Grateful Dead

46th Street Rock Palace - November 11, 1970

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46th Street Rock Palace

November 11, 1970

Brooklyn, NY US

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*With Papa John Creach, Jorma Kaukonen, Jack Casady

**With same guests, without lyrics

"Good Lovin" includes a verse of "La Bamba" - only "John's Other" - only "Uncle Sam Blues" - first "Who Do You Love" - only "Ode To Billie Dean" - final/last "Come Back Baby": 05-19-66 [589] - also: NRPS

This run was originally scheduled to start on 11-26-70

Set List:

Casey Jones
Me & My Uncle
Cold Rain
China Cat> I Know You Rider
Big RxR Blues
Mama Tried
Hurts Me Too
Cryptical> Drums> Other One> Cryptical> Sugar Magnolia
Hard To Handle

Good Lovin
GDTRFB, John's Other*
Uncle Sam Blues**
Ode To Billie Dean**
NFA*> Who Do You Love*> Drums> Jam*
Come Back Baby**

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46th street moviehouse.

when the Dead came to Brooklyn was an exciting time in my life. I was 18 and getting ready to hit the west coast for the first time. The shows at the 46th steet theater was the best send off I could have hoped for. Peace, joey13



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Seems like the Rock Palace

Seems like the Rock Palace was a rival of Fillmore East and the Capitol Theatre for the best rock talent of the era. Besides the Dead, the venue featured performances from The Byrds, Country Joe, Youngbloods, Jefferson Airplane and the late Buddy Miles! All that and my favorites Iron Butterfly! Would have loved to hear a 30-minute rendition of
IN-A-GADDA-DA-VIDA in downtown Brooklyn!

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The shows were during the week and...

the place was just about empty. I was just a wee kid and I had to go alone 'cause none of my friends could go out on a school night. I can't remember what lies I told to my folks to be there. But I won't forget the shows.



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Capitol Theatre?

Actually, the Capitol Theatre in Passaic was never a competitor of the Fillmore East. I was house light show at both places.

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Rock Palace Shows

Went to all four shows. Wed. about 250 People. Show ended 5:30 am-Great jam session
Thursday about 150 people and seemed most were cops from the 66
Friday the was about Hot Tuna- great show.
Sat. was too spaced , but the place was packed and Jerry on Pedal steel still resonates

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Capitol Theater

Was there one in Passaic -- not Port Chester?


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46th Street Rock Palace - November 11, 1970