Grateful Dead

Fillmore East - November 16, 1970

Fillmore East

November 16, 1970

New York, NY US

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also: Hot Tuna; NRPS

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Elton John's music did not play here

The soundboard recording in circulation has been marked as 11/23/70, but most people now give it 11/16/70 as a date.

If you have this recording, you might hear a bit of Elton John music, "Honky Tonk Woman." Some dopes claimed that it was some sort of an advertisement going over the Fillmore East PA (as Elton had an upcoming gig). However, the recording came distinctly is from his album "11-17-70," which did take place the next day. Music from the next day can't be played over the PA the day before. Obviously the person who circulated the recording was trying to play tricks on us Deadheads!

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SETLIST 11-16-1970

Casey Jones, Me and My Uncle, Honky Tonk Women, Friend of the Devil, Cold Rain and Snow, King Bee, China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider, Hard To Handle*, Big Railroad Blues*+, Not Fade Away* > Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad* > Not Fade Away*, Frozen Logger, Mama Tried, Truckin'+ > The Other One+, Uncle John's Band+

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An off-night for the guys, despite the all-star line-up.

Casey Jones and Me and My Uncle are sprightly. As noted above, Honky-Tonk Women is actually a recording played over the audience PA. Steve Winwood comes aboard for Hard to Handle and adds enough tasty organ licks to make it the highlight of the show. The guys hand the first verse of NFA over to Winwood. Great idea to let a talented blue-eyed-soul singer take the lead ... would have been a better one if he had know the words! Frozen Logger is just Bob and Phil goofing around off-mike - kudos to the fan whose ears were sharp enough to pick out what they were singing. Truckin' is unremarkable, and The Other One never catches fire. Will Scarlet adds some fine harp wails to Uncle John's Band ... it's neat to hear this song from a blues perspective.

A few nice moments, like in every show, but not up to the standard of the rest of the year.

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Best Show I ever saw....ever

I won't go into great detail, but I went to the Fillmore with two or three of my friends,, this thing started at 6 PM ish which was unusual,, but here's who played
New Riders
Hot Tuna
Jefferson Airplane
The Dead
Chris Wood and Steve Winwood came on and jammed (Traffic was playing a day or so larer at the Fillmore)
This thing was still going on at 6AM...


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Fillmore East - November 16, 1970