Grateful Dead

Richmond Coliseum - November 2, 1985

Richmond Coliseum

November 02, 1985

Richmond, VA US

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Set List:

Greatest Story Ever Told
Dupree's Diamond Blues
C.C. Rider
My Brother Esau
Let it Grow

Iko Iko
Estimated Prophet
Uncle John's Band
China Doll
Morning Dew
Throwin' Stones
Turn on Your Love Light

Baby Blue

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Attendees of this show

novakm, dubai-escorts-bunnies, Bill H, Brad125, Amy from New York, msmiranda, Ejlesq, GeoffHarrison, AIMScto, The Fool, gabbertw4, Michaeltallon, jammal, pukegrub, ascialabba, Bill388, pkslipknot, DanD187, Hoopsie, DonkeyOdie, V-GOD, LocoBrian, RunForTheRoses, rymo, IkoIko95, Gen, jabruzzo3, LooseBrucie, skydiver44, fcbrew, ThomasMantellWilliams, tea2trey, hockey_john, 84-95, v32, Lionsghost, ptown phool, DanSeth, the axis, Eastcoast65, Quazi, Phinnegan, chuckebbets, minutemouse, pippin took, Infrared_Daydream, deepsouthgent, Geodye420, ChinaRider77, ramblinshuggs, ahammer, Peak0db, kking, WillyB, cryptl1028, tashwolf, Dolabella, tcmarbles, Mouse13, Sequitor, mmtapeop, 123IBT, meepzort, BellJardin, Peisenberg, virginia blackie, oakdaddy, hippierob, kjmcdonagh, samchaz, Richy-twotimes, CherylB, legalmist, DavAlan, darkstarcrashes, spacewalker, BIODTR58, tpenn, SurlyT, dr zevon, pitzdidg, rodiebluez1, Randy779, AlaskaDeadHead1, midiman007, stroukoa, jsginbull, Gr8ful Dean, duppree, Cerberus, HelenABucket, Grog, tomsthumb, jlawless, dbartolismith, Tweety42, Malarkey, sugarmag68, alovours13, Gravyinthebeard, chefdarkstar, RaymondMBrown, Folkways, Danc1n, 4hawks, Mister_Charlie, mercurygd, pat L, jackjones45, JohnDC, lonesomejohnnie, tcrider, whipple, gatzapaul, salem, K1ndZ0n3, norbeast, dp351, FLIPSTER, kenrock, gairleog, BornInADesert, BurntDawg, St Stephen 65, JohnnyThunder, SCDeadhead, MagicPEZ, b3nd3r, Mzuzu, chrisfic, deadheadfrom76, Basilicone, gr8fulcraig, 4 Rivers, chicobonzai, tomsned66, Cassidy18, dankstressny, Lostsailor86, Peppermint Patty, the bone, bobby, The_Music_Danced_Me, BarefeetBob, tsadler, aikox2, squ1rr3l, ffej55, MICKE527, wiggy, zig zag man, TheNightEagle, PalfHead, lamarred664, iggy62, leftcoastbound, Tom Mittemeyer, rami, beandog22, brookeok, cub, Jimmy C., Dilligaff Wilbury, aliceDmillionair, LittleTerry, snowindian, bucks-yellow van, jimi864, gnoodle, skullfu, sakparadise, Bettylou, cheri, zofo, StaggerLee32, funkygoodpants, Robert Francis, ticket lee, Thomas Shields, Sprybert, AlanSheckter, Dupreediamond420, Bluebird3434, 143or245, Tigerman, Dead Meister, wyldman22964, Bigtedman3, wheels69, osborne fitzgerald mcclintic, ginsu710, Dankstress, brianmika, rangerjoe, rastarick, teamcram, Felix, theleven, birdiewasthere, hamal, dmason, rgreene, mote patrol, picnic, dutchjackstraw, aslpotomac, Babuyaya, Hopierose, SocietysPliers, gratefultm65, Yippierb, GratefulGigi, eclipse, Sluys Guys, jackandceleste, HowardH, carlroeser, chinacatcumberland5, jozeppy, Rum Jungle, Grasshead, Majuroguy, FlyAwayTooNight, blondon1, MoonshineCito, logstirl, DFBWM, chinarider69, mcthwait, shnaholic, Uncle John 1966, Shimanto, Josef, spiritwalker, catchmohl, Superbengoshi, smokey mountains, bird-song, Tom51, jbirdme, Mainehead,, orlzzt, uncle john deadhead, brainman, nuggets, Kima, timitart, Moonshiner, johnh, AnnieRoses, ez2lovu, Forever_Deadicated, jimiesq, OBY-BEN-WAH-KENOBY, Dancingnancies, tommyd, Ozhead, Charbroiled, dharmagum, Mister Benson, drkstrcrashes, lappdog1, taperdave, Margs, nalex, Skully, johnoreno, scottlovett, IkoIko65, Symmetry, Emerald4689, gdgroupie, Cryptic_Envelopment, WWTyson, ajsedel, PhilESwingdance, shasty, Alpo_va, njwreckdiver, hot2na, levitonjl, wineman53, OneGratefulDad, SkookS, Kent, nybill, mapfreak, Bobby33914, TomK, safarian34, tk and rebx, Columbia, johnlo, dennisw, Drumpsychosis, Penn Dead, seenvic, tcerneskie, JerryisaJedi, Lazy-Supp-Deal, cumberlandcase, Maliz, W. is the Antichrist, vinylanimyl, grateful tar heel, maredwar, dschpan, philfan61, tcrawford, Hank Breeze, jonesgang, Billy Delion, Thom, Duggles, tbsjr65, Larntz, cod, PhilZone, jergirl61, B42, johnnyg, rodger allinson, ratskrad, Bozo Bus, Benny Jakes, Alsflorida, ace1, aud, unkljohn


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Joined: Jun 6 2007
Third night blues???

Pretty tough to follow the epic night before and the Halloween show, but this was a valiant attempt. Last show in Richmond for the Dead...

Duggles's picture
Joined: Jun 5 2007
Ran into Mickey.

We stayed at the Hyatt on Braod St. way up north at the other end of Broad from where the venue is. Well, the band was staying there and we were coming out the front doors and who is sitting there out front but Mickey. He was perturbed because he had gotten left. Well he was very nice and we got to chat a little bit. We didn't talk but a bit because he was agitated about his ride situation. We all run into the same old problems. Thats life.


Joined: Jun 12 2007
fun time

laurence stone and i had a great time miss you

Joined: Sep 24 2007
great show

rchmond does suck, virginia is really a police state anymore, never stopped me from having fun but the legal bills personal costs and hassles. I'll only ever move quickly through that state, though I miss it sometimes...

Joined: Jan 11 2009
The Morning Dew

coming out of Space is absolutely phenomenal. One of the best I've ever heard; Phil is just thumping right at the climax of the song. Amazing stuff.... listen again if you haven't in a while.

Joined: Jun 24 2007
My Second Show

After the previous night, how could this be anything but a letdown?
Actually, they played very well; "My Brother Esau" is fantastic. I have a SBD of this show, and it is worth having, especially all you "80's" guys and gals who dig the Brent Era. The "Throwing Stones>Lovelight" 2nd set closer was also fantastic.

oakdaddy's picture
Joined: Mar 6 2010
25 Years Ago

I was 22 when I saw this show. It was a police riot! The cops on horseback used the horses' bodies to protect the plate glass in the walls. Over 200 people were arrested. I think Jerry was even rousted out of a parked car (but that may have been another occasion). When will I see the like again? Never, never, never, never, never. (I saw John Prine and Arlo Guthrie around then in Richmond, on the last night of their joint tour. They played a long set together at the end.)

Joined: May 31 2010
Very underrated

After the Epic show the first night, I went into this show a little skeptical, but I enjoyed myself almost as much. After a good first set, they opened with what would be my first Aiko into a really trippy Estimated. Then Jerry took over and the China doll then post space Dew really capped off the 2 nights in Richmond.

This show is definitely worth a listen, especially the 2nd set.

Joined: Apr 25 2008
Bye Bye Richmond

I loved all the Richmond shows I attended and they definately left with a bang. Most people talk about the first show but the 2nd has its merrits. AIko Aiko was smoking, China doll brings a tear to your eye and Morning Dew through Baby Blue are for what dreams are made of.

hockey_john's picture
Joined: Aug 25 2012
About police..............

They were real bad here.I always loved the scene inside do to the band.Outside sucked its that simple. Wen had a friend traveling on this tour with a HUGE amount of great bud. we all got so uptight we drove the car out of the area in fear of the scent of it and the police in general. Great year 1985.lucky to have been to all of them.lucky to be young at that time. Am sure many who read these know dread john from Richmond if anyone knows the story as to what happened and why he took his life could you email me here. I was close with John and had heard from him when i came home to get on the road to living the rite life.He called me we spoke a few times and the heard threw our grapevine that he passed away.I do not like to put it any other way but passed away.I think we all go to a much better place one day. God bless and hope to hear from someone.


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Richmond Coliseum - November 2, 1985