Grateful Dead

The Strand Lyceum - May 24, 1972

The Strand Lyceum

May 24, 1972

London, UK

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final "Hurts Me Too" - final Pigpen "Lovelight" - "Mexican Hat Dance" tuning before "Truckin" - "Hurts Me Too" and "You Win Again" appear on "Europe '72" - also: NRPS

Set List:

Cold Rain and Snow
Beat it on Down the Line
Mr. Charlie
Me and My Uncle
Hurts Me Too
Dire Wolf
Black Throated Wind
Chinatown Shuffle
China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Playing in the Band
You Win Again
Jack Straw
Casey Jones

Rockin' Pneumonia
Mexicali Blues
Black Peter
The Other One
Sing Me Back Home
Sugar Magnolia
Turn On Your Lovelight
The Stranger (Two Souls in Communion)

One More Saturday Night

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Missing a song

The Stranger (Two Souls in Communion) was played directly after Lovelight. It's on the 4/24/72 release, too, btw.

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Now on LL
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my thoughts after listening to the box set

Set 1
-Cold Rain: VG solo; Jerry’s voice sounds great; VG outro as well but a little short
-BIODTL: pretty hot solo, American rock ‘n’ roll for the Brits
-Mr. Charlie: excellent 2-run solo; band is locked-in
-Deal: slow paced; excellent 1st run in the solo then a shuffling 2d run with Keith getting a little bit of the spotlight; just over 4 mins total (WRS tuning after Deal and before Uncle)
-MM Uncle: love Jerry’s playing during the verses; precise & fast 1-run solo that Bobby seems to cut off with vocals; this is the Grateful Dead train, powerful
-Hurts Me Too: ol’ softie, Pigpen; slow, strong harmonica solo followed by Jerry, screechy, slow & perhaps a little harsh, a bit unpleasant; brief loudness competition btwn Jerry & Pig in outro; I don’t care much for this version
-Dire: calm and pleasant 1 run 1st solo; some kind of mistake just before a very short 2d solo (lyric missed?)
-BT Wind: Jerry playing beautifully behind Bobby’s vocals; usual VG version
-Chinatown Shuffle: toe-tappin’ good time; Jerry & Keith split the solo
-China Cat: beautiful solo 1:38 – 2:42; jam 3:05 – 5:50 is calm and cool, very nice
-Rider: Jerry plays some notes similar to GDTRFB; solo 1:50 – 2:25 1 very good run; jam 4:10 – 4:45, first few notes from Phil, Jerry steps in and plays some sweet high notes, way too short of a jam here
-Playing: jam starts at 2:56, deep spacey tone from Jerry at the beginning, starts getting out there around 5:50 mark, band playing faster, space-fan time warp, tension building, band slows down but Jerry goes forward, Jerry relents and start playing around the main theme a bit around 8:20, nice buildup back to the main theme proper, excellent jam;, 10:13 Donna howls; 11:38 total; excellent version
-You Win Again: 1st solo-good; 2d solo-Keith, nice
-Jack Straw: alternating verses; both solos are very good but restrained and too short
-Casey: short and screechy but harmonious solo

1st Set Highlights: Playing; really, everything is very good except for Hurts Me Too

Set 2
-Rockin’ Pneumonia: Grateful Dead as American bar band, Jerry clearly enjoying himself
-Mexicali: nice 1 run solo; solid
-Black Peter: 1 run 1st solo 2:54 – 3:50 , slow & sad, nice touches added by Keith
-Truckin’: excellent jam
-Drums: give the guitarists a break before the big bang
-Other: good start from Phil, things get quiet rather quickly, Jerry searches for a direction, a little darkness, quiet noodling, frantic playing from Jerry around 6:20, the band follows, Phil right behind him, very hot, back to something resembling the main theme around 9:25, back to the main theme proper at 10:55, 1st vocals at 11:22; 2d jam starts at 12:05, again it gets quiet quickly, dark atonal space, jazz, a little funkiness, funky space jazz :), pressure building up, like Slipknot, the fall of Western civilization, very hot, at 25:10 something resembling the main theme, at 25:56 the band is on board, daggers and bursts from Jerry, clashes from Bobby, a little meandering then back to the main theme; 28:56 “escape through the lily fields,: quick Cryptical Reprise (10 secs), landing at Sing Me; excellent version
-Sing Me Back Home: definitely need something calm and pretty; much-needed beautiful solo, all’s well in the world, ironically told him from a prisoner watching his compadre going to his death; powerful version
-Sugar Magnolia: 1st little instrumental is way off, Jerry not ready maybe; jam-no problems here, very good; Sunshine DD-nice
-Lovelight: good short solo; no real jam here, lots of rapping
-The Stranger: excellent, poignant solo; backup vocals at the end are always off in this song; still a great version
-Saturday Night: solid rock ‘n’ roll end to the show

2d Set Highlights: Truckin > Drums > Other > Sing Me, The Stranger

Overall: lots of short songs in the 1st set and a minimum of jamming, but almost everything is very well-played. The heart of the 2d set is excellent, as is Stranger. I’m vacillating on the number grade; this show definitely isn’t on par with the great ones from the tour, and it might be a tad inferior to the best very good ones. VG show, 8.5/10


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The Strand Lyceum - May 24, 1972