Grateful Dead

Boston Garden - October 3, 1994

Boston Garden

October 03, 1994

Boston, MA US

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Final "BIODTL"

Set List:

Touch of Grey
Beat it on Down the Line
Loose Lucy
Little Red Rooster
Childhood's End, Dire Wolf
Black Throated Wind
Bird Song

Box of Rain, Shakedown Street!!!!!
Going Down the Road
Feeling Bad
The Wheel
All Along the Watch Tower
Attics of My Life
Around & Around

Brokedown Palace

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Joined: Jun 18 2007
I thought it was a really

I thought it was a really solid show. Lots of debate after the show many friends said they sounded flat. Who knows anyone got a tape, check out the attics.

Joined: Jul 27 2009
My last dead show.Jerry

My last dead show.Jerry seemed flat show was still good but you could almost feel the end was near.It was not to long after the news about Jerrys death.With all the dead shows i went to all the good times with friends and the parties i want to thank every member of the greatful dead for years of joy they gave me.JERRY RIP MY MAN.PEACE TO ALL.

Joined: Jun 20 2007
Fare Thee Well

My last Boston show...great memories of the entire Boston run..."Friend of the Devil" street...shakedown street...laying a miracle on some sad "cutie" who thought she was getting shutout on the last day of run...lots of hugs...Irish Embassy, base of the buzz...and an "Attics" that stuck out for me! Man, I miss this scene!!!

Joined: Aug 29 2010
Last show before they tore the Garden down...

I thot this show rocked. We drove out from Denver w/ a bro from Boston. The old Garden was way crusty inside, long dangly strips of ancient funk wafting down from the ceiling like spanish moss - it just felt ancient. And we were in there fulfilling the truest purpose for the venue. It was like being in a spaceship, busting out with the fatassest Shakedown (the wah pedal was surely invented for Jerry). So glad i was inside for this show!

Joined: Nov 30 2010 could it NOT be??

only one out of a pretty large size group to guess the encore of this show...Brokendown Palace...exactly what The Garden had become. It was the last show they ever played there (it was soon torn down) and i am ever so grateful to have had the chance to witness the weirdness it provided.....loved the spinning music, the halls that went no where.....ahhh, the lovely memories that bring about this smile... :)


Joined: Jan 13 2009
Final night in the Garden.

Anyone remember the bird chirping over the PA just before Bird Song? Good 1st set, 2nd set Shakedown and Cassidy in the set...awesome!!!


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Boston Garden - October 3, 1994