Grateful Dead

Copps Coliseum - March 21, 1990

Copps Coliseum

March 21, 1990

Ontario, CA

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Set List:

Mississippi Half-Step
New Minglewood Blues
Far From Me
Queen Jane Approximately
Loose Lucy
Victim or the Crime
Standing on the Moon
Promised Land

Hey Pocky Way
Crazy Fingers
Cumberland Blues
Estimated Prophet
He's Gone
I Need a Miracle
Wharf Rat
Throwin' Stones
Turn on Your Love Light

Knockin' on Heaven's Door

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Joined: Jun 23 2007
my first and only canadian

my first and only canadian show!!

Joined: Jun 22 2007
Oh, Canada

It was a lot of fun driving North to the border and beyond. When we got to customs, there was a funny sign on the booth that said "credit cards accepted for citations" or something like that, letting 'heads know that they could pay and be on their way if fairly benign contraband was found in their car (I'm sure it didn't apply to everything.)
When we got to our hotel parking lot, just as we stepped out of the car, a voice shouted my and one of my buddy's names. We're like "Who the hell is that?" And it was a friend of ours from Pittsburgh who was selling American cigarettes, which was hilarious if you knew the guy.
This was a great show from one of my favorite tours of all time. They were playing with such focused intensity in the Spring of '90 that it was almost scary, and a real joy to behold. The 'Estimated' has a great jam-it's on the release "Weir Here"-and it was always nice to get a 'Cumberland.' Good 'He's Gone' and 'Wharf Rat,' too. But it was just a prelude to the extraordinary show that awaited us the following night...

Ursa Minor's picture
Joined: Jul 19 2007

Howdy GD fans,

Yes, this is my second show. I think this is a well played show with some curve balls thrown in. Nobody expected Cumberland Blues in the second set. Wharf Rat is exceptional, Hey Pocky Way was really nice. It was nice to see the GD in another country. I was pleased I got to experience that. I also remember taking a picture of Brent with two roadies basically standing him up, he was not in good health and very sad to see. Later, when I heard of his demise, I wasn't in that much shock.

The show itself is a real treat, this run was very good, as was spring and summer 90. The GD at this point was at a high point, they were able to tap into a growing market of new fans from a earlier generation. I don't know what the reason for this; I think that rock and roll music really was starting to hit a low point and it has for a long time. The grunge and neo punk phase was starting to become more popular, and the GD and other older rock bands were the answer and other choice for really well played musical product.

The first set is well played, the second set even better played. Even though the first has some songs that became more well known and chosen for the second set, it's like all the other shows that this happens - the intensity hasn't been fully discovered on those tunes yet...

this is a good run, and don't shy away from the DAT aud tapes either

Ursa Minor

I wish that for just one time, You could stand inside my shoes, and for just that one moment, I could be you - Bob Dylan, Positively 4th St.

Joined: Sep 29 2007
Hey now

This was the first loose lucy I had heard. These shows were great!It was a little cold but fun then on to albany after we got our friend out of custody of the mounties eh.

Tea 4-2's picture
Joined: Jan 31 2008
Almost lost it during Victim

My huge cap really kicked in during "Victim or the Crime" I had lost my friends and just decided to find a seat wherever as I couldn't stand up for a couple moments. I almost lost my mind too. The "Victim" was so weird. Bob was making these explosion noises at the end which was preceded by what seemed to be never ending escalation. I was fucked up and how!! But thank God for Jerry. The "Standing on the Moon" brought me right back. I remember it well. It was just what I needed exactly when I needed it! After that, "Promised Land" And what a journey! Everything after that was spectacular. I miraculously ran into my friends at Half-time, who were also on the edge(some were unreachable) And we managed to have a killer 2nd set. It was so awesome. I miss those days, but my experience level rose on that night. And would rise even higher the next night........

guitar_john24's picture
Joined: Oct 26 2008
Lost it During Victim

What a great show. I did lose it during "Victim". The ground opened up a swallowed all of earth's inhabitence. Yes, Then "Standing on the Moon", brought it back(for a short while). Never remember how I got back to the Hotel that night, but thanks to two old dear friends John and Rob, I did.

PAPPYPGH's picture
Joined: Jul 2 2007

Caught BOTH this and the next night....both were GREAT shows. The 1/2-Step is the version found on Without A Net - which is cool!
The band was TOTALLy on fire this whole tour. Far From Me this night and Easy 2 Love you the next night....kick ass!! Great, great shows....a very fun road trip, too!

Next night featured the first "Hey Jude" in over 20 years (full version) - eventhough Brent forgot most of the words - it was still great to see.

~ Pappy

"Once in a while you can get shown the light in the strangest of places, if you look at it right." - Robert Hunter

LizaCatSunflower's picture
Joined: Feb 1 2009
I was one of the 2 blonde chicks in the front row...

Oh man, this was the pinnacle of all Dead Show experiences for me. My friend, Jenn and I were virtually the first people into the colosseum. It was reserved seats, but we took a chance, got past all the guards and we high-tailed it to the front row, right in front of Jerry's mic. Whoever was suposed to take those seats must have been in the Dead Family backstage or something, because they stayed empty the ENTIRE SHOW!

Jerry serenaded us all night long and then the next day, people kept stopping us and saying, "you two were the blonde chicks in the front row!" My friend, Jenn, was 6 feet tall. I was shorter, but blonde too. Anyone know how to find out if there is any video footage of that magical night?

Liza M. Shaw
go to
to learn that you have the power to transform your life!

Joined: Apr 17 2008
Hope i brought enough ritz crackers for all

Brought a jug in on crackers everyone was happy
Free for all.
The Royal Cognate Hotel had 20 foot ceilings was huge seriously good to play frisbee in there we did.

Do For Other's You Will Feel Better.

Joined: Nov 5 2010
If those days would come again

My first show. Lysergic love with a girl who broke my heart on the floor grooving all night. Took about a dozen friends back to my Grandma's to wait out for the show the next night. This was my hometown and we treated the heads with respect.


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Copps Coliseum - March 21, 1990