Grateful Dead

Montego Bay - November 25, 1982

Montego Bay

November 25, 1982

Freeport Zone, JM

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Jamaica World Music Festival - the Dead performed 4:30 to 7:00 AM in the early hours of 11-26-82 - 11/25: Wailers; Toots & The Maytals; B-52s; Glady Knight & The Pips; Jimmy Cliff; Grateful Dead - 11/26: English Beat; Stacy Lattisaw; Aretha Franklin; Black Uhuru; Skeeter Davis; Beach Boys; Yellowman; Bobby & The Midnights; Joe Jackson; Rita Marley & The Melody Makers; Rick James; Squeeze; The Clash; Peter Tosh

Set List:

Woman Smarter
Let It Grow

Throwing Stones
NFA> Black Peter
Good Lovin

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jamaica! what a gig....

5 days of blue mountain coffee, 20$ for a bag of eye medicine, lobster thermidor fer $7.50 american, no venue seats, danced on tennis ball size rocks, got rained on, had a dog taco, napped on a bed of gravel, concert security was army recruits with loaded carbines, nude beach across from hotel - 50ยข:] ice cold red stripe for a buck, i'm still searching for a copy of this show!! all in alll, one of the best "experiences" that could have been had in the dead world!! fer shur. ranks up with red rocks and alpine as the real deal. i missed europe and egypt but have that special hankering for venue magic that used to be the norm.... a show like this one in the states at a regular place was no big deal but after flying on fully loaded jet with 280 deadheads from across the country and smoking enuff herb to float there we arrived in heaven. every room in town was booked. every shirt was tie-dye! every flight in had itz own parking lot section of sales and whatever.... man, what gig! not much hoopla since. it kinda blended into the distance... and that pesky 7$ fee/tax/charge and birth cert. to leave the airport had a lot of folks selling whatever they had left and/or calling back home for identification. i got a 70$ watch fer 7 bucks:) it lasted a few weeks... but these memories will last a lifetime:] i'm glad i had a kodak instamatic that proves i got the best tan of my life in just 3 days, inside AND out.

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thunder and ligtnin' storm in drum solo-matched the drums, but

lightnin' was behind mickey & billy...zow! found a band member in my walk over by the stand with a sign that read
"goats tail soup" dark man who had a job at the local store was in hiz best he patiently waited at the front of the stage, sitting on an upsidedown coke bottle to protect them...local natives on the blanket next to me fell asleep and didn't want to wake up for the set. "so whot" Tooks a few songs. the clash were too loud-but really very good. Went on the tour flight. 90% of tour group had never seen the band more than once..all very nice people. Stood up on my seat on the charter flight and announced to all, "I'm hi" to a cloud of smokeys. Copped the biggest Jamacan Joint in the human universe at dinner down the street...hold it and smoke it with 12-7 people..with your entire fist. I miss the old days. I wish we had no concerns for terrorism. God bless the human race. No leader should run for office without living in a 3rd world country like Jamaica, AND New York City for one week before doing so.

keep your character, enjoy living, share your fortune,
OXOX Merple Reddin

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Dead Jamaica 82

yes I was there. hopped on a plane in Miami and was wondering if I would know anybody there. I knew half the people on the plane. they serve free champaign on air Jamaica so it was a good flight. we joked about selling combs at the show. fire on the mountain was awesome with the sun coming up over the mountains behind the band. and only about 500 of us were there when the band came on. the Jamaicans were quite amazed at the dead heads out dancing them all night and our pot we brought was better than theirs. spent the next couple of weeks in Negril and hitching around the island (easiest place I ever hitched). great memories.


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Montego Bay - November 25, 1982