Grateful Dead

Auditorium Theater - October 22, 1971

Auditorium Theater

October 22, 1971

Chicago, IL US

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GD Radio PlayBack of show in 2012

On the first day of the New Year 2012, GD Radio broadcast a soundboard mix-down this show. Thank You again GD Radio crew
I'll now listen to your broadcast and simply id some tracks for my own reference

Grateful Dead @ Chicago’s Auditorium Theater
October 22, 1971

Set :
Me and My Uncle
Tennessee Jed
Jack Straw
Playing In The Band
Beat It On Down The Line
Black Peter
Cold Rain and Snow
Me and Bobby McGee
Comes A Time
Ramble On Rose
Cumberland Blues
That’s It For The Other One
Sugar Magnolia
Casey Jones

Johnny B Goode

monster piano playin w/Keith thru-out the set *


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Dave's Picks Volume 3

This show has been released as Dave's Picks Volume 3, August 2012.
Discs 1 & 2 are 10/22/71 and disc 3 is from 10/21/71.

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2 cents

10/22/71 Chicago
Dave’s Pick # 3

Set 1
-Bertha: Jerry’s timing with the lyrics is a little off; solo 3:35 – 4:20, takes off like a rocket, excellent
-MM Uncle: Keith at home on songs like this, old-west piano player
-Tenn Jed: Jerry still learning the lyrics; a little faster tempo; solo 4:15 – 5:50 , excellent, peaking nicely in the middle, much longer than you expect; very fresh version; a highlight
-Jack Straw: different, slower intro; you can sense Jerry trying to figure out how to play the lead on this one; not much to the solo
-Loser: another one where Keith feels at home; very good, one of those songs that works well early on
-Playing: Bobby still learning lyrics/delivery; Jam 3:05 – 4:15, Jerry veers off but comes back to the main theme pretty quickly, still very interesting and well done, back to lyrics at 4:45; 6:05 total
-Sugaree: no real solo but well done
-BIODTL: ok, band seems to lose it in the middle of the solo
-Black Peter: good solo 2:55- 3:55; good peak in the middle of the song
-Mexicali: Phil is really doing a lot of backup singing; solid
-Cold Rain: very good
-Me & Bobby McGee: very good solo
-Comes a Time: good solo 4:20 – 5:05; extra verse
-Saturday Night: high energy set-closer

Highlights: Bertha, Tenn Jed, Playing
VG set 1

Set 2
-Ramble: 2 good solos, Jerry really puts effort into the vocals (as he has done for every one of his things)
-Cumberland: very good 1st solo: Jerry explodes during the 2d solo, flying fingers: a highlight
-That’s It for the Other One: Cryptical, band working as one, drums at 2:05, tension builds, drums goes on a bit too long, Billy gives the cue and at 7:35 Phil’s familiar thundering bass is unleashed, very powerful from the outset; no rush to arrive at the 1st verse, very pretty notes from Keith, slows down around 10:20 mark but slowly speeds up, faster, faster, wow!; back to main theme and first verse at 11:58; the 2d jam gets spacier, by 14:40 we are definitely into space, interesting notes from Jerry around 16:45, Keith is doing just fine, cacophony around 18:20, calm soothes us at 19:20, pretty notes from Bob too, Jerry starts hinting back to the main theme around 19:55, very cool Other One jam around 21:20 with Keith racing Jerry, at 22:15 Jerry again returns to noodling with the main theme, then quiet, what’s next? Phil’s bass at 22:55 and we’re back to the main theme, which is just as powerful as the intro and 1st jams; second verse at 24:45; Cryptical Reprise at 25:30, instrumental outro is quite nice, band doesn’t seem to want it to end; Great version; 28min+ total
-Deal-smooooooth transition from the Cryptical Reprise; 2 good but unexceptional solos; very well-played by the band
-Sugar Mag: jam 3:05- 4:43, Jerry still has something left, very nice
-Casey Jones: Jerry is losing his voice, excellent short solo
-JBG: calm but very good solos, nice show-ender

Highlights: Cumberland, That’s It for the Other One (including transition to Deal)

Overall: Everything is well played, band has lots of energy, newer songs sound fresh, Keith settles in nicely, Jerry gives 100% in his vocals, and highlights are excellent. VG show, 9/10


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Auditorium Theater - October 22, 1971