Grateful Dead

Wembley Arena - October 30, 1990

Wembley Arena

October 30, 1990

London, UK

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venue used to be called the "Wembley Empire Pool" - telephone conversations during "Drumz"

Set List:

Jack Straw
Wang Dang Doodle
Queen Jane Approximately
Row Jimmy
Let it Grow
Valley Road

Picasso Moon
Foolish Heart
Looks Like Rain
Terrapin Station
The Wheel
I Need a Miracle
Black Peter
Turn on Your Love Light

The Weight

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Attendees of this show

Charlie Brown, Alter Cgo, dubai-escorts-bunnies, Hugh Rees, Augwst0390, cmm3, drmarkerickson, timjent, vidarkstar, pukegrub, Whabamp, august02, rainshine, Guernsey deadhead, scottocs, rusinurbe, olddeadhead_NFA, jerboo22, spiralight15, chinacat_uk, JohnL, willw, MightandGlory13, Jimbo68, chad.e.buck, jimi-ro, EugeneEvon, gotoheaven, Andy D in KC, DAKOTA4X4, drscottp, Sugarmagkauai, kjhillner, puroshaggy, inanothertimes, The Native, BrisbaneDeadhead, Hockney, dicface, LincolnshirePoacher, magawolff, Bill Lamdin, MAConway, peterBud, transitive, DK-Deadhead, CoolSwede, Kblair, grubstake, yetay, Desolation Bro, TomBanjo1969, Muttley, LostDew, chicagomarc, deadleg, ellis d, nothing_comes_for_free, jhop321, deadgreyhead, ChantalAndGeorge, dv8derek, sandtyme, VikkiM, Dapablo, aap526, MagicPEZ, lookyloo, JohnnyRock41, It Keeps Growing, uconnjhd, DoDa Man, sitirose, Thepman, dedahed, kym, Gatman, BigBuffalo, A. Friend, rami,, ohio4peace, flipper, beppe, keelstow, jackadiamonds, dead-to-the-core, jimmy_row, JMY714, nextshow, anamchara, ticket lee, Hypnocracy, osborne fitzgerald mcclintic, jedyed, potheadpixie, devonmallow, johnnybgoode, romp711, DEADAHEADS, Europe 90, Meatyard, dedhedesq, darkstarjedi, danny_b_mt, siliconmeadow, eveystone, Gypsy Cowgirl, ashley, Sluys Guys, Tedski, Zombielover, mcganahan skjellyfetti, DeadheadDoug, runonguinness, darkstar52, tommygutt, SoulshineDeadream, bshaky256, jimiz61, Bob_Who, Junglies, BlondeJim, jpjp, grubby, catchmohl, ThankYouJerry, thfalk, Chris Ripple, iainrphillips, ALA, Jeffervonjefferson, Barry K, Barbara, richthephotog, Charbroiled, Symmetry, Terrapin_Tommy, dead4days, chefjim, papajohnny, Dar-El, Fillmore Midwest, riggertoo, RippleEffect, Walbass, Heat, kiote, deadhead02, cosmicbadger, jjoops, skrletbegonia, Hodeskalle, DBtv, outpost, philsurf, riggamortis, Graham52, manacatsunflower, Aliuk, DocLnghair, FOTD, PsillyJim, frankparry, deadeasy, TomCat, fenario, Cloudy, terrapin53, jw, charles, captain.dead, seedybee68, paulholly, crazyfingers, David L., RPn10, spam, Sunshine-daydream1951, Post N. Steiner, slimus2006, pantagruel, Gav, simon_phillips2, 2pigpen


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Joined: Jun 5 2007
First Show

I didn't know anything much about the Dead when I arrived at Wembley that evening with my friend Jim. We had been given tickets at the last minute by someone who couldn't go.

However, I did like Bob Dylan and the band, so when the dead played "Queen Jane Approximately" I was smiling.

Drums was a heavy experience for a fairly straight laced teenager, but when that flooded into The Wheel I felt as if I had been lifted to a new place musically.

However, my abiding memory will always be the encore. "The Weight" was my absolute all time favourite song (I guess all teenagers do those lists and try to find a favourite) so when that falling run of 6 notes hit my eardrums I was blown apart. It really felt that the Dead were playing this for me as a personal treat.

Wow. I was hooked... Still am ...always will be

with love


Joined: Jun 8 2007
Wembley 30th

I forgot they played the wheel, i remember it as a ok show sound at the start was awful but great by the end. Tearing into the bruce hornsby song. Also hearing Phills bass in foolish heart and jerry's trilling at the end of rain the encore was perfect.


Terrapin_Tommy's picture
Joined: Jun 15 2007
Mickey was signing copies of

Mickey was signing copies of his book at some bookstore on the outskirts of London. When we tried to get the train to the show, the stations were all closed due to a fire somewhere. We got to Wembley late and I ran across the street and got hit by a BMW in the crosswalk, I looked the wrong direction while running across the street, I was a stupid American "tourist"! I flew 20 feet to the sidewalk and ended up with only scrapes and bruises. I'll never forget the Wheel/Miracle that night!! I survived, some deadheads gave me some Vicodins and all was well!! What a trip!!

Joined: Jun 23 2007
Wembley Show

Sat towards the back the sound was awful for the first half and much too quiet for the second half - as a lover of the Dead since the 60's and attended of the London shows in the early 70's this was a dissappointing experience -(be nice to hear a tape though)

Sunshine-daydream1951's picture
Joined: Jun 5 2007
Wembley 1990

When the tickets for this show and the following night went on sale Brent was still alive and when he died we wondered if it would happen.

I was about 3rd 0r 4th in line for tickets and managed to get seats halfway back down the hall, the front seats all went to agencies, i was even further back the next night.

A friend had bought some Mushrooms from Norfolk to the show so that helped, not the best show of the tour so far but not the worst either.

apart from the next 2 Wembley shows i didn´t get to see the GOGD again , i did see the last Ratdog tour of England though.

hopefully Phil or RD again will come over to Europe, a nice show in the south of Spain wouls be nice

Bob W

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Spanish Jam

ThankYouJerry's picture
Joined: Jun 24 2007
England, bad food and crazy drivers

It seemed the boys were a bit weary by the time London rolled around. The sound was bad- the place is an old cement soccer stadium-designed in no way for good sound. It was still a treat to be there and see it all. Hornsby was rocking as he was every show back then- he really helped w/ the transition from Brent to Vince.Let it Grow was inspired. Terrapin was good and Black Pete really was soulful. A nice treat for sure.

Joined: Jun 7 2007
crazy drivers

sorry to dissapoint but the dead didnt play the football stadium the played wembley arena the concert venue the football stadium held 80,000 which is a bit big for the dead over herethe place they played is probably on a par with a us basketball arena

ps dont remember any probs with the sound at any of the wembley shows

cosmicbadger's picture
Joined: Jun 13 2007
stadiums and sounds

Took my 8 year old son to this show..he still talks about it! The sound was very muddy up to Queen Jane, when it came to life. Weird inclusion of a telephone conversation between two very London women during space!

As for Wembley Stadium, terrapin53 is right. Actually the Dead and Santana were supposed to play there in 1976 (I think) in a Bill Graham promotion called 'Greetings from San Francisco. It was cancelled due to poor ticket sales! It would have been my first show....I was soooo disappointed. Had to wait till '81!

captain.dead's picture
Joined: Jun 6 2007
Cor blimy governor it’s the Grateful dead!

This was a wild time for me.
I got to meet Micky Hart and shake his hand and say thanks for coming to England again.
I also met the man himself ‘Cosmic Charlie’ although it was months later when I happened to look in a book about 60’s culture that I realised that the song really was about this famous character – and lo and behold there was a picture of the same man when he was younger!
So for those of you who don’t know - the song ‘Cosmic Charlie’ was actually about a real person who advocated taking acid and had a really free spirit and an open mind. One really cool guy.
(And if you happen to read this Charlie, I learnt some good stuff from you about not judging others and keeping an open mind – thanks dude)!
Living folklore indeed.
The show was great fun and I really enjoyed myself, especially the bit in drums with the English woman on the phone chatting about meeting her friend at the club.
Second night ahoy!

Sunshine-daydream1951's picture
Joined: Jun 5 2007
17 years ago today

i was either on my way or at a pub in Marylebone, where we were meeting before the show

Little did i know that after this show i would only see the GOGD twice more


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Spanish Jam


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Wembley Arena - October 30, 1990