Grateful Dead

Hampton Coliseum - March 24, 1987

Hampton Coliseum

March 24, 1987

Hampton, VA US

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Set List:

Jack Straw
New Minglewood Blues
Mama Tried
Mexicali Blues
Ramble on Rose
Let it Grow

Gimme Some Lovin'
Black Muddy River
Playin' in the Band
Terrapin Station
Dear Mr. Fantasy
Wharf Rat
Not Fade Away

Brokedown Palace

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dubai-escorts-bunnies, MrBiggs, Brad125, Luvdacheese, rockit, Johnrbour, Inadrainditch, UncleJoe, gabbertw4, EmeraldSights, tat2inmd, jingbee1967, Free Radical Rancher, wilber57, pkslipknot, Deadwood-Jed, Hoopsie, anewbold, Jules N Binokulas, surfdude67, rymo,, LooseBrucie, Norwood, skydiver44, fcbrew, tennessee john, neotis, ThomasMantellWilliams, Theeteetop, Rickyspill, StrangerInkDesigns, BohoDiva, hockey_john, 84-95, Purple Haze, ptown phool, cardinal4, jamescook, tumblintim, jojomosgo, EugeneEvon, Joe B. Jones, Phinnegan, Zog, TrippyPete, uKnowBetter, rab66, chuckebbets, bigriver909, deepsouthgent, William Stevens, Geodye420, ChinaRider77, dancingbear33, jpreece83, mickydf250, Monkeyfuss, WillyB, stevevan33, nanabool, Dpwilljr, Eyesbeyond, marty212, packymalley, tcmarbles, leisamarie, Bleaux Leaux, 123IBT, meepzort, Peisenberg, Deadwhiteandblu, jilleh, gman87, hippierob, lazarus11, Esparka, Richy-twotimes, Row Jimmy Tisdall, niptotheair, PeggyO65, dpw1982, legalmist, dogs in a pile, lynch, DavAlan, darkstarcrashes, BIODTR58, tpenn, dr zevon, fanny83, rodiebluez1, terragin, redcoatblues, AlaskaDeadHead1, kid of Jerry, stroukoa, jsginbull, TomBanjo1969, thuleok, duppree, blotterman, chefm, HelenABucket, zebadya, cbchess, billny59, greyfold, greg.dowling, sugarmag68, dogdaze, alovours13, Gravyinthebeard, chefdarkstar, RaymondMBrown, Danc1n, randybluz, ellis d, jkc67, Old School Chuck, photoleon, mercurygd, jaxxtraw, thumbsup.pete, Mornduvt, pat L, AndIgoton, jackjones45, wrt2k9, JohnDC, lonesomejohnnie, Jamesgangx, hardroxx, lostsalr, jrbird419, peaceonearth, gatzapaul, powderjunky, norbeast, Bettinadragonfly, m23, kenrock, sherg09, shakedave, chaoslodge, BornInADesert, BarryTheSprout, lemond, Rhodyred, chewbaby, paul41, SCDeadhead, MagicPEZ, wharfrat1016, b3nd3r, Jakat, serenegreen, terrapinbill, ladnarc, chrisfic, deadheadfrom76, budda-08, tjazzbo, buddawolf, Gtarjohn, gr8fulcraig, tomsned66, rbull, MustveBeenTheDoses, kat64, Frenchmb, Lostsailor86, Peppermint Patty, voodoonola, NNJDEADHEAD68, Rusty88, danceswithbears, harryz, the bone, The_Music_Danced_Me, aikox2, squ1rr3l, DinoBam, MICKE527, zig zag man, skunjelefeti, cosmic_skye, free2liv64, leftcoastbound, walstibjoe, refsta, Tom Mittemeyer, lazy_lightnin38, rami, beandog22, brookeok,, nickelless, cepx, cub, flipper, aliceDmillionair, snowindian, jimi864, WaywardBill, cosmicloyed, HaraldPlays, skullfu, GoldenBear, NM-MCS, JimmyRow22, EcoBen, sakparadise, Dashoesoff, Bettylou, zofo, PatrickJP07, funkygoodpants, anamchara, ticket lee, TekeHead, gusfromcbus, Thomas Shields, Sprybert, LUCY1985, Ice Cream Kid, 143or245, Sleepy Monkey, Tigerman, Dead Meister, Bigtedman3, wheels69, gfr, Mr.Skjellyfetti, hotshakedown, ginsu710, songsfrown, brianmika, Duude, rangerjoe, estimatedprofits, macdoogle, sportybill, Bluz4Jody, gr8fulpete, romp711, teamcram, piossi, giotti, WHARFRAT917, theleven, hamal, Greatful Greg 61, Skjellifetti, goldgreek, speedlimit, picnic, dutchjackstraw, Babuyaya, notfade, SocietysPliers, gratefultm65, Ted S, loulazz, mrkaos63, klaussmith, eclipse, Sluys Guys, jackandceleste, lisainpotown, HowardH, chinacatcumberland5, jozeppy, tambourine man, ptedhath, Rum Jungle, gr8fulpair, willdup, Majuroguy, blondon1, MoonshineCito, GDfan4ever, logstirl, ncstagger, tommygutt, bshaky256, jimiz61, deadheaddave1982, shnaholic, JERRYJEFF G., Shimanto, Josef, spiritwalker, mary-sunshine, leper van atom, buz_73, slidebrain, kegger, catchmohl, smokey mountains, auralworship, jbirdme, Mainehead, raven,, carmotor, brainman, JBT420247, jackl921, eazywind, Kima, slpatgun, jimiesq, kirk, Harpersedg, PearlyB, SmokeyG, Ginsengsully, Dancingnancies, chef, terrybear, Ozhead, Oroborous, AikoBearzly, Charbroiled, dharmagum, augustwest41, carob, rastacoach, spudvw67bus, phillipblackman, nalex, MovinGroovin, Symmetry, shugamag, sugrmag66, tommythrock, gdgroupie, Friend of the Devil, Cosmiccharlie, greggm65, WWTyson, ajsedel, batcavejoe, shasty, Alpo_va, matilda, njwreckdiver, jodoyle, SkookS, mapfreak, walstib3, gr84lgamer, c1042, Tampa Red, jillstraw, IntoAshes, TomK, safarian34, mksmith, tommyfogarty, direwolf23, cyberdelica_space, tphokie1, dennisw, dharmadawg, JerryisaJedi, Lazy-Supp-Deal, cumberlandcase, 333mike, Maliz, tripperb, rainbow-trout, Lake, grateful tar heel, rjtriana, philfan61, tcrawford, ricflower, sallyrose, ratdog58, golfndive, LENDEAD, Zippatron, Duggles, Ski_Nose, tbsjr65, Larntz, boxorain62, PhilZone, jergirl61, antonjo, augustwest, johnnyg, ratskrad, REK, Bozo Bus, jims, Tom Banjo, dogsinapile, 2pigpen, Alsflorida, Dr. Vitz, caribouh


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JBT420247's picture
Joined: Jun 24 2007
First show!!!! What a long

First show!!!! What a long strange trip since.

Joined: Jul 19 2007

I remember as the band kicked into Jack Straw, an inflatible Godzilla appeared above the heads of those up close and danced in furious rhythm to the song. LOL.

rangerjoe's picture
Joined: Sep 19 2007
fare you well

I developed this wierd pattern of pretty much touring until Brokedown Palace and then I would return home/school or whever I needed to be. No wonder it took me so long to graduate. This was an especially sweet one.

jackl921's picture
Joined: Jun 24 2007
ah yes

If memory serves me well this show had the best Terrapin I've ever heard. Those drummers were on fire that night. And Jerry well he was just Jerry, strong performance. They took their vitamins that night. The energy level was at an all time high!!

Joined: Jan 3 2008
My first show, so I'm sure

My first show, so I'm sure it seemed maybe better than it was, but what an introduction to the scene. Open seating on floor, one of the few reaining on East coast, was bummed to find this wasn't the norm. Aside from Minglewood 1st set could have been from 1974, so very solid. Was nice surprise to here Gimme some,, was fairly raucous if memory serves....Was is heaven when I heard the first glistening chords of Playin...couldn't believe get to see it live after hearing so many versions on tape, melded into great Terrapin... all in all was more than I ever could have dreamed after being introduced to the Dead and only hearing tapes for two years

Joined: Aug 16 2008
ah yes

That was the best Terripin ever! I snuck in a video camera and even though the quality of the tapes is poor, the quality of the playing all night, especially Terrapin, was stellar! Jerry rocking back and forth during the ending jam is something I still go back to and watch.
Peace all,

Gtarjohn's picture
Joined: Dec 1 2008
1st Show

I remember this show as a big psychedelic blurr. Jimmy and I just tagged along...found a blanket on the floor to sit on...the band came out and the mystery tour began. It seemed like time slowed way down during Terrapin/Drums...I felt like I had been transported to some other world...some ancient planet of the apes...good times. I distinctively remember all of the smiles and BIG eyes walking out of the coliseum that night...including Jimmy's and mine!

Joined: Jan 5 2009
first Show

12 years at Boarding School in Christ Church, Virginia. We snuck out on a fake pass and did vitamins for first time. Only saw 8 total shows but loved them all. I miss the family but am looking forward to this new DEAD tour.

Joined: Feb 24 2009
They messed up the beginning of Wharf Rat

These Hampton shows were my first. I distinctly remember Jerry and Bobby starting, stopping, and re-starting Wharf Rat because they couldn't get together. Does anyone else remember that? Once they got it together the song, like the rest of the night was fantastic.

gatzapaul's picture
Joined: Jan 11 2009

A couple of the other comments mentioned the great Terrapin. The crowd and band caught a massive energy wave during the exit jam. Seek out an audience copy and turn Terrapin up loud.


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Hampton Coliseum - March 24, 1987