Grateful Dead

Capitol Theatre - March 30, 1980

Capitol Theatre

March 30, 1980

Passaic, NJ US

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first "Far From Me"

Set List:

Alabama Getaway
Promised Land
El Paso
Far From Me
Tennessee Jed
New Minglewood Blues
Lost Sailor
Saint of Circumstance

Scarlet Begonias
Fire on the Mountain
Estimated Prophet
Eyes of the World
Black Peter
Sugar Magnolia

U.S. Blues

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Joined: Jun 7 2007
It's good to have low friends in high places!

My neighbor had become John Scher's right hand man so any time ,any show I got in This one I actually had gotten tix thru the 'Deadheads Only" lottery,Remember that. Next 2 nights I was escorted to about the 5/6 row in front of the right speakers which was closed off due to deafness from which I now suffer ,But then who cared. All the confiscated tapes and drugs were brought to me from the security guards .Sorry to those who's were taken.Any body want a copy of about a dozen 1/2 1st sets......of course these same jarheads would later be known as the yellow jackets at the Byrne and elsewhere

Joined: Jun 7 2007
My first Dead show. I had

My first Dead show. I had hyped myself way out for the show and found it only mediocre. Highlite was Belushi on US Blues for sure. Better things and better experiences to come for sure!

Joined: Oct 1 2008
My Most Overwhelming Dead Show Experience

Me and a buddy were 20 yr old, heading for the show, and loaded for bear. We loaded our respective bullets with half an eighth apiece, rolled a dozen, and dropped two barrels apiece and jumped in the car for the 45 minute ride to Passaic. Things began to get a bit dicey when we got close, and I began to wonder if I was going to be able to get the car into a space before things got any hairier. Strangely enough, it seemed like I found a space on the street Right Behind the Capitol! Whew! And so we hustled into the show as Alabama Getaway was getting underway. We had the last seat in rows R & S on the right side, and when we got there, the chairs were gone! The Sidney was coming on strong as we begged bouncer after bouncer for help with this state of affairs without any seeming response. Suddenly three of them formed a cordon around us and I thought, Shit! I'm going to be tossed out into the street in the middle of a major peak bummer! But we went up to John Scher's office, and after a secret knock of some sort, we came into the room to find him counting stacks of money. "Put 'em up in the front row", was the command. I was totally whacked at this point. Heading up the middle aisle to the stage, I couldn't even look up. Finally we arrived, and took two seats on the left of the center aisle, and for the first time in my tripping haze, I looked up to see Jerry square in front me all of 4 feet away. The rips that came off their stage monitors tore into my head. It was like this was the real show and the fuzzy copy coming out of the speakers was not that important. Sometimes Jerry swung around, and beads of sweat came off him and landed on us. the first set we were conspicuous as the only jokers in the first row, like lounging in your living room for a private show unaffected by the standing throngs behind us. Later on Belushi sat with us for a while, and all this hot chicks (the beautiful people that always get these sort of seats I guess) came and sat around us. We tried to smoke a bone, but the fire officials would have none of that, so we had to content ourselves with our trips and our bullet blasts. It just didn't seem fair, because at one point Jerry was smoking a big canouing bone just offstage. The entire show seared my head such that almost the entire crowd had left before we could bring ourselves to leave our seats. Finally we made it outside, only to find that empty space and a driveway had replaced my earlier acid deranged impression of a proper parking space! Two Passaic cops came up, and asked up why we were sort of wandering about in the street. When the cop rolled down the window, I could see a bottle of Michelob in his lap, and he was smoking a bone! We asked them for a ride to the police station, but they refused. The radio crackled, and the cop at the wheel told us he had a call. They did a hasty k-turn in the street, crushing the side of a yellow cadillac that still had a temporary plate! Whereupon the cop on the driver side I had talked to earlier rolled down the window and hissed "not a word!" in a threatening way. And so we set off for the police station, still tripping somewhat, my infuenza (I did I forget to mention I had the fucking flu through this?) kicking in in the chilly night air. We had been given a vague direction for the station, and were about halfway there when we picked up a shadow, apparently someone who thought we might be an apt target for a robbery. After a few blocks of this, and sensing telepathically that the shit was going to go down on the next dark stretch, we conspired to turn in unison and scream at the tail, which of course surprised the shit out of him, and he dropped his knife and ran.
Finally we got to the station, which was a bedlam of humanity crying about their broken windows and stolen cassette players. I was so scared I knocked off the last of my marching powder outside, and threw my remaining bones in the gutter. My buddy, being the absolute stoic, entered the station still half loaded with goodies. We were to see later that there was no risk of arrest. I stormed up to the counter wailing about my stolen car, and was told after some delay to sit down and shut up, "Your car wasn't stolen, just towed" and they would need to find free officers to retrieve the vehicle. This seemed to take hours. I wandered about the police station, eventually ending up on the third or fourth floor, where shiver my timbers, the familiar smell of herbal goodness filled the air! I could see through a half-open door a half-dozen cops were sitting around a table smoking bones and playing poker for money! Passaic in 1980 was one hip town! I was to meet some of this crew a year or two later in the Half Moon, a service road go-go bar at the Meadowlands that had ladies that pranced around entirely naked and was a firemen and police officer's bar, others enter at fear of a Severe Beating. But I digress. Finally, sitting down (and pretty much come down) in the station waiting area, they announced that officers were available to retrieve my car from the private tow yard. It was a tall kid that looked all of 15, and a short hispanic guy all of 5 feet tall! The absurdity of it struck me, and as we headed out in the police Bronco through the now dark streets of Passaic, and I couldn't get it off my mind. Mutt and Jeff! Mutt and Jeff! I repeated to myself. And everytime I said it, I dissolved into helpless laughter. Abruptly they jerked the truck to a halt, shut off the lights, and asked me if I wanted to get out right then and there, or shut the fuck up! I kept quiet the rest of the trip to the yard, where I paid my impoundment fee, and got the hell out of Dodge. 9 months later they arrested me for not paying the parking ticket from that evening, but that too is yet another story.
Wrapped in drama, sheer cosmic concert experience, and chemical enhancement, this was the most amazing concert experience of my life.

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Joined: Jun 30 2007
I can remember going to this show but not much else.

2nd dead show 17 y/o I mostly remember the bad drive to Capitol Theater in Passaic (basically a ghetto). Small venue, I went with Grace, next night was more memorable for me.
Peace, Love and Cyclopean JurassicBlueberries

Joined: Feb 28 2014
Have tix/fetch a ride

Able to get tix through Dead Relix mail order- needed to skip school and get some Sr (Slfast)to drive me to Passaic box office to score tix- Day of show told folks going to some NBA Game in Philly WTF, got a ride from I don't remember it was Silfast's 1st show- Timbo"s older Brother drove( I remember him doing blow while drivin) 1st time for me- I do remember having a big bag of dope and smoking bowls continuously-Uggghhh
Remember Lost Sailor/Saint of Circumstance was freaking awesome- Belushi doing back flips across stage and singing US Blues was memorable as well- I was a 16 yr old punk


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Capitol Theatre - March 30, 1980