Grateful Dead

The Omni - March 22, 1993

The Omni

March 22, 1993

Atlanta, GA US

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johnnyg's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007
Set Lists:

03-22-93 The Omni, Atlanta, Ga. (Mon)
1: Help> Slipknot> Franklin's, Rooster, Althea, BIODTL, Tom Thumb Blues, Lazy River Road, Picasso Moon
2: Wave To The Wind> Iko Iko, Corinna> Uncle John> China Doll> Drumz> Last Time> Stella Blue> Sugar Magnolia E: IFTL

The most up and down show I had ever seen.
The Good:
Most of the first set
China Doll, UJB and Sugar Mag
The Bad:
Wave and Corinna made me wonder what I did that was so bad to deserve that?
The ugly:
Picasso Moon & IFTL

“The Omnipotent Grateful Dead!”

Joined: Jul 20 2007
My favorite show

Unfortunately, I came on the scene late. This was my second show; my first was the night before, and I caught a dozen shows altogether. This one confirmed for me that I was deadhead, and the night before wasn't a fluke.

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Joined: Jul 19 2007
03-22-93 Atlanta


I kind of agree with the first post. I remember this show was on a sunday night, so it was for the hardcores a little bit. all the working folks had the weekend, but the real diehards liked the shows on the weekdays, and sundays..

Help slip frank was cool
I remember tom thumb blues was upbeat becuase Phil would get into that tune so much

wave to the wind had been re-vamped to improve the lyrical section, it wasn't as wordy as the previous initial versions...I think this tune is under-rated somewhat, and Corrina just seemed like it always is, too forced and blank, even though I've seen and heard better Corrina's, the song almost didn't fit the GD...the vocal harmony was cool , but the song itself was rather plain in it's structure, sure it was simple, but I can't put my finger on it...alot of folks were saying that it would replace the estimated slot in the second set, but man, that would have been brutal. I appreciate the GD for trying to be fresh

of course, sugar magnolia was cool, and UJB>china doll was a nice feature that nobody expected

Ursa Minor

I wish that for just one time, You could stand inside my shoes, and for just that one moment, I could be you - Bob Dylan, Positively 4th St.

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Joined: Aug 28 2007
Only bad show I ever attended

This was my last of 40, just weak.

Joined: Jan 11 2009
first atl show

first atl show

Joined: Apr 25 2009
Johnny D. Cobra china doll

Johnny D. Cobra china doll was magical

Joined: Oct 10 2009
show in atlanta

Got arrested coming from hotel in wonderful cobb county.officer was a real jerk,threatened to shoot my dog.Cobb County jail was a scary place with my New York accent.spent the worst 4 days of my life.Missed Chapel Hill.After watching law enforcement arrest people randomly at the omni i should have took the hint and left for next show.Any other horror stories about Atlanta?

Joined: Jul 4 2012

I had called that Help/Slip/Frank the night before when they didn't play well as the Half-step they opened the first night with...I called that as we were leaving the the Cap Centre parking lot after the last night there! But I danced my ass off...we had 2nd row seats all 3 nights. The second night we we were doing some 'shrooms, yawning so much, Jerry caught a few yawns from us! Peace


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The Omni - March 22, 1993