Grateful Dead

Feyline Field - November 25, 1973

Feyline Field

November 25, 1973

Tempe, AZ US

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Set List:

Promised Land
Beat it on Down the Line
Don't Ease Me In
Black Throated Wind
Tennessee Jed
Mexicali Blues
China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Big River
Row Jimmy
Me and My Uncle
Brown Eyed Women
Playing in the Band

Eyes of the World
WRS Prelude
WRS Part 1
Let It Grow
Casey Jones
Sugar Magnolia
Goin' Down the Road Feeling Bad
One More Saturday Night

We Bid You Goodnight

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Joined: Jun 7 2007
Tempe Show

Looked like serious rain on the Wall of Sound and as Bobby broke into Know You Rider, and sang "Sun is gonna shine" it did! Big group of us from Telluride that day and it was truly memorable...

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Joined: May 21 2008
a funny story

What I remember best from this date is something that happened before the band took the stage. The young lady I was with was a photographer. She went backstage to Garcia’s trailer, where clean-shaven Jerry was sitting on the sofa, wordlessly noodling away on his guitar. The room was host to various people who came and went, carrying on conversations with Steve Parish, Garcia’s assistant. Garcia never said a word the whole time- He just sat there and picked, seeming to take it all in without need to verbalize.
My friend began to take some pictures of Jerry. When the first flash went off, Parish darted over to her and said, “No flash, please!”, and returned to his dialogue. One of the other visitors had his attention, so after a couple of minutes she could not resist- she snapped another.
Immediately he whirled around and bellowed “HEY! I TOLD you not to use that thing! It hurts his eyes.”
Puzzled, she glanced over to Garcia, who seemed to have taken no notice whatsoever.
“Well, if it hurts his eyes, why doesn’t he say something?”
Parish leaned down close to her face and half-whispered:
“He doesn’t know.”

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Joined: Jun 11 2007
This was my second show

Feyline Field was later named Tempe Diablo baseball stadium which is currently the the Angels spring training ball park, This time around the stage was set up in center field. It rained very lighly on & off that day but the vibe was great with spirits high. We all got there early & walked around. Bill Graham walked out toward second base. I walked over to say hello but he seems so lost in his own thoughts I didn't have the never to say a word just nodded.

Joined: Jan 13 2009
My first show

Living in Phoenix, we didn't get to see the Dead much in those days. This was the first show I ever attended and it had some major weather issues - chilly, windy and threatening rain all day. Once the boys came out the place started to warm up and by about halfway through the first set I was hooked for a lifetime at age 17. Feyline Fields was an odd venue but perfect for the times. It was a converted minor-league baseball stadium with the stage set up in left-center field, all seating general admission on the grass. Saw the Allman Brothers there earlier in the year and Leon Russell after the Dead. Have fond memories of all.
Remember this guy coming up and talking to us (there were 6 of us) and telling us he had the best pipe - it was made of elk but he had this accent so it came out "Ee-elk." Told us our greenery wasn't that good and he had the good stuff but it was no better or worse than the cheap Mexican stuff we smoked in those days. Who cared? We danced for about 3.5 hours and just had a great time.
All these years later I still see Jerry's hair blowing in the wind against the gray sky, Phil pounding away and Bobby in his shorts and t-shirt.

Joined: Sep 29 2015
My First Show

Went with my friends from high school. My brother was visiting from Michigan and my dad was upset that I blew off their trip to Nogales and went to the show. It was a typical show in Phoenix at that time. People were selling acid, people were giving away peyote, and some even had mushrooms. I remember that some people had stripped naked and jumped off the sound tower. The music was amazing. It was a great event. In those days, you had to attend these shows to be out their. There were thousands. My brother had just come back from Hawaii and brought me some thai sticks. We were wrecked. When I came home, my mom and dad had no clue that I was buzzed, but my brother sure did. Attended with my friend Buzzy, Charlie, and Alex. Sure was a great day. Weather was not that bad that I remember.

Is anyone aware if this show has been released? I heard it once on Satellite Radio in my car. Sure would like to pick it up. Help me if you can!!!!!


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Feyline Field - November 25, 1973