Grateful Dead

Miami Arena - October 26, 1989

Miami Arena

October 26, 1989

Miami, FL US

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Extended tuning jam before "Dark Star" - "Close Encounters" space before "Wheel"

Set List:

Foolish Heart
Little Red Rooster
Stagger Lee
Me and My Uncle
Big River
Brown Eyed Women
Victim or the Crime
Don't Ease Me In

Estimated Prophet
Blow Away
Dark Star
The Wheel
All Along the Watchtower
Stella Blue
Not Fade Away

We Bid You Goodnight

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Attendees of this show

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Gtarjohn's picture
Joined: Dec 1 2008
1st for my wife

I took my then girlfriend to her first show...drove from St. Pete...she liked all the strange people but I remember her yawning during Dark funny. I thought it was a great show! Lot's of neat lighting and strange sounds...kind of a dark night for the dead.

Joined: Jan 27 2009
Mixin' it up

Of 200+ shows this was the one. Miami was a very cool scene. The arena was set up well for the Dead, big hallways, short entrances into to arena. As I remember it, the sound was pretty clean inside. The only draw back as the hallway & isle monitors. No running, no dancing, no fun please.

Well we managed. We scored some Texas X, then some killer, super clean liquid. It was on for that Dark Star. With out a doubt the best of this east coast run. During Estimated we got hassled for dancing in the phil zone, so we made a b-line for jerry's side. We found a good groove & started to groove. Then that tuning, god it was the ultimate tease, but the band just brought it home, then took us on the ultimate journey. We left the building. Apparently during the psychadelic jam a security guard cleared everyone out of the cove we were dancing in, but I was completely unconscience to it, and they let me be. I finally realized as drums began that I was alone. It was one of the highest moments I ever had with the Dead. When I listen to this Dark Star, I still get chills.

Dpwilljr's picture
Joined: Oct 20 2010
My first and only Dark Star

A friend of mine I had traveled with for the entire east summer '84 tour called me after they broke out Dark Star at the Greek.
After years of people telling me California Dead was the best, I made it out for the '84 New Years run and Greek the following summer.
It wasn't until this night, in my home state, that I finally saw Dark Star.

Joined: Apr 4 2013
Miami 10-26-89

I totally agree. I had seen quite a few shows starting with my first in Boston 73 and many more through the smokin 70's and did not have high expectations into the 80's but this one blew me away. They truley brought me to the point that I had only previously gone when aided by phychedelics . The most progressive music I have ever heard bar none in that second set. The Dark Star is in the top 10 best Dark Stars , probably in the top 5. Victim or the Crime was chilling . The Wheel was heavenly Euphoria incarnate. If I could pick a show to drop to , this would have to be it. It was 89 and not the early 70's which don't compare , but thats how good the music was this particular night.

mitchw41's picture
Joined: Nov 4 2012
scary Dark Star

Not sure what was scarier, the Dark Star or the area surrounding the Miami arena. This was a DARK Star for those of us tripping in the arena that night. I spoke to some heads afterwards who actually left during it, haha.


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Miami Arena - October 26, 1989