ritekowst, Grateful_HERSH, kind tunes, Blysergic, dport, angela chayce, zackman27, jam e, lucky mahone, StaggerLeeMcNasty, cosmic tuna, Tie-Dyed Jedi, fuggles, gratefulsunshine, mtgear, smithfish, retiredwingnut, eFreak, Martin G. Knott Jr, skullpoet, pearldiver069, kugster1, still missing brent, Key Wester, krklein2001, joekyle,, Eriepiper, IndyBear, Mr.SanJose, jbatt4, gravedigger7, fostever, tjazzbo, randyoftheredwoods, Miguel69, ktown44420, dylan from canada, Lynnzie, Christopher_Joyal, hippiechickmom, Squirrel95, greendad, silentlyscreaming, drc32-0, coryferber, FreakDaddy, Natty Bumppo, lifesavermedic, JAH, rick_r, pyy, semi-colon, grtfuldad, gratefuldave11, chuckm77, bobbyb, snow_and_rain, GOONZQUAD, jebs07, jaykuhles, sprots, am_dew89, STELLA BLUEE, PalfHead, ERNIE, gonewild2, roscoemaplesbaby73, DrewFreeman, mdaggett, red feather, air_garcia_416, ithrash420, ohio4peace, schwaz, muffin, biglog, Cosmic wolf, northernwolfen, Deegs, jimi864, ColoradoDeadRainbow, Grateful Jeff, Miss Missy, TJD, AlabamaGetaway, dr_watson_12, mbaker1967, Tiffanydawn, Laurenlj, dave36, edigadee, luv Brent70, Mitrananda, another jerry, darthvader, drumspace, zerothehero, masessum, Tenner, francismackey, kbdeadhead, Mr.Skjellyfetti, osborne fitzgerald mcclintic, Gr8fulnNJ, LevitatingYogi, Brother cricket, garnet262, bubbadub, paintedmandolin71, fatmanrocks, walstib77, shappychef, Pha_Q, daytripper420, highvibe, BULLHEADEDDOGS, leeeroy36, sebastian, spacekat, smokinmore, DogCow, notbetty, mrellis, chiina_whiite, thundermike, Gr8fulTed, CLETUS UNCLE, shakedownman, cactus420, ekbond, notlikeyourmom, Valerie Stevenson, picone90, chuckulz, joeman, melissa, justice, Whitey, mkav, BobG913, mary-sunshine, mtnref4, mardieta, jaymcf, Trail Head, badtpyist, Father Of Stella Rose, communemary, Scarlet.-.Roses, JBT420247, jack-o-roses, D00Dah, blackeyed Susan, StreetVision, smokin_dave, aquanee, Will, eddo, Jeffervonjefferson, PearlyB, moosilauke, Cutback, Phattskis, dcrockz, TEagleton, Sequoia420, kennedk23, jonnyy, uncleduke, bakinthaday, JOEG, Fillmore Midwest, marian, rckhld, wharfgee2, Lindy8018, 10acjed, Reddawgfuji, amzeyboop, ssc5160, Teajay, Puffem420, rhyspencer, tommytomato, mixmaster, toshiro549, jkelley, ZiggyDaMoe, kelster, mapfreak, Maggot Brain, moxxie, jillstraw, MojoHand, garystar, jaybird, gregk63, Will Speed, dms, safarian34, direwolf23, gdtrfb5, waynes werld II, dennisw, gighouse, dolecda, KimmieinMD., PsillyJim, Lazy-Supp-Deal, davidsmeff, mightzwell, uncle crappy, gpoulos, tannertdog, wlknblu, ws1995, JaimeAlphaMale, Zippatron, Lucab12, bradleyg, rickyrick15, Gravy, ggloyd, Salmon Will, HeadwayGraphixx, Steve-O, deadheadgarcia


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waynes werld II's picture
Joined: Jun 9 2007
Second Show

After attending the show the night before I kind of got the hang of it and this was the first show I actually danced at[just barely], really started noticing the kind females, coming from a small hic town I was impressed with their general confidence[a few hit on me and honestly it was the first time girls I didn't know did so{town I lived in was real small everybody knows everybody}].Started making plans to move from WI to CA
"All good things in all good time"-JGB

Joined: Jun 23 2007
great summer fun

Great summer day in NE ohio. Priceless Peggy O. Jerry man just belted.

Street Vison Brown

Joined: Jun 30 2008
what a great first set list

only thing missing is dupree's! love when they open with cold rain.

darkstar92117's picture
Joined: Oct 7 2007
Nice day for Ohio

Great Peggy-O- and I loved the Brokedown encore!


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Richfield Coliseum - June 9, 1992