Grateful Dead

The Spectrum - May 13, 1978

The Spectrum

May 13, 1978

Philadelphia, PA US

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Set List:

Jack Straw
Dire Wolf
Beat it on Down the Line
El Paso
Row Jimmy
New Minglewood Blues
Music Never Stopped

Good Lovin'
Terrapin Station
Playin' in the Band
Black Peter
Sugar Magnolia

One More Saturday Night

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Attendees of this show

Liila, RadnipJerry, dubai-escorts-bunnies, rforce3000, strat79, chocolope023, bobbybee60, Franklin D,, obadiah, BRISO K POOLE, purplekush023, Canyonwoman, Mgross1356, Gr8ful Dead, WALSTI BROOKLYN, dupree194, Kool Kovers Blog, chefano007, gogoroth, Frankie In atlanta, Jerry Gillespie, kennethstaber, ElktonHead, the dude 58, IamGrateful, cneiss, stratcat79, David Heeke, Terrapin Dave, David1231, obron, petemx5, iNoURdr, DaveStrang, munclemex, hitmeister, Debdeadhead, Mind Bender, billydee, LostInAlaska, jonbaker, intrepid, dchi7sayre, seltz, ktrainor106, honestbob, kennylaws, tanner, uponscrutiny, CherylB, napadeadhead, drc456, billj79, roseagle, corrinaandmarin, swiecima, louatchick, downtownbear, boonedeadhead, swa, AlaskaDeadHead1, Flickster, Nannerpuss, madbonger618, rcs616, susanunorski, Tooch, Mark Harvey, Lionsghost, ppkgmsy, swirlygirl116, digitunes, rnl527, Sir Smile, jaxxtraw, nicklas59, sandwich girl, the cooker, cocktailman, shuga, st stephen 11, lacmck, woodymoose, Byrd24, pairdoc, deadheadii, DireWolfStudios, New York Guy, jerseyjed369, ruk1nd, kgrmtitus, billytell, FreakDaddy, Curly, jwsamuel, bobby, DinoBam, sunkota, Gonzo in TN, turnpro, brown-eyedwoman, theQsterdeadhead, mobay2001, WMC Preacher-Rock, festival0122, BEGGERSPAY, CassidyNY59, Cosmic.Wimpout, calebonmttam, AlanSheckter, stealyourboognish, jwalsh1957, Jack O-Roses, 10sejed, Gary Goodman, drkeith, dupree49, WHARFRAT917, cosmicdave, rgreene, Rossboy777, glicks, JkStrw, rabbiyoni, grapefuldave, Ted S, ujband233, So-Dead, GratefulGigi, eclipse, jgarcia12857, jolie, heliotroupe, KingLono, croc, CynnamoonGirl, DedHedMom, mickyfun, phoenixburke, Mr.Wooz, bigdancingbear, JReve, Uncle Jimmie, deshafe, wolf, uncle john deadhead, jackl921, bg905, gregp123, NY_Rick, Terry Tolkin, EnglishtowneAndy, Fatman, Bob Minkin, lonestar, churninern, Homer J. Simpson, micgram1999, legionmary, paparooster, wolfdrummer, HDDave, lostsailor23, banger62, gig1029, raven0618, fotd313, ScottL57, jafcpa, CosmicDinsdale, greenleaf, kdole45, hot2na, Jeffrey Silk, Raoul Duke, mcleary, Queer Deadhead, ItsADryHeat, Tony_S, bkind-fg2all, cryptical1, stagger-lee, mikegordon, dgoldstein2, jdwilgus, dmhdead, lindas, starjfa, RZ12-4-71, bgr8fll, TERRIPIN, mcumm1165, marlo, kennyony, Golden Road, radar, snoone, stu, Post N. Steiner, MAXROD, PG, dreamtime, Spender, sbd61, javerv, Jack Straw, aud


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Terrapin Dave's picture
Joined: Jul 9 2012
First Show Too

I was 15 and only knew of the Grateful Dead from my older sister's Live Dead and Aoxomoxoa albums. Scored two tix and me and my friend took the subway down to the Spectrum. It was total culture shock seeing all the heads. I did not know many of their songs but after this show they still to this day fill my cup with good times and memories. Above all playing their music (I play the Bobby parts in my band), gigging and helping to keep this music alive and evolving is a gift. 5/13/78 is a day that changed my life!

Joined: Nov 22 2010
5-13-78 Spectrum, Phila.

Excellent, pepped-up show.

Joined: Jun 24 2007
Great Show

This was my second show. We walked in a few minutes before start time and they were well into Jackstraw. I remember seeing a couple of people climb up to the rafters from the nosebleed section and dance up there, maybe 30-40 feet above the next section down. I think it was during Truckin'.

hockey_john's picture
Joined: Aug 25 2012
Nice show.

Chose this one this morning ,they never let me down.

hockey_john's picture
Joined: Aug 25 2012

Just wow,they were having fun.Alot of fun in early 1978.
Check out the extra lyrics and bass leads on Truckin the Miller board is outrageous. On to The Black Peter at this point.

On a side note.....
Anyone interested in reading a great book. Ckeck out the book "The Walk"by Richard Paul Evens. Nothing to do with the dead but a very good easy fast read. . To you Gina (Hello my love)!!!! Wish you were still with us.

Joined: Sep 27 2007
My Third Show

My 1st show was Englishtown, NJ. My second show I went from Penn State to Rochester, NY in November, '77, then the Garcia Band at PSU on Dec. 5. May 13, '78 was hot... really hot! A classic lineup of songs from the era, played very well, with a lot of energy. Sounded good, even for the "Rectum". Rocky was rockin' out in front of the building. The Dead really wanted to put out that night, and you could tell. Yes, I followed the Flyers as the best hockey team in the world at that time.

hockey_john's picture
Joined: Aug 25 2012
Happy Easter to all

Great sound


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The Spectrum - May 13, 1978