Grateful Dead

Winterland Arena - May 29, 1971

Winterland Arena

May 29, 1971

San Francisco, CA US

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first "Promised" - Acid Punch Show - $2 Show - also: NRPS; R.J. Fox; James & The Good Bros.

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Joined: Jun 7 2007
I remember this show...I was

I remember this show...I was sitting out the rest of my time in the Army at The Presidio and went with a bunch of obviously short haired military guys What the hell...we went all the time.. They opened with Me & Bobbie McGee, as I believe it was shortly after Janis' death. There was a lot of dosing going on, and some young 16 or 17 year olds didn't know what was happening to them, and got treated like shit when they exited the show and asked the cops for help. Would anyone else like to see this released on Dick's Pick's? If so, let em know.
Good talkin to ya.

Joined: Sep 18 2007
Good Punch

A very memorable show. We were stoked anyway because it was a benefit show, but it was only 2 bucks! It seemed hotter than usual in the "pit." It was like they kept the a/c off for the 1st set (on purpose?) It seemed that way, in retrospect, because at the break someone, (I couldn't see who because we were sitting against the stage looking out toward the audience) came to the mic and wispered "there are going to be some refreshments coming around, make sure you just take a sip and pass it on to your neighbor." Some people listened amd some didn't (much to their suprise I'm sure).
We happened to be sitting next to "Panama Red" himself.
That was an experience in itself. He had this Afghana primo hash that was bright green when he broke it in half, turning brown before our eyes.Those were the days you could sneak water pipes into shows. We had this big flask type of water pipe and he packed that thing to the top. Once we got that thing lit it made people within a 20 foot radius cough like hell and they weren't even smoking it. He was also eating peyote buttons like potato chips. He had so much packed in that bowl that after every inhale hot pieces would pop out and finally started to burn my sleeping bag that we were sitting on. I started to say something about it and he just waved me off and said"I don't want to play games I just want to smoke this shit." It burned right through what we dosed to begin with and kick started the sip of "refreshment" we had. Once the Dead came back out all Hell broke loose. Plus it was one of those shows where Bill Graham would resell some of the tickets. The place was packed to the rafters. To this day it was the only time we left the pit during a show. And when I say left I mean on our hands and knees literally. My starkest
memory was coming out of the show and seeing this naked guy on top of a car howling at the moon with san fran's finest standing there laughing with each other waiting for him to come down. Bill Graham lost his concert license over that concert, not that he had any control over the "punch incident"
The Last Unoffical "Acid Test". Good Times indeed.

Joined: Nov 12 2007
I was in the Navy at the

I was in the Navy at the time. A friend and I took another friend's wife's young sister and her friend. We passed on the "apple cider" without sampling. My roommate, who was in Rio de Janeiro at the time, heard about the concert and the "apple cider". After that show, it was required to have marked fire lanes at the concerts with no on sitting in the fire lanes.

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Get on the bus!

I got on the bus at this show. First time in Winterland and we interpreted the "refreshments" statement as just that not knowing, until too late, what was afoot.

Have to disagree griz, they started with Casey Jones cause we were coming on strong and chugging that train grins ear to ear! Amazingly enough, considering the "high" dosage, I have many memories of this show: the group mind, hanging on each note, the hard to Handle, a powerful deja vu moment in the middle of the 'trip,' alternate realities, and oh yeah - getting busted outside by SF's finest. And I could go on and on about THAT experience! In spite of the experience disorienting me for awhile afterward I feel fortunate to have experienced an acid test of that caliber.

Love to hear more from others that drank the cool aide (it was cider?) and was it the last "acid test?"

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Joined: Jun 29 2007
took a sip

I, too, got dosed that night. I had already eaten some peyote and had a case of cottonmouth when a cup was handed to me. Being very thirsty, I drank it... Yeah, that was the good stuff, all right.

I remember about the best "Loser" I've ever heard that night and that everything was cool when the band was playing. When they stopped at 2 AM, things got a little loony, a lot of people fully realizing what had happened to them (or perhaps trying to figure out) as they left the building. Crazy scene outside, for sure...

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Set 1 Casey Jones, Me And

Set 1

Casey Jones, Me And Bobby McGee, It Hurts Me Too, Promised Land, Loser, Playin' In The Band, Hard To Handle, Me & My Uncle, Truckin'-> Drums-> The Other One-> Wharf Rat, Sing Me Back Home, Cumberland Blues, Sugar Magnolia, Deal, Not Fade Away-> Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad-> Not Fade Away

Acid Punch Show - $2 Show Other artist(s): NRPS: R. Fox: James & The Good Bros.

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Joined: Mar 10 2015
I was 18 years old and at this show

I was 18 years old and at this show. The next day the Chronicle said there was some acid being passed around at this show... I'm glad that it didn't come my way because I was too immature at the time to handle it... honestly I'm STILL too immature to handle it. One has to be a pretty well adjusted individual to take psychedelics... us folks from dysfunctional family situations should steer clear of it in my opinion. Peace be with you.

Joined: Nov 5 2017
I still have my ticket stub !!!

The ticket was printed with the opening act of the Butterfield-Bloomfield Blues Band. The front is printed "Valid Saturday Only $3.50". The back is hand-stamped "VALID ONLY FRI MAY 28 GRATEFUL DEAD WINTERLAND ($2.00)", The only thing I remember from the show is the guy walking up and down the aisle on my left holding a big plastic bag and handing out purple microdot. I have no clue which show I went to.


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Winterland Arena - May 29, 1971