Grateful Dead

Seattle Center Memorial Coliseum - May 26, 1995

Seattle Center Memorial Stadium

May 26, 1995

Seattle, WA US

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Set List:

Same Thing
Loose Lucy
Don't Ease

Uncle John>
Easy Answers>
Stella Blue>
Good Lovin


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Joined: Aug 10 2010

Man he ripped this version a new one.

What a perfect day, perfect weather, green astroturf on the floor looking all wavy and rippled during the Scarlet->Fire to the sounds of Jerry's alien tone effects pedal.

Probably the best all around show of the tour.

Joined: Dec 12 2012
Last Show

Had a ride from Gabriola Island up in BC, but my friends backed out so I took the ol' greyhound from Vancouver and arrived on the 25th. Tickets were still available and met up with friends who gave me shelter in their van. It was sunny and warm for May and Jerry was feeling as good as he probably did for that tour, and maybe the rest of it too.

The 26th I stood in line to get good seats for my friends. mid way between soundboard and stage center. Opened with H->S->F and the intro to Franklin's tower went on forever, like Jerry just wanted to jam it out as long as possible. He was having fun and so were we.

2nd set speaks for itself. Jerry may have known the end was near and was trying to make the best of it. Who knows. After the show I stood for a while watching the stage break-down. and kinda knew it was the last time I'd see him. I remember that day clear as if it was yesterday. RIP Capt' Trips, I still miss you more than words can tell.

Joined: Sep 30 2011
Yes it was the REX show. A

Yes it was the REX show. A few months after the show the paper had a column about how they found 3 or 4 charity's that said they received funds from the REX Foundation. They did more research and found 10 charities that received $10,000 each. But typical Dead fashion they weren't out for glory but just doing a good thing. That was my last show as well.

Zomby D Wulf's picture
Joined: Jun 9 2007
Friday night show

The best Stella, I have ever heard , of all the times I heard them do it, this was the one that hit the hardest.


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Seattle Center Memorial Coliseum - May 26, 1995