Grateful Dead

The Omni - March 31, 1994

The Omni

March 31, 1994

Atlanta, GA US

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final "King Bee"

Set List:

Touch of Grey
King Bee
Friend Of The Devil
Desolation Row
Tennessee Jed
Easy Answers

Eyes Of The World
Saint Of Circumstance
Long Way To Go Home
Crazy Fingers
The Last Time
Standing On The Moon

I Fought The Law

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Sequoia420's picture
Joined: Jun 18 2007
Birthday Show

Birthday wishes come true: Second Set opener Eyes!

JasKah's picture
Joined: Jan 6 2009
Two Songs

The Tennessee Jed and the SOTM make this show a must for every collection. This is in my view, the best SOTM EVER!

GADEADHEAD's picture
Joined: Jun 5 2007
Oh yea, now I remember

Looking back at the shows I attended, it was easy at the time to focus on the negatives of one show or another rather than cherishing the many gifts that were fired our way. We would say things like " They wasted my show by playing Cheesy Answers and Corrina and they closed the show with I Fought The Song."

Upon seeing a comment regarding this show in the "All Recent Posts" section of, it prompted me to go to for another listen. I have to say the King Bee is still somewhat of a throw away. However, there are countless gems in this show. The SOTM is excellent and Jerry is magnificent. The interplay between Vince and Jerry made them all bring their 'A' game and there is crackling soulful energy throughout the show. What I wouldn't give to have Jerry play me one more Crazy Fingers. Hell, I even enjoyed the drummers' gunshots during I Fought The Law and I could picture Bobby leaping into the air "firing" his axe at the crowd. Good Times! hehehehe

Joined: Apr 25 2009
scammed a limo

Johnny D. Cobra we scamed a limo for 10 bucks outside the cheetah after workt and attended my friend james 50th show tennesee jed was the best

Joined: May 20 2009
great magical show

went to this one with my friend from AU, Katie, and during the first set she made me feel like I was an early pilgrim rolling down the road in a covered wagon. Enjoyed Corrina from behind the stage, beautiful lights. love that song. shake it up, baby !

Pard's picture
Joined: Dec 20 2007
3 Night Atl Run

Had just moved to Atlanta to start work out of college and only caught these 3 Omni shows the whole year....was pretty cool to go 20 minutes back home and sleep in my own bed for the 1st time during this run. Eye's 2nd set opener is always greatness as was SOTM.

Wench Beth's picture
Joined: Jun 12 2012
Who sang "Way To Go Home"?

Hi... can anyone tell me who sang "Way To Go Home" at this show? It totally rocks. I'm guessing Vince Welnick? Thanks if you can help! Beth :)


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The Omni - March 31, 1994