Grateful Dead

Sam Boyd Silver Bowl - May 16, 1993

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Sam Boyd Silver Bowl

May 16, 1993

Las Vegas, NV US

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Sting opened

Set List:

Touch of Grey
Walkin' Blues
Row Jimmy

Samson and Delilah
Help on the Way
Franklin's Tower
Looks Like Rain
Terrapin Station
The Other One
Wharf Rat
Throwin' Stones
Turn on Your Love Light

Brokedown Palace

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Attendees of this show

Laarena, aikohead, littlesapphire, onecogmind, rikirikitini, lazrwolf991155, raymond2002, corvette1982, hollywood74, darthloco1, mrgarretsn, Beautyanddabeast, Grateful Jimbo, Brewrow, MDB52, EBDead66, CindyCookielady, olddeadhead_NFA, Sarahzine91, Joe Cat, phillipblackman, John Kovacs, Smiley53, augie1070, Mosfed, dedhed1963, gerns89, Chewy VA 804, ziphler, pager333, LaffsAho, scrobison, Perfunct, Dire_Lobo, Grateful Mike,, hippiechick308, Harrington, unklebear, lincshoots, chrisr777, dimbulb1024, heathersee, hitmeister, ChicoNH, seanzoid, DANNG, GypsyFishbone, Andy D in KC, DAKOTA4X4, busyb67, bluetrainsugaree, easy70wind, bobbygski, Rottenclam, pd, patti969, shannonsapitbull, HLWinesett, gratefullydan, neohippie, paintchip, wheelerman125, harris70, Wirefree, Mr. B, Jackson2010, lazylightnin2, tfabrizio13,, -Althea-Told-Me-, PrintIsBlood, ckannon, oldtourrat, smarcus, Iriecycle, dredileogirl, boombloom, tie-dye steve, ibdaddyo, enjoytheride, walstib98, tegbertOCDEADHEAD, drshakedown, aSid, eyeswerethere, PeggyO65, dunbinded, saigonmarc, Anna rRxia, CaptTheo, Kristin-Quinn, jimbo1956us,, jeromethompson, Bob Layton, kindsmiles, hopperdave, michaeljscott, AmazonTracy, firemountainman, Topaz, Purple Trainwreck, SpentthenightinUtah, gehassig, rodiebluez1, joebroomhead, DaveZ, bluez1, nostalgia, Kblair, space cowboy player, GDrew, ibmilo, grubstake, mnekaw33, AlaskaDeadHead1, Freakmaster Fuzz, popeyeflyby, yetay, photogeek423, bobert951, PDfromTN, jennyBgood, TomBanjo1969, phreeang, tucson_john, AMPiper420, Sampson1966, bwh134, taperjeff, Malarkey, chefgerard, gilkid, barkingcorndog, slewfoot42, wonderbred, Snapperhead, RippleRainRoses, Harley Head, sommer breeze, Bargod101, gratefulrunner, JonnyStranger, shockman, Jerrys Kids, samhain800, Andy the Hippie, Grateful_HERSH, achughes33,, wickedsmilee, FireWheel, EasyWind73, butterdragon, denalilama, Boulder Creek Mama, PurpleRobot, Sir-Mix-Alot, x76, Augest_West1971, gerard516, skess64, docmark, bradmanz, hopeful79, cosmic 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morst's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007
After playing largely

After playing largely similar sets the first two days, Mr Sting broke out a bunch of different tunes for this one. I guess he noticed it was largely the same faces in the crowd each day, and that the GD mixed up their sets and did not repeat any songs during the first two shows!!! Fun stuff in the HOT HOT DESERT!

". . . Music is the best!" (fz)

Joined: Jun 4 2007
The best Vegas has ever had

The best Vegas has ever had to offer!

Terrapin_Tommy's picture
Joined: Jun 15 2007
I remember all the deadheads

I remember all the deadheads coming alive each night when Sting played King of Pain!! Sting might have played the same songs each show, but nothing was worse than CSN&Y telling the same jokes each night on tour, pathetic!!

gespacho's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007
sting did open up a bit. i

sting did open up a bit. i remember this show most: tripping on acid as the "best man" at my buddy's wedding the night before, and that weird/ off rhythm thing in slipknot that turned out pretty cool, and oh yeah, licking the plastic bag that the acid had been in, and still getting really out there in the hot sun at the start of scott's honeymoon. they are divorced, now, anyone surprised?

Joined: Jul 23 2007
This was the last show of

This was the last show of the first run of shows I had seen in a year. And this show was GREAT. Bobby's voice was shot but he did his best. The second set was amazing. Jerry broke a string during Franklin's and the rhythm section kep t the groove going. A sick Other One-->Wharf Rat to boot.

Sting said we were the best audience ever!

Wish I could go back in time to see this one!!!!

Jay E. Auerbach, Esq.
Hollywood, FL

birdleson's picture
Joined: Jul 24 2007
Good run,

Sting was a disappointment that day, because he just repeated Friday's setlist. The following day he really shook things up, though.

Joined: Jul 26 2007

This would be my last Brokedown. Its sad to think of some tunes as 'the last' when your used to sayin' 1st Shakedown or 1st Darkstar. I always loved the Brokedown encore. Left many-a-show with a tear ...

Joined: May 3 2008
On to Shoreline!

A lovely end to a restless stay in Vegas. A haul to Mountain View with a stop through Hermosa Beach for some Ocean time. Thing of beauty to roll into Mtn. View where sis was waiting with room at their hotel room. Felt like a palace after the skanky Sands.

Joined: Jan 18 2009
I need a miracle

This show was my one and only Miracle Ticket. I was sick stuck in the hotel the night before and needed a great show. They did not disappoint.

samhain800's picture
Joined: Feb 23 2009
1st show

this was my 1st show...sorta. a guy i kinda knew from my hometown, salt lake, well he was from new york, but anyhow he had a friend from the midwest coming into town the evening before this show. he asked me if i wanted to get in the van for the ride to see the dead. I had never even dreamed of going to a dead show, but i was glad i did. I bought a counterfeit ticket from some @sshole heads in a casino. my friends got in, but i just hung out in the parking lot. I could hear the show pretty well and found a local radio station playing it live, so I tuned in and even managed to record some of it on the boombox they had. what an amazing experiece it was that changed my life for ever more! It's been a long strange trip ever since. Im not preparing for my 1st show since jerry's passing. I feel like a kid waiting for x-mas. Haha!


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Sam Boyd Silver Bowl - May 16, 1993