Grateful Dead

The Spectrum - October 5, 1994

The Spectrum

October 05, 1994

Philadelphia, PA US

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Jerry remained onstage throughout "Drumz"

Set List:

Jack Straw
Friend Of The Devil
Wang Dang Doodle
Queen Jane Approximately
Lazy River Road

Midnight Hour
Cumberland Blues
Playing In The Band
Uncle John's Band
I Need A Miracle
Standing On The Moon
Sugar Magnolia

The Mighty Quinn

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Joined: Sep 14 2008
SOTM was amazing and always

SOTM was amazing and always love Quinn. Parking lot scene was really alive that night and the boys played pretty damn good! Just one of them nights u dont forget!

Joined: Jun 13 2007
Longest Deal ever -Please make this a CD RELEASE

See you in the Future
This is one of my all time favs. A pair of jacks. Jack Straw n Jack aRoe. the longest deal ever. I remember it being on a GDHour shortly after..... The SOTM was awesome. I thought Jerry came out and sang to Bobby I'd rather be with you.....but I thnk it really was a "budda bbudda youuu....
Im holding out that this night will be on CD....

Joined: Jul 20 2007
Phenomenal show

Great energy and enthusiasm, great set list. Hell of a show.

Joined: Aug 17 2009
He was "on" tonight....

this night was "out there!"Jerry played awsome,unlike a few of the earlier venues in `94.The UJB was spectacular,one of the best ever put out.The Midnight>Cumberland to open the 2nd set was off the hook and Jerry played SOTM with such feeling that it there wasn`t a dry eye in the house!Sweeeet!

Joined: Mar 9 2011
my last show

im so glad that this was the last time i saw em. RipfuckinRoarin Rock and Roll. Probably the last time they "got it"

Joined: Jul 18 2015
My Best Show!

I only attended 5 shows, my 1st being Buckeye Lake '92, and this was by far my best show. I unfortunately got into the Dead during a time when they weren't exactly on top of their game and not exactly the united unit the once were, but tonight they were having a blast and it was obviously all initiated by Jerry's enthusiasm!

The 1st set is solid with a nice Lazy River Road and you could tell that the band had lit fire during the Deal to close the set! Excitement was in the air after that Deal!

Then Bobby comes out in the 2nd set with Midnight Hour? Everyone just looked at each other for a second like "Huh?" Then they segue into a joyful Cumberland Blues. Strange combination of songs to open a 2nd set with during any era, let alone in '94.

Fantastic UJB>Playin, and then Drumz starts, and as usual the band exits the stage. But wait not everyone left the stage! Jerry is still out there! He's playing MIDI drums on his guitar with Billy and Mickey! Holy Shit! I've read that he stayed out during a few Drumz segments later during that tour too, but I think this was the first time. Maybe he split during space for a few minutes but I swear he was out there the entire 2nd set.

Really strong Standing on the Moon and a fun Sugar Mags. And Quinn was always one of my favorite encore tunes!


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The Spectrum - October 5, 1994