Grateful Dead

Kiel Auditorium - October 30, 1973

Kiel Auditorium

October 30, 1973

St. Louis, MO US

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Set List:

Here Comes Sunshine
Me and My Uncle
Ramble On Rose
Looks Like Rain
Mexicali Blues
They Love Each Other
El Paso
Row Jimmy
Jack Straw
China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Playing in the Band

Mississippi Half-Step
Big River
Dark Star
Stella Blue
Eyes of the World
WRS Prelude
WRS Part 1
Let It Grow
Goin' Down the Road Feeling Bad
Johnny B. Goode

One More Saturday Night

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deadhead616's picture
Joined: Jul 28 2007
Excellent show...hooked me for eternity...

This was my first concert and it was the Grateful Dead. I was 13 years old. I remember that we dressed as skeletons as it was almost Halloween. Imagine, my first concert was the Grateful Dead and I got to hear them play Dark Star! That was it, I was hooked for life. Love to get this show on "tape", for posterity's sake...

Joined: Jul 28 2007
Also my first show.

How about that, I join up to this deal and the top post is about a show that was also my first. Saw a few shows there in my hometown of St. Louis. Lots of Jake's Leg, too. Great town, I miss everything but the heat.

pieface's picture
Joined: Sep 17 2007
First of many

This also was my first show, and I didn't know much beyond "American Beauty," "Workingmans Dead" and "Skull and Roses" at that time. I remember a lot of dope being smoked, the "Me and My Uncle" and "Johnny B. Goode," and looking up at the clock, most likely during "Dark Star," and saying of Jerry, "He's been playing for 40 minutes straight!" It was the only "Dark Star" I ever experienced live, and I have no real memory of it, other than Jerry up there playing.

Joined: Aug 16 2007
GDH #69

The Dark Star in question was featured on this particular program. Request it- I'll bet it gets featured some Wednsday.

Joined: Aug 3 2009
I drove there from Jersey with my roommate and another friend

My first great Dead show! Absolutely top notch

dstache's picture
Joined: Sep 10 2007
thoughts-might as well post my entire "notes" of this one

Set 1
-Here Comes Sunshine: 5 1/2 minute jam, pretty relaxed but in a good way, honey-dripping, very good though not a monster version
-MM Uncle: VG solo, smile
-Ramble: very good short solo; Jerry messes up 1st line of next verse
-LL Rain: so mellow, beautiful playing from Jerry and Keith throughout, really nice short solo
-Deal: very good, mellow solo
-Mexicali//: cuts out during the solo
-TLEO: kinda funny that the pace picks up with this one (a song that would slow down in later years); not that I am complaining about the show, it is sleepy but in a good way; wonderful solo, Jerry really loves playing this song in '73
-El Paso: well done
-Row: very good
-Jack Straw: solid
-China Cat: jam gets moving, Feelin' Groovy about the 7 min mark, excellent, arriving at Rider at 8:45 mark (all 1 track)
-Rider: Jerry comes in way late on the "I wish I was a headlight" verse, missing a line or 2, but atones with an excellent run in the jam
-Playing: Bobby has some problems with the 1st verse; jam starts at 3:10 , mellow start, little bit of Phil, little bit of Bobby, little bit of Jerry, Keith comes in, spacey and jazzy, not too far out there, stays in the solar system, heady stuff, Jerry keeps teasing the main theme, at 17:35 back to the main theme; 20:14 total, very good version

Overall: a sleepy set that works, just about everything is very good with TLEO and China Cat as the highlights, and Sunshine, LL Rain and Playing coming close

Set 2
-1/2 Step: solid short solos; dreamy feel to the short jam before the "across the rio grand-e-o"; nice outro
-Big River: very good
-Dark Star: about 1 minute of tuning before the song; after the intro, dancing around the main theme, move away from the main theme around 5:30 mark, spacier, some cool repetitive notes from Bobby, the rest of the band falls in including Jerry eventually, almost Sergio Leone spaghetti western music, but not quite, cosmic cowboys, very cool, MLB jam begains at 13:00 min, Jerry plays some slide, space sadness, MLB jam ends about the 16 min mark and transitions pretty quickly into the main theme: first verse at 16:45; space after the verse and main theme, moments of almost total silence, the gravity of gravy, Wavy or otherwise, delicate strumming, hints of a Martian carnival, some cool sounds from Keith, a few lounge-like notes from Jerry; 27:12 total (not including the tuning, note that the rest of the timings include the 1 min tuning), excellent version
-Stella: very good version, though no killer solo or anything
-Eyes//of the World: 1st verse at 0:55; excellent though not long 1st and 2d solos; Cut occurs after "sometimes the songs that we hear are just songs" and picks up during the chorus, so just a reel flip and not missing too much; Phil prominent early in the jam, moves into the typical breakdown/loop jam for the period, which is always nice (referred to as the "repeating-riff jam" by in the Early Thematic Jams post), gets very cool, awesome, starts to disintegrate at 15:45 mark; great version
-WRS: all 1 track and I will review it as such; Prelude and Part 1 are very good, as always, but no different than other versions, Jerry hits some nice notes; Grow starts at 6:20; excellent short solo; very good jam and outro; 15:38 total
-GDTRFB: 2 very good to excellent solos; always nice Goodnight Jam outro
-JBG: the usual
-E: Saturday Night: solid

Overall: sleepy feel to this show that still works, set 1 is very good with excellent versions of TLEO and China Cat, and the big jam in set 2 is awesome with Dark Star and Eyes as the highlights. VG set 1, Great set 2, 9/10 overall


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Kiel Auditorium - October 30, 1973