Grateful Dead

Silver Dollar Fairgrounds - November 1, 1968

Silver Dollar Fairgrounds

November 01, 1968

Chico, CA US

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Research comes up with new info, ad for Chico show

I recently completed a story for the local alternative newsweekly in Chico, Calif., called "It was a gas: Looking back 40 years - Chico’s music scene and mind-set in 1968." The premise was that the San Francisco music scene at the time was well documented, but not so much for Chico, a college town 140 miles to the northeast. Research uncovered some cool stuff. While it's been known for years that the Grateful Dead played the Silver Dollar Farigrounds in Chico on Nov. 1, 1968, the Wildcat, the student newspaper at Chico State College (now California State University, Chico) contained more facts, including a poster/ad for the show. Here's what I included in my story:

"...Chico's Silver Dollar Fairgrounds also hosted concerts. The Armory Building turned into the Chico Teen Center for regular gigs. Quicksilver Messenger Service played there in October 1968, along with all-female San Francisco band Ace of Cups, along with local band Cranberry Frost.

The Grateful Dead, already established in San Francisco, made their way up to Chico for a gig at the fairgrounds’ Armory on Nov. 1, 1968. Local bands Friends and Gunge, featuring frontman Martin Taylor, (who a local old-timer called 'the Jim Morrison of Chico'), opened the show. About 40 minutes of pristine audio have survived."

That Quicksilver show, on Oct. 11, 1968, by the way, does not appear on any published QMS databases. Many other cool shows happenbed in Chico in '68, by notables such as Big Brother/Janis Joplin (at College Field May 1), Joan Baez (Chico State College North Gym, Dec. 7), It's a Beautiful Day, Jesse Fuller (South Gym, Nov. 22) and even a spoken-word appearance by Timothy Leary (Univ. Auditorium, Dec. 17). The whole story can be found at

Thanks, Alan Sheckter ,

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very cool article

Thank you for sharing. If you have scans of GD-related events (e.g., ads from the paper), I'd love to get copies.

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Grateful Dead Live at Silver

Grateful Dead Live at Silver Dollar Fair on 1968-11-01 - Grateful Dead
Intro 0:12 Dark Star > 12:17 Cryptical Envelopment > 1:48 drums > 0:14 The Other One > 10:55 Cryptical Envelopment > 7:06 New Potato Caboose > 0:41 [ > New Potato Caboose# 1:44 * #Alligator > 2:35 * drums > 5:05 * Alligator > 4:39 ] * Alligator/Caution jam > 12:36 Feedback > 6:01 We Bid You Goodnight


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Silver Dollar Fairgrounds - November 1, 1968