Grateful Dead

Dean Smith Center - March 25, 1993

Dean Smith Center

March 25, 1993

Chapel Hill, NC US

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sound check: Space, Wave To The Wind

Set List:

Touch of Grey
Greatest Story Ever Told
So Many Roads
New Minglewood Blues
Lazy River Road
Mexicali Blues
Big River
Friend of the Devil

China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Man Smart/Woman Smarter
Wave to the Wind
Terrapin Station
Long Way Home
The Other One
Morning Dew

The Weight

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yjohnson2, dubai-escorts-bunnies, DeadBear13, matlea25303, kindagrae, sweetanne-marie, lovelight621, NB_Dude, Gr8fl102311, walkinwill, deadedsc70,, HexxtheHead, PT Barnum, CarrionCrow, leper van atom, skydiver44, logjammin, Jason Wilder, gunsmok2, StrangerInkDesigns, dedhed1963, 84-95, chinarider420, Pard, zwoltini, Funken_A, hippiechick308, chad.e.buck, WNCmtnman, andychatfield, Dink Harmon, Dead-Droid, Humboldt JennyB, carlyjean, Billy Crockett, soulbird, Geodye420, gratefullydan, neohippie, wheelerman125, caution, jackstraw0223, tashwolf, adashiko, scarletfireblackmountain, acornalley, kay18fan, oldtourrat, 123IBT, smarcus, ajschaefer, dredileogirl, jilleh, gman87, Esparka, Chinacatpeekn43, MorninSun, Shecky23, CaptTheo, gratefulgarbflo, swarat, calibratedream, Challowell, joebroomhead, Eldehbran, rflugel, CarolinaDeadHead, Rolokid, likedasoup, NC Head, photogeek423, walstib70, detroit is dead, stroukoa, j.a.bailey, phreeang, Sampson1966, evmocas, Grog, tomsthumb, jjmack, vtwick, Malarkey, haight, katimaybe, durhamblues, bluefairee, Edwizer, Folkways, Bluesky07, sommer breeze, czarboy, landman53, Grateful_HERSH, Zman420, Blysergic, wahoo_devil, dport, lucky mahone, darkstar0000, LadyGoodman, atlantajam, rrketchum, mzackim, hardroxx, lostsalr, norby, VikkiM, salem, sugareenc, decreed_it, Johndalph, janeklightfoot, bgunnell, wharf rat rob, BarryTheSprout, 2 x 2, spector322, chewbaby, turtlespirit, paul41, SCDeadhead, thomas1970, paw_dawg, WALLMEISTER, wharfrateric, grateful-dave, ladnarc, Deadathoner, Tamuwine, deadheadfrom76, UnbrokenShane, dylan from canada, encdead, Darkstarnat, tomsned66, MustveBeenTheDoses, sunshine.kay, doc holliday, coryferber, Rusty88, mightyquinn, stimpsonm, aina mama, 73joey, jaykuhles, dugefresh, am_dew89, rich65vwbus, skunjelefeti, leftcoastbound, hawksbillwill,, red feather, Karl Mattson, cepx, deadtaper, muffin, Lodgecamp, mountainlynx, jimi864, sunshinedaydream9, Kuzen, 710 Ashbury, slipper girl, billydavidprice, BobbyMcGee, StaggerLee32, St. Steven, maass, Hypnocracy, robbgam, Tenner, SquiRL, Mr.Skjellyfetti, Brother cricket, bgould72, paintedmandolin71, walstib77, pyrorite, tree-ap, jstange, MDKrack, fawko, dmason, speedlimit, Wayniac, winste, jiadams76, Haybrown, eclipse, flyingdonut, Gr8fulIra, Sluys Guys, notbetty, tambourine man, ChinaCat69, Grasshead, chiina_whiite, jackstrw, rasaziz, jstraw72, randall747, andywine, uncle johns stan, melissa, justice, blkthroatedwind, swb, spiritwalker, mary-sunshine, buz_73, baseball0, slidebrain, dumbek,, scaldeddog, gk, Good Foote, Halfsteppe, LazyriverRider, greenagain, Jacobsonic, awsapp, janflora, khangskye, Phattskis, magpie_gypsybird, bboy1620, deibling, OwenRB, stock, chefjim, Jackstraw23, rckhld, bushpilot11, 10ECJED, Leebo, bozack7, skinsfan99, dan0, 10acjed, lawnboycj, saint, reliablerays, truckinup2buffalo, jodoyle, Uncle Jabba, jeffry, fred williams, BarefootButcher, PlaynNDBnd, walstib3, Seanymac, oscar713, yomamasafro, dms, safarian34, direwolf23, gdtrfb5, waynes werld II, punkypug, E S Crane, scooterpoo, Drumpsychosis, KimmieinMD., cumberlandcase, mrdrew, gratefuljo, grateful tar heel, rjtriana, strev, rukynd, uncle crappy, zappa4ever, thomprf, ricflower, prentsloan, vabeachbumm2005, J Alfred Prufrock, bigbri67, Duggles, Lucab12, deal47, tbsjr65, Larntz, bradleyg, jergirl61, mindbender, johnnyg, Bozo Bus, matty, morst, unkljohn


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morst's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007
I am pretty sure this is the

I am pretty sure this is the night in Chapel Hill when Mickey was performing a very quiet bit of drumming and a stage technician came out to place Bobby's freshly tuned acoustic guitar on its stand, but tripped over the cord on his way off the stage, breaking Mick's concentration and sending him into a tizzy! He went from playing really soft, to giving his Octapad sample trigger device a roundhouse kick which set off all the samples at top volume! Wow! Now THAT'S DYNAMICS! :-P An audience member near the back of the floor was heard to holler "Boo Hart!"
Poor Mickey! He tries so hard! :-(

". . . Music is the best!" (fz)

vabeachbumm2005's picture
Joined: Jun 5 2007
Dean Dome

Great show. Some friends and I came from Va Beach to catch the show. One of the guys was a grad from Duke so he was a bit out of his element at the Dean Dome. We stopped off at a convenience store before the show to pick up a few cold ones. There were a bunch of heads in there. I don't know who started it but someone started banging on some beer cases to the beat of not fade away. One of my friends, I think it was Andy but it could have been John, jumped in. Next thing I know is the place erupted in an impromptu drum jam. It went on for a bit. It seemed like the whole store joined in. The thing is it sounded damn good (I was stoned sober at the time). I remember getting a smile from the girl behind the counter as we left.

The night was electric and the boys were on. Really enjoyed women are smarter and the weight. After the show my friends and I wandered around the dome. Ended up in yet another drum jam. This time with something better than the Budweiser boxes to play on. It was in a parking garage and the sound reverberated like thunder through the structure. Overall it was a hell of a night.


punkypug's picture
Joined: Jun 9 2007
The best I've EVER heard

The best I've EVER heard their voices! A fantastic 'The Wheel'. They even sang a little a capella!

Jacobsonic's picture
Joined: Jun 22 2007
Wave to the Wind

Wave to the Wind was awesome this night, I'm serious... but then you had the Morning Dew to blow everything away... I'll never forget sneaking down to the floor that night for the whole show... after melting into nothing during the Dew I later realized that The Weight is one of the greatest songs of all time... and every word is true.

oscar713's picture
Joined: Jun 11 2007
its about a mile and a half

i think there were about 20k people telling us its about amile and half to the Dean smith center, the whole tar heel thing freaked me out abit....


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Dean Smith Center - March 25, 1993