Grateful Dead

Academy of Music - March 21, 1972

Academy of Music

March 21, 1972

New York, NY US

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First "L. L. Rain" - first "Two Souls"

Set List:

B. T. Wind
Next Time
Mr. Charlie
L. L. Rain
Tennessee Jed
You Win Again
Chinatown Shuffle
El Paso
Good Lovin> Casey Jones

Truckin> Drums> Other One> Wharf Rat> Jam
Sugar Magnolia
Two Souls
Ramble On
Me & My Uncle
Big RxR Blues
NFA> GDTRFB> Saturday Night

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Joined: Jul 21 2007
3/21/72 NY Academy of Music

This was my first show. Had tickets for first row mezzanine overhang; about 5 seats in a row, but when we arrived upstairs there were a bunch of hells angels with recording equipment (reel to reel). They said to us "the Dead have decided to mix" from here. The usher took us downstairs to the floor all the way in the back row. I didn't know what to think.
We stood on the folding chairs that were in the last row behind the regular floor seats. Berta was the opener a couple of minutes later. By the time we realized there might be some kind of funny business going on with our great mezannine seats, it was too late. What I learned from this experience was that it didn't matter where you sat during a Dead show. We had a great time, got to see one more show on this Academy run. It was everything I had heard about and more. Great show, great time, very nice venue. Very grateful to have seen and had such a good time.
In later years I would sit in some front, orchestra, or great seats; also many nose bleeds as venues and crowds grew. I also cooked for the crew at a few BBQ's. I never stopped enjoying the whole scene. As I got older I cleaned up my act quite a bit, but in 1991, I called San Rafael, CA (GDTS). I spoke with Ramrod about how big the scene had gotten. I told him we were going on vacation and that it was right around the time of the spring tour. We sent in some money for seats, and he sent us fantastic seats for 2 shows in North Carolina. The last 3 shows we saw were in Miami Arena, we lived there then. I worked at the Arena at the time. Still a great time. Gave 2 tickets away to some young people that did not have tickets. Great feeling. Someone had done it for me on more than 1 occasion. Great trip, nice people, important message about life. It felt great to give.

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Joined: Aug 25 2007
Forty years of being a DEAD HEAD

The Academy was a great venue. I saw many artist perform there. The DEAD had a great run playing there. We had a great time hearing and Dancing with them.

Strider 88's picture
Joined: Jun 20 2007
Class of 72

I had a great time that night. That night was one of a handfull of Dead shows that I was lucky to be on the guest list. I sat next to Mickey Harts grandparents(even though Mickey was on hiatus). Had one of Grandmas cookies. On my right were two very beautiful woman from Brooklyn. They were up dancing from the start so I joined in. The new songs blew me away. At the end of the show one of the Brooklyn gals threw her arms around me and I think I had the greatest kiss of my life. Over three months later I was at the first Rainbow Gathering (Colorado) and I ran into the other Brooklyn gal. Ah youth. Those shows at the Academy were amazing. They primed me for High School graduation and the west. Class of 72. What a time to grow up. Thank you God and the Grateful Dead. By the way the venue was run down but not as seedy as the Manhatten Center. The Fillmore East and the Capitol Theater in Portchester were light years better for beauty. The academy was only good for its small size.

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Joined: Jun 22 2007
18 yrs old

Was anything better than to be 18 at the Academy-1st time for black throated wind, looks like rain, greatest story...
ace came out that June
wotta time to be a deadhead (orange sunshine barrels!) whooeeee


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Academy of Music - March 21, 1972