Grateful Dead

Cal Expo Amphitheatre - May 3, 1986

Cal Expo Amphitheatre

May 03, 1986

Sacramento, CA US

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Last "Race Is On": 10-16-81

Set List:

Cold Rain And Snow
The Race Is On
They Love Each Other
C C Rider
High Time
Beat It On Down The Line
The Promised Land

Scarlet Begonias > Fire On The Mountain
Man Smart (Woman Smarter) > GDTRFB > Jam > Drums >
Space > The Other One > Comes A Time > Sugar Magnolia

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Attendees of this show

dubai-escorts-bunnies, americaneon, Amy from New York, JennD, Fandead, dahainer, 3-dog-Allison, flevitan, msharvey, julex, tat2inmd, mikesp, nitecat, lafingh2o, walstib80, Dealin' Dave, gunsmok2, Joe Cat, hockey_john, snafu, Phinnegan, Sugarmagkauai, minutemouse, tibegonia, stuart walker, shannonsapitbull, gregantonioli, FatherTime, bubu13, grateful hawaiian, SuggaMaggs, smarcus, Sela, aSid, chief slowroller, jimpeckham, Doctorpat, darkstarcrashes, peterBud, ocdeadbrian, Clicker, zeekbythecreek12345, Gr8flHd, Flickster, alovours13, 10.000Mic_Johnson, berthabetrue, digitunes, Heynow from The Well, zombie_wolf, kimdance, whipple, sdiggs40, Oldneumanntapr, mcrosno, drago, bmuffin, goodlivin, flach77, LadyoftheIsland, Bonehead_Bubba, spaceyoface, virgilosborn, Susie Q, Mick Flaire, moses, guitarman93061, kd7lyj, Frenchmb, vaportrail, hoffmnj, Christo, dedahed, MissReddin, spikedriver, LooseLucyMingus, wsp420, jlg3rd, honestjohnee, rami, gammalyte, hippiedino, Rainbowjohn, poghmahone, turnpro, WaywardBill, blainecole, whitebird, tilesteve, Mitrananda, nextshow, Brophy, DissN00, ndw, ikoandace, Johnny_A, osborne fitzgerald mcclintic, padrig, ginsu710, Ungnome, NickPannozzo, FattyMatty, wolfreb, rebel61aka goin2hlnabuckt, laura.christine, Skjellyfetti, sunny dreamer, GreensAndNettles, Violaleeblue, jolie, mcochran, carlaplattwatercolors, weird72, Valerie Stevenson, treesdream, BlondeJim, Michael Sofris, delta, Deaddad, jerryzkid, Josef, john888, windidawn, mary-sunshine, craig maceachern 2 dustyrose, IRSampson, misngfingr, warf Rat 99, terapin100, spacecowboy, thfalk, threesaints2003, JohnDillinger, OBY-BEN-WAH-KENOBY, wharfrat8199, Barbara, Ouizzzl, rlrs, drkstrcrashes, spudvw67bus, ibewbro, robcork, kenco, graymatter, Terrapin_Tommy, dead4days, Stellas girl, Fillmore Midwest, Jim Gore, budculbertson, bshawlang, juicediva, jburde, wolff, jimmyrowed, steveaes, Tom Thumb, scamperoni, Staggerlee, aaron, jcmarckx, gratefulygroovin, garystar, JayLif, tommyfogarty, dalton, bkind-fg2all, kezardead, tonstar, NYsteve, Far-L, insect_fear, Hlpslpfrnk, dannyclark1966, woodyinthebasement, Marshun, sklnrzs, Jackaroses, Zippatron, Ski_Nose, fogzone, mandala, Johnnycable, dreamtime


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rebel61aka goin2hlnabuckt's picture
Joined: Aug 13 2007
Bansai madness

I drove up with a carload of Bansai trees for sale....met a good friend in line from Long Beach who told his wife he went out for milk??? LOL

Marshun's picture
Joined: Jun 5 2007
Strange Saturday Night

Cool and thanks! I had noticed the setlist was duplicated from the previous show 4/21 Berkeley. It has since been corrected and updated and looks right. This show was strange in it's own way but aren't they all. Nothing better than spending a Saturday with the Grateful Dead. Although, suddenly, the show ended. If you notice, there was no encore. Bob made an announcement after Sugar Magnolia. There was either an equipment situation or something. He said to come back tomorrow and that they would take it up with then or something to that effect. If anyone was there that remembers or if anyone has a tape and knows, please post or IM me. It was hazy then and still is today. Maybe someone can close the gap on this for me. RR was there. The next day was Sunday and they started it off with *Saturday Night *in the broad Sunday daylight. It was crazy. Jerry and Brent were peaking and laugh smirkin' riffs smilin'. Weir and Lesh were strong and the drummin' rolled and thundered. The Dead decide to make it Saturday for us all over again. And they proceeded to melt down the Cal Expo as the sun twisted with the fog into a living Box Of Rain long ago. See Grateful Dead Hour no. 341 for some of the outer limits jams from this spaced weekend.


Joined: Sep 19 2008
Very short show

I was at this show, and it was very strange. I remember after the first song or two Jerry slipped off stage. The band kept playing, with Brent covering the guitar parts, but Jerry wasn't even on stage. The crowd started booing, then out come Jerry, and jammed a few riffs, and the crowd loved it.

But either Jerry was sick, or something else was wrong, because the show ended early. I know a couple of months after this show, the rumor came out that Jerry had died. He really went into a diabetic coma, and the Dead canceled their fall tour.

Gypsy Cowgirl's picture
Joined: Aug 14 2007
one of these Cal Expo shows....

one of these Cal Expo shows....not sure which one.....I remember hearing 1 of the caterers yelling about "hot dogs for Jerry" & thinking to myself....."geez-you should eat better than that"............his choice , guess he liked hot dogs-at least that day...............& then there was the water slide nearby that the kids loved to go on. We also rode bicycles around while listening to the music-We also got a cart & recycled a bunch of mom's 1st & only gig, that I recall. She sat on a bench @ the bottom of the stage, just knitting away. When Phil came off, she asked him if this was the drum solo. He replied "actually it's a duet"......she smiled & kept knitting............Gypsy Cowgirl...........xoxo

Joined: Oct 31 2008
Not sure

but I just stumbled on this show on and it says a man got naked and started.............well you know and it blew Phil's mind?

marye's picture
Joined: May 26 2007
who knows...

maybe it was the same guy as in the '72 Veneta videos.

Joined: Jan 6 2009
If I remember correctly...

If I remember this one correctly, there was hardly anyone there so there was lots of room for dancin', loved it! We came down from Nevada City area (North San Juan) and boogied our little asses off! This was my first real date with Craig, my blonde god & lover of good times, miss you...

Don't recall seeing any naked guy & that I would have remembered, maybe we were having too much fun & didn't notice. I do remember the booing and thinking that was so wrong!

hockey_john's picture
Joined: Aug 25 2012
I don't know about that? Came back to this one again for another

I do know if he left stage. Was rite up front this entire weekend so to that maybe we have a different year all in mind when we say Jerry left stage and I too remember the Jerry hot dogs. This was a real fun weekend before they got to crazy in sacramentoooos . Love this site and the archive its one good way to compare shows that seemed so long ago yet yesterday in other regards.

Joined: Sep 20 2009
Cal Expo 5/3/86 First Night closing comments

Bobby: "Jerry's guitar is broken and bdfjgahdjaskdf...(echo)... we'll see you all tomorrow"
Phil: "What Bob meant to say was, Jerry's speakers are totally frozen, his guitar is broken, and my mind is blown so I don't think we're going to do an encore tonight - we'll see you tomorrow."

The next day opened with the "encore" One More Saturday Night (on a Sunday in the day).


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Cal Expo Amphitheatre - May 3, 1986