Grateful Dead

Campus Stadium - May 25, 1974

Campus Stadium

May 25, 1974

Santa Barbara, CA US

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5 beat "BIODTL" - "Beer Barrel Polka" tuning before "Sugar Magnolia" - also: Maria Muldaur; Great American String Band; Elvin Bishop - 10:00 AM

Set List:

U.S. Blues
Mexicali Blues
Jack Straw
Scarlet Begonias
Beat it on Down the Line
Brown Eyed Women
Me and My Uncle
El Paso
China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Around and Around

Promised Land
Ship of Fools
Big River
Tennessee Jed
Let it Grow
Wharf Rat
Sugar Magnolia
Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad
One More Saturday Night

Casey Jones

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Lloyd Thomas's picture
Joined: Jun 14 2007
sugar magnolia

I was 28. A great-looking girl behind me said my back was getting sunburned. Should I have asked for her phone number?

creeping_socialist's picture
Joined: Jun 11 2007
Wall of Sound, Bad Sunburn

I went to this show with a very pretty, really nice girl named Brenda. Brenda, if you're out there somewhere, it would be great to hear from you. Funny that Lloyd Thomas should mention sunburn; I got a terrible one that day! I remember the huge bank of PA/amplifiers, all with a tie-dyed look to them...awesome!

geoffgould's picture
Joined: Jul 18 2007
1974 memories

This show was awesome. According to the setlists, I'd seen Scarlet Begonias before, but this one was the one that opened my ears up. It's the epitome of how tight they could be. It didn't take long for them to lose the tightness either! Yes, a sunny, hot day, many minds were blown. Listen to Bobby's parts on Tennessee Jed too!

Joined: Jul 19 2007
Yeah, it was hot that day!

We took one look at the stadium and headed for the only spot w/shade, the last row in the upper deck, directly in front of center stage. By sitting with our backs up against the stadium wall we managed to stay out of the sun and avoid a nasty sunburn.

Joined: Nov 12 2007
one afternoon long ago

I'd seen the Dead before, but this was the one where I "got it" in spades. I'd arrived solo the night before and slept in the car. Early next morning was the long lineup, then both Angels and horse cops compacted the line; I remember only being able to see just a girl's hand and head from under a knot of Heads saying "Yeah, I'm alright, don't worry about me". Thankfully for her, gates opened a bit early.
When we briskly walked in the gate I was astonished to see that monster sound system in the morning sunshine, looking like a giant Martian hieroglyphic.
Planted myself a couple dozen feet in front of the stage and lo and behold there are two high school guitarist buddies Neil and Mike. We did the dots and waited. Mike kept saying "I don't feel a thing" and we keep telling him "You will". This is repeated at regular "are we there yet" intervals, so we finally tell him he'll sink to the depths of hell or something to shut him up. Eventually, there's an eerie quiet and we look down to see Mike with a white knuckle grip on his lawn chair, lest he lose his grip and slip loose into the sky! ...and it was show time.
I really enjoyed Maria Muldaur's set, with John Kahn on bass, and became a life-long fan on the spot. John came back with Jerry on banjo in a bluegrass band incarnation named Great American String Band, which was my closest brush with the Old & In The Way thing.
Finally the Dead came on with a meaty new US Blues which immediately had everyone, Mike included, dancing and bouncing around. My only concern was staying clear of Neil's flailing elbows, but I was having a ball! Scarlet and ChinaCat/Rider were big faves in that first set as yellow passenger jets climbed into the blue sky in the background from the local airport.
Break-time included the obligatory "Sgt Pepper's" album on the PA (guaranteed good vibes), and a chance to grab a drink and a Monster LightningSkull/Weed T-Shirt.
Back into it with Promised Land, then another newie (Ship Of Fools), then rippin' into the Truckin>Let It Grow (no Prelude) medley. We were bathed in crystal clear sound that could crack like close thunder or drop to the quietest nuance of Jerry's little pinkie on the fretboard. Just too right for words. Eventually to the energetic end; Sunshine Daydream>GDTRFB>Saturday Night, then DRIVING THAT TRAIN just to squeeze every last synapse into harmony.
It was simply a perfect perfect day, and it's true; the music never stopped for me.
(p.s. I swear I wrote this review already a few months back, but it's presently AWOL, so if the computer sends it back here again sometime, please don't be cranky, okay?)

Joined: Mar 12 2008
My first show

Camping on the field next to the stadium watching the crew stack speakers erecting the wall of sound.......the sprinklers came on....signs around the stadium warning of undercover of them made us dump our musical enhancements.....hindsight tells us we should have just played keep-a-way amidst the sea of tye dye. The sights.....The smells.......The SOUNDS......There's nothing like a Grateful Dead concert.

Joined: Feb 8 2009
I was there!

We sailed up from So Cal in Rutherfords boat, stayed at SB Harbour
Took L went to show in white Van, The sweet girl sitting next to me, did not look away, the only thing I said was "Jerry sounds like a Gatling Gun!"
Holy flashback

Joined: Oct 1 2009
wall of sound strikes again

Maria Muldaur opened. It was a beautiful sunny day, perfect temp, with a slight breeze. The Dead played their asses off, as usual.

Joined: Mar 11 2010
campus stadium

This was the ultimate show.I was 14.I'll never forget....Bill walton with his girlfriend on his shoulders were in front of me [lucky me]It was cool to be with the grownups I guess.I didnt know jerry was up there until U.S. blues opened the electric set.Thank you dean abrams for the photo of jerry garcia,it means alot to me.More than you could know.I have always dreamed of having a tape of this show.More pics would be awesome and more comments from people about this show would be great.I want more,more,more,gimme.gimme,gimme....Thanks again dean.

Joined: Mar 11 2010

Wait deadnet, Im not done getting in my "one show"......Bobby owned the electric set.Totally.His 335 made me feel like I was hanging off the side of a freight train in the rockies when they ripped into me and my uncle.....The acoustic set seemed louder.The captain was in top form.


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Campus Stadium - May 25, 1974