Grateful Dead

Community War Memorial - November 5, 1977

Community War Memorial

November 05, 1977

Rochester, NY US

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Phil solo and "Take a step back" to open second set

Set List:

New Minglewood Blues
Mississippi Half-Step
Looks Like Rain
Dire Wolf
Mama Tried
Big River
Jack Straw

Eyes of the World
Samson and Delilah
It Must Have Been the Roses
Estimated Prophet
He's Gone
The Other One
Black Peter
Sugar Magnolia

One More Saturday Night

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Joined: Aug 24 2007
Great night, great weekend!

I was at Syracuse University. We caught the Colgate show the night before in a gym no larger than a HS gym! This was the 2nd show of an incredible 3 night swing thru Upsate NY. Binghampton the 3rd show may have been the best. The streets were closed off around the arena because there were several thousand DH's that showed up to get in and as it was in those days, they would only open 1 door. I was two people away from that door. The crowd was swelling and pushing to the point that my feet were lifted off the ground. I had tried holding off the masses, but it got insane. We weren't frighted as we were you see, invincible. Now the poor old Security Guard on the inside of the door was. I remember the glass of the door start to bow and then it fell in. Of course,we all went in with it. What a relief. As the throng was pouring in, we all collected ourselves and decided we were going to the seats not the floor. It was 1st come 1st serve. We had great seats and watched the packed floor sway all night! There is a Dick's Pick of this show and to not have this one in your collection is a mistake. It was awesome.

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Joined: Jan 6 2009
The band was totally tight that night!

I was arms on the stage right infront of Jerry the whole first set. It was a tight show in the bands playing and the crowd pusing from behind, which got Bobby singing "Take a step back, let the people in the front breath". My buddies in the back had about the only mics in the crowd. I was so pumped when Dick's Picks 34 came out. I think it was one of the tightest shows the boys ever play...Rock-on!!!

Bssgrl's picture
Joined: Jun 23 2007
got carried in

What a show!!! SO many memories...Picked up a couple of people on the way, who mixed a little something up in the sink, very interesting effects I must say, so there were 4 of us trying to beat the chartered bus filled with friends up there. When we got there we were just waiting on the steps for them to pull in watching the gargoyles fly off the roof, hehehe. I still have my entire ticket stub (in those days they tore them in half) because the crowd was so intense, and so was the item I ate, that I actually got carried inside, feet never touched the ground, I tried to turn around and my friend caught me and spun me back around so I would not get trampled, my ex-boyfriend who was there with us had his leg in a full cast and was caught up in the door jam. I remember once I got in, I grabbed a seat across stage above the floor section. My friends went to the front and were hanging off the piano while Phil was doing the "take a step back dance". I remember Jerry doing a "Chuck Berry" dance across the stage and Donna coming out in a wig to make everyone think that she had cut her hair.....One of the best memories I have from the early days and I treasure my tape!!!!

Joined: Jul 26 2009
blew the doors in

This was my first show, I attended with some friends from U of R (my only year enrolled, if not attended...) and some folks from back home Mt. Lebanon. We got there about 2 hours before the doors "opened."

Long before the official opening time the ticket takers took their positions behind the glass doors (I don't remember if there were turnstiles) - the War Memorial is a round building with glass doors all the way around. The doors were designed to open outwards not inwards if I recall correctly - that was a disaster. The crowd was pressing and humming/throbbing/oozing and building up a head of steam. The ticket takers were innocently and politely waiting for the word and you could see it dawn on their faces that they were powerless to affect the situation - and in fact their presence insighted the mob to move inward ... We looked at each other and realized we could not control where we went - we massed up and linked arms. I think we were about 8 people. We started to hear soft muffled explosions - this was the sound of the doors bursting, at least 4 that I heard. It was TERRIFYING as we were driven slowly inward by a thick unstoppable human wave. Luckly none of us were injured, but inside the show I saw at least 3 or 4 kids whose blue jeans were purple from their own blood, and one guy with a huge swollen gash in his thigh oblivious to everything around him but still somehow on his feet.

The music was amazing, a magical experience. We were about 20 feet from the stage on the floor, and I spent most of the second set continuosly following a small bright red spark that was zipping around on a grid that covered the entire ceiling. How did they do that? hmmm...

Joined: Nov 10 2007
It was at this show the

It was at this show the doors and glass got smashed, not in 78. I was getting pushed and carried around in the crowd outside for about an hour in line to get in the building, and when they did open the doors, I was about 10 feet away. The door and glass shattered, a bunch of people ran in, and the crowd surged forward. I remember seeing the security guys just bailing to get out of the way and my ticket never got ripped or checked. I have no idea how they must have restored order. We ran down to the front of the stage, but it was waaaaay too crowded and nuts, so we hung out back by the soundboard. Great show. My first.....what a trip.....

Joined: Jun 20 2012
Rochester 1977

This was my first show and the only time I saw them with a "psychadelic" mind set. I remember being right at the stage right in front of Jerry, then it got a bit intense and I had to go to the top of the arena and chill a bit. Will be going to Dick's Pick's to get the music.

Joined: Dec 8 2011
Freshman at Ithaca

This was maybe my 5th show. I was a freshman at Ithaca College and went to this one and Binghampton (the next night), both were fantastic shows and, as it turns out, the last two of the tour (I had no idea at the time).

My friends and I decided to get to the arena at about noon. We stood in the crunch all afternoon and things got pretty scary when the doors finally opened. As soon as I got in I was desparte to take a leak and, of course, by the time I got out of the men's room the floor was already packed, making me wonder (to this day) why i stood outside all day long(?). Live and learn I guess.

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Joined: Sep 10 2007
Excellent, energetic set 1,

Excellent, energetic set 1, highlighted by 1/2 Step (aeseome 2 1/2 min solo), Jack Straw (2d solo), and Deal. Set 2 isn't quite as good, but the Other One is a highlight. Overall, Great set 1, VG set 2, 9/10

Joined: Aug 1 2013
FYI: All commercial blding. ext. doors open outward by code!

Yes, all commercial building doors open outward per code in case of a fire, so people can escape! I was there with 20 good friends and two friends and I were right at the first doors that opened (yes outward) and it was a race to the stage front! The entire first set we were in front of Phil as he played with his oscilloscope. We were saying to Phil, "Make them go vertical!" He definitely did during the "Take a Step Back" little jam and we all cracked a smile! The rest of our group were back in front of the board taping and we were one out of only 3 total taping the show, and I still have those masters, but glad Dick Picked the show for his #34 as the tape has seen better days! They were very tight that night and Jerry's jam during "Deal" was so sweet and crisp that I still think it's the best "Deal" I've ever heard out of all the shows I've gone to and listened too!


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Community War Memorial - November 5, 1977