Grateful Dead

The Spectrum - March 24, 1986

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The Spectrum

March 24, 1986

Philadelphia, PA US

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final "Sailor"

Set List:

Alabama Getaway
Greatest Story Ever Told
Dire Wolf
Little Red Rooster
Brown Eyed Women
My Brother Esau
Ramble on Rose
El Paso
Box of Rain

Mississippi Half-Step
Man Smart/Woman Smarter
High Time
Lost Sailor
Saint of Circumstance
Morning Dew

Midnight Hour

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Joined: Jun 22 2007
What a night!

Simply stated the best show I ever attended. What a night, what a Dew what a vibe. Someday I'll post my full story of this night but suffice to say it was the first show that I traveled to as a Freshman in college and suffice to say that it put me on the bus till this very day.
A cherished memory.


Joined: Jun 14 2007
What a Dew...

Jerry's crescendoing solo was absolutely mind blowing ending with a windmill and a slight jump. The next day people were walking around with signs offering $20 bucks for a picture of Garcia in the air...

Oh yeah...the Box to end the 1st set was beautiful and there was not a dry eye in the Spectrum

Joined: Jun 22 2007
Brent's playing was simply

Brent's playing was simply torrential as well.

GaryHartman's picture
Joined: Jul 4 2007
ramble on rose

What a show!!!!!
During Ramble on rose a big long balloon slowly assened on to the stage and above Garica. Then it hit the top of his head and it popped landing on his was quit funny.
then after the show we went to some hotel room of a friend of a friend of mine. He had the whole show video recorded. So we got to see the show again. I keep checking YouTube to see it any songs ever get posted.......LOL

Joined: Jun 22 2007
there are, there are!

There are several songs from this show, including the Dew posted on Youtube. It seems to be shot from a single camera and Brent is out of view but it's good enough to stir the memories. Enjoy.

George C. Hartman's picture
Joined: Jul 9 2007
A great show......BUT

Jerry was really hurting. He left the stage several times for God-knows-what....and although the playing was was a VERY short second set. MissHalfStep: fantabulous!!!

Joined: Sep 25 2007


Joined: Dec 14 2007
Morning Dew

The year before Garcia was in terrible shape. The Dew he played in '85 still brings sadness to my heart--he struggled so much. This Dew was simply the finest I ever saw that man play. Still the thought of this song on that night makes my heart soar and tears fill my eyes.

gatzapaul's picture
Joined: Jan 11 2009

Just like a Swiss watch.

Joined: Jan 30 2008
Other possible cause of short 2nd set

I remember right after the show how we all said how short the second set was. Then when we got to the parking lot, we heard that the U.S. had just bombed Libya.


It was speculated that this may have been the cause for the short second set. I don't know if that was ever confirmed.


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The Spectrum - March 24, 1986