Grateful Dead

Rosemont Horizon - March 9, 1993

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Rosemont Horizon

March 09, 1993

Rosemont, IL US

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Set List:

Here Comes Sunshine
Wang Dang Doodle
Loose Lucy
Me and My Uncle
Mexicali Blues
Broken Arrow
Row Jimmy

China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Victim or the Crime
Ship of Fools
Playin' in the Band
The Last Time
Black Peter
Sugar Magnolia

Knockin' on Heaven's Door

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Attendees of this show

Rev. Outlaw G, PlayinDead, Petronius Jablonski, Bonzey1171, CarrionCrow, leper van atom, cooper3737, zman1, CindyCookielady, Lorenr, John Kovacs, dedhed1963, 84-95, Dogmatician, cosmicsushi714, cbNEAL, Perfunct, Zuckfun, mjnash666, Andy D in KC, Burf77, DAKOTA4X4, legba23, blacksharpie, Rottenclam, sailing vessel sunshine daydream, scarletdeal, paintchip, emjay360, wheelerman125, jpruitt53, Northbk27, BigFlosser, Brendoe88, kwinter67, chicubs53, valeriejoy, violaceous_petals, oldtourrat, 3D, peacefrogs, smarcus, Experiencereunited, rct, dredileogirl, jerfest, drshakedown, Shecky23, dpw1982, CaptTheo, terrapinT, Kristin-Quinn, francie413, Petal, Frag, jeffr-DoseMePlease, pman12, jeromethompson, Barrtenderr, purple75, Rolokid, dolbeared, Bogey D, August_r, Desolation Bro, walstib70, detroit is dead, Truckee420, jennyBgood, ebb, GogglesPizano, phreeang, radio_mogul, chcculle, Gr8ful Dbone, TreeTop, jstrawks, Kykind, arterps, drummer Jim, bluefairee, deaddan1969, tommcgee1, barefootbob2, Saintofcircumstance1, Judah Isreal, lost, renean, Rue Morgue, gr8fulhead, Grateful_HERSH, Zman420,, Blysergic, dport, greytlove, angela chayce, ajmarx74, jam e, doughknees, cosmic tuna, seebrown, mzackim, Mguzziridr, deenaww, Bertha4201, DPY, cometdust, hippiechic, My Masterpiece, CW_Traub, Martin G. Knott Jr, decreed_it, J Weber, yorgo, michihippie, nvrsaynvr, 2 x 2, Ruggy, Moobs, Satti-71, pdjurisic, turtlespirit, rowjay, paw_dawg, sammy0, lwebster, RTJ, ladnarc, jordanj420, paulsig, MplsDeadhead, gratefuljeff, dnathans, ellisdee420, gr8flwlf, fleetwing, greendad, vulturepit, northriver, grateful rider, Illfated, snobtaper, DoDa Man, jacksteel, wharfratdude, mcdougbugs, JAH, violalee73, hgregs, Mixolydian, trapin, aina mama, gdtrfb65, good.egg, mbwade20, bobace83, jaykuhles, sprots, hostage flamingo, PalfHead, Wharf Rat 12-28-82, thevanknownassampson, bgardbrett1, jamie60, waldo041, richie woo, JK Straw, oscarphree, mrbaggs, anrumler, pozz420247, coertje, kadbones, killerpug, dsesq67, muffin, the-emperor, Kraut888, ColoradoDeadRainbow, Loisen, Gravlax, jimpjimp, sugarmag1991, ripple1, huey, lespaulman, roof123, WI Deadhead, hurricanebob, Hey Tom Banjo, dance, Paul from North Dakota, luv Brent70, maass, another jerry, ticket lee, BabylonDon, Hypnocracy, tmorgspa, At the wheel, Tenner, rlkaminsky, skinnyfat, Mr.Skjellyfetti, osborne fitzgerald mcclintic, Wandering Soul, Brother cricket, lisalit, paintedmandolin71, pyrorite, tourning, dancingfrogs, non-marital property, jstange, MDKrack, sfchick, DeadheadAdam, fawko, nocoast, Mythical Ethical Icicle Tricycle, hugz420, Jerryskid89, dhmikeo, mtutts, djhatcher, treehugger73, jacobatz, Mountain Chain, deadheaddave1982, hammertime, melissa, davidg528, justice, Mr Wood, mary-sunshine, Usblooze, Jerry Roskin, codejd, firemanmike, weirdo0521, ontour4ever, Uncle-John, tommytuesday, Ratdog, drumzspace72, taho, LazyriverRider, coachdeadhead, Will, cubs1209, Jeffervonjefferson, Gr8fulDon, SmokeyG, mackinacman, Phattskis, dcrockz, MagicTerp, Wink Slideloaf, AikoBearzly, LocoBrian, joeweisiger, drkstrcrashes, dawg440, johnoreno, chefjim, chollander, lzylightning, papajohnny, thump66, Fillmore Midwest, seve allday, fishman, lunaloo, Les Gibson, scullroses, goodkarma, dhincb, naataanii, GodfatherJ, saint, ducerwild, lihpevets, kelster, thohbach, Seanymac, Antwerps Placebo, safarian34, paisley, waynes werld II, Jay Stanek, DocLnghair,, jozzer74, Lee Drezz, Brian, strev, mightzwell, ReubenandCerise, paullebo, bodhi, OceanRiverCO, wlknblu, ws1995, Trueski, Clincher, ouroboros007, bandog23, thecaptaintrips, Doug, Teedawg, billbartleson, Alpine7784, Grateful_nirvanA, Zapman, Sunshine-Daydream, morst


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Gr8ful Dbone's picture
Joined: Apr 15 2009
My first Show!

I as hooked after this... too much to take in so I had to keep coming back for more. Great seats, 22nd ROW! Not bad for a first timer. Opened up my experience with a blasting Here Comes Sunshine and the yellow lights went into the rafters. I remember Jerry in a haze of blue singing Black Peter. Just an EPIC experience.


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Rosemont Horizon - March 9, 1993