Grateful Dead

Hampton Coliseum - March 19, 1986

Hampton Coliseum

March 19, 1986

Hampton, VA US

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first "Visions Of Johanna"

Set List:

Hell in a Bucket
Stagger Lee
C.C. Rider
Cold Rain and Snow
Beat it on Down the Line
Big Railroad Blues
Looks Like Rain
Visions of Johanna
Music Never Stopped
Don't Ease Me In

China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Playin' in the Band
The Wheel
Black Peter
Around and Around
Johnny B. Goode

Quinn the Eskimo

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Attendees of this show

dubai-escorts-bunnies, Amy from New York, huck2me, GeoffHarrison, AIMScto, UncleJoe, gabbertw4, EmeraldSights, BillyBlair, tat2inmd, pukegrub, Bill388, Hoopsie, Jules N Binokulas, Waldo66, surfdude67, rymo, jabruzzo3, LooseBrucie, Oxford 88, fcbrew, neotis, ThomasMantellWilliams, MtnBB, StrangerInkDesigns, hockey_john, cosmicsushi714, Quazi, ptown phool, skydog0223, cardinal4, DanSeth, Eastcoast65, munclemex, EugeneEvon, marijuanabob, Phinnegan, uKnowBetter, rab66, chuckebbets, bigriver909, minutemouse, AlpineValley81, dancingbear33, iamtjs3, mickydf250, cryptl1028, tashwolf, stevevan33, nanabool, Dpwilljr, Eyesbeyond, jackstrawtom, tcmarbles, leisamarie, mmtapeop, 123IBT, broken_angel, virginia blackie, Iriecycle, Deadwhiteandblu, jilleh, touch_of_grey, oakdaddy, Esparka, CherylB, PeggyO65, greeksam78, legalmist, lynch, darkstarcrashes, spacewalker, BIODTR58, tpenn, ocdeadbrian, dr zevon, redcoatblues, Rip, AlaskaDeadHead1, westlafadeaway, kid of Jerry, stroukoa, svg3of4, jsginbull, Dead Billy, Gr8ful Dean, HelenABucket, SaintSteven, zebadya, Rickyspill, misterAYed, Cumberland blooze, Tweety42, US BLUES 1970, sugarmag68, alovours13, jimmyjack smith, chefdarkstar, RaymondMBrown, scotty m, weatherbill7, ellis d, photoleon, vashgrmag, mercurygd, Mornduvt, pat L, JohnDC, lonesomejohnnie, whipple, hardroxx, lostsalr, jrbird419, peaceonearth, JHoler, gatzapaul, powderjunky, salem, K1ndZ0n3, norbeast, CarlaDCArea, m23, kenrock, shakedave, gairleog, srobichaud, chaoslodge, RightwingDeadhead, BornInADesert, LuigiDied, BurntDawg, St Stephen 65, BarryTheSprout, 86Hamptons, pairdoc, Rhodyred, paul41, SCDeadhead, swanroad, MagicPEZ, wharfrat1016, b3nd3r, terrapinbill, ladnarc, spaceyoface, deadheadfrom76, naddybear, gr8fulcraig, 4 Rivers, caroroses, swimdad, tomsned66, rbull, MustveBeenTheDoses, kat64, dankstressny, Lostsailor86, Peppermint Patty, voodoonola, wharfratdude, NNJDEADHEAD68, harryz, bobby, The_Music_Danced_Me, BarefeetBob, tsadler, aikox2, squ1rr3l, tonymasiello, MICKE527, wsp420, zig zag man, Yamis Jewell, skunjelefeti, cosmic_skye, iggy62, leftcoastbound, philmaywalt, Tom Mittemeyer, lazy_lightnin38, rami, beandog22, brookeok,, sunshine_sugaree, nickelless, cepx, flipper, hippiedino, aliceDmillionair, snowindian, jimi864, WaywardBill, cosmicloyed, kydedhed, skullfu, NM-MCS, sakparadise, Bettylou, funkygoodpants, Robert Francis, ticket lee, Thomas Shields, Sprybert, beckstei, 143or245, Sleepy Monkey, Dead Meister, Bigtedman3, Mr.Skjellyfetti, Roche, ginsu710, Dankstress, brianmika, rangerjoe, estimatedprofits, Bluz4Jody, gr8fulpete, Still_Dead, teamcram, Mike Nomad, Felix, WHARFRAT917, theleven, hamal, Skjellifetti, goldgreek, picnic, dutchjackstraw, deadfish, big dave, aslpotomac, Babuyaya, iamslinky, Hopierose, SocietysPliers, gratefultm65, klaussmith, eclipse, Sluys Guys, jackandceleste, chinacatcumberland5, jozeppy, ptedhath, Rum Jungle, gr8fulpair, blondon1, MoonshineCito, logstirl, whatthefunk, terrapin85, shnaholic, andrewmyers, Shimanto, Josef, mary-sunshine, wills, slidebrain, catchmohl, smokey mountains, bdpalace, jackerowe, auralworship, Mainehead,, brainman, lakelure2, eazywind, Kima, timitart, Big Boss Man, ez2lovu, jimiesq, Dire Wolff, jerryskid, Harpersedg, shadyjohnny, Dancingnancies, chef, terrybear, Oroborous, chichester, UndeJohn, dharmagum, augustwest41, drkstrcrashes, lappdog1, Margs, nalex, Skully, scottlovett, MovinGroovin, Symmetry, shugamag, gdgroupie, Jim Gore, Cosmiccharlie, greggm65, bshawlang, ajsedel, Garcia1970, shasty, Alpo_va, matilda, njwreckdiver, jodoyle, darrrkstarrr-billy, mapfreak, gr84lgamer, c1042, Tampa Red, jillstraw, mksmith, cyberdelica_space, dennisw, Penn Dead, JerryisaJedi, cumberlandcase, 333mike, Maliz, Phils-side, Kenpb, vinylanimyl, grateful tar heel, rjtriana, dschpan, tcrawford, Jon Cornick, ricflower, grendel, sallyrose, Duggles, tbsjr65, Joe B. Jones, boxorain62, jergirl61, antonjo, jcmpbl, augustwest, johnnyg, rodger allinson, ratskrad, Bozo Bus, jims, Half-step, Alsflorida, tn2nadoes


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Joined: Sep 24 2007
monster sets

the best venue ever, the setssometimes went on so long they wore me out often

Joined: Jan 27 2009
mind left body

This was my 1st show. It really was an amazing experience for me. It changed my life in many ways. I'll never forget it.

gatzapaul's picture
Joined: Jan 11 2009
Long Playin'

It seemed like the Playin' in the Band went on and on. Worth a listen if you can get a copy better than my piss-poor cassette.

I was looking ahead at the set list from the 21st. It looks like Playin' went on for about 48 hours.

oakdaddy's picture
Joined: Mar 6 2010
Three Days Of Peace And Music

Before the dangers of Ex were widely understood and appreciated...

cub's picture
Joined: Mar 20 2008
The Jupiter-Two Spaceship

Ah, The Hampton Coliseum in the fog, in the 80's. With the exterior lights happening Jerry was preparing us for lift-off.

Also this was the start of Dan Healy dodging the FCC, with a stealth FM broadcast.
I made a great tape of the 2nd set of this show from my Panasonic boom-box at the Sheraton.

I also used Tully's D6 recorder for patching-in to some Nakamichi 300's mikes on the floor. Recently I heard that the tree-lined walkway that takes the most-stoned of Heads directly to the front doors, is No More. Too bad.

Oh well. . . the Visions of Johanna was another historic milestone that the Grateful Dead just laid down, and flawlessly perfect too with all of Dylan's 16 verses.

We also got to hear The Mighty Quinn that was encored with at the New Years show. Tully got that recording too.

Mike Nomad's picture
Joined: Sep 3 2007
Man, what a night...

Ralph & John, I hope you are both well.

LooseBrucie's picture
Joined: Aug 8 2013
3rd round...

Visions from this show are fading...but not the Visions of Johanna. Can't say I really knew that song at the time but I did know something special was happening. The energy from the crowd was powerful. Can't remember how I got there or who I was with...wasn't a licensed driver by that time. I do remember a wooden bowl full of the seediest shwag imaginable....sometimes change is great!

I think this is when GDub, Sean and Scotty C. went to their first show and it was really great to be there with them.


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Hampton Coliseum - March 19, 1986