Grateful Dead

USAir Arena - October 9, 1994

USAir Arena

October 09, 1994

Landover, MD US

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final/last "Comes A Time": 03-27-93 [127] - venue used to be called "Capital Centre" - Rex Foundation benefit

Set List:

Hell In A Bucket
Stagger Lee
Broken Arrow
Me & My Uncle
Big River*
So Many Roads
Promised Land

Here Comes Sunshine
Samson & Delilah
Long Way To Go Home
Ship Of Fools
St. Of Circumstance
Comes A Time
Throwing Stones


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Attendees of this show

yjohnson2, tkaplan, dubai-escorts-bunnies, dougbr1ne, Ejlesq, That Morrisville Jawn, iwuzthere, gbenn52, KYTrips, pesnider72, Fourwoods, strawheart93, SamStrulson, Dudeman52176, battybob, rferinde, promirius, mikeriis, sermano, Bill388, scrawford, Hippiechick3868, tapertom1272, CarrionCrow, chas44, emudd, bfowl420, StrangerInkDesigns, brbadg, chaseutley, lypdysh, tuna station, 84-95, v32, impervious, hippiechick308, miracleme, Mind Bender, frunobulax, mbunn789, Andy D in KC, busyb67, omegaman, john manicke, radiator9987, tomcruz, Topheratl, skharvey, scarletfire5877, jackstraw0223, tashwolf, jpruitt53, jdavis397, Bonesmav, WeLuvEachOther, Sustainabill, moogirl,, PrintIsBlood, ckcoffman, shep0420, Sequitor, smarcus, dredileogirl, Uncle Arby, Murmur, lazarus11, MOFOJoe, drc456, Sally Bluebear, Barrtenderr, jussieyes, Eldehbran, CarolinaDeadHead, photogeek423, stlablu1, stroukoa, vtwick, radley17, Malarkey, mrmojorisen, sddeadhead, btwind13, memphisus, HlpSlpFrank, wonderbred, KindGuyBrian, delylah24, RaymondMBrown, sommer breeze, lostdeadhead, jerseyjoe, kind tunes, FireWheel, Blysergic, EasyWind73, dport, stumbleboogie, k10acjed, thomas513, durtyboy101, alapuzzo, BOR, retiredwingnut, kjk611, Buddyroe, lovinBertha, caseybloo, kenrock, MR.FANTACY, wezi26, hobiecat37, JasKah, cd22, brooksie, spector322, SCDeadhead, Savage, my-dog-iko, Bleearg, CASugarMags, vlabutterfly, terrapinbill, scottrost, ladnarc, joshGD, deadheadii, chenley, deadheadfrom76, qq4aday, LawDawg1972, naddybear, UnbrokenShane, gr8fulcraig, caroroses, Beadwhisperer, ruk1nd, jqdriver69, Estimatedeyes77, ellisdee420, chefdannnyc, magillis0315, carpetmadness, richdead, deadhead61, DeceivedOne, amdew122, Reya Sunshine, billytell, NNJDEADHEAD68, eurodave, ejh495, the bone, mbwade20, 73joey, shotgunstallion, jaykuhles, skunjelefeti, hawksbillwill, oscarphree,, TwistyMcFisty, gdtrfb_9, GratefulPANIC, GRonK, MICH-WOLF, Ami, Lainey, EcoBen, Bettylou, RalphPa, ticket lee, Michael German, Complier, Thomas Shields, Sprybert, robbgam, mysticwynter, Tenner, Bluebird3434, kbdeadhead, d.c.dead, wheels69, 10sejed, boxcarguitar, paintedmandolin71, novakm1, fortuenti, pyrorite, Still_Dead, Ellis_Dee, theleven, headjam, jstange, dedhedesq, MDKrack, DeadheadFred, Scarlet88, paldss, skepticalbuffalo, dmason, dutchjackstraw, JINGLE, jiadams76, GDfan, eclipse, flyingdonut, Dire_Wolf_Kpt, notbetty, MDDeadhead, The Ostrich, SunshineMags, shorebilly, garydobson, Deadtrip, justice, blkthroatedwind, Drell, williamhlee, mary-sunshine, sugarmagnolia817, dumbek, gratefuljim, wolf,, Scarlet.-.Roses, carmotor, moephish23, JBT420247, gk, tpdaman, Moonshiner, Forever_Deadicated, Will, Chamber87, eddo, wharfrat8199, Captain Grass, Tourkidz, galacticfan, nathanleary, Tbear, bboy1620, BoxomoxoA, garcialater1974, taperdave, cottun21, phillipblackman, ParticoRomulus, throwoutthelifeline, shugamag, sugrmag66, tommythrock, gdgroupie, skye1965, Bethia, Friend of the Devil, Leebo, Cryptic_Envelopment, greggm65, Smilin Dan, Va head, scullroses, terrapin58, Puffem420, SoPo Jody, Gr8ful dad, RUKIND73, austindead, jillstraw, The Jester, yomamasafro, Skivmo, bfraim, dms, modeblee, jamminred, gdtrfb5, fenario420,, a. west, scooterpoo, dharmadawg, KimmieinMD., cumberlandcase, mrdrew, wharfratmatty, gratefuljo, ReubenandCerise, ricflower, terrapinflyer, JaimeAlphaMale, J Alfred Prufrock, Polarbearwv, Thom, tbsjr65, srumble, bradleyg, wstoner, Duanebase, hackster, jergirl61, mindbender, jcmpbl, johnnyg, mountainfire, Bozo Bus, Sonicutes, rowjimmy


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Joined: Jun 4 2007
Last "good" show I saw

In comparison to the rest of 1993-1995, this show stands out (the next night wasn't too bad either). That isn't saying much, though.

tpdaman's picture
Joined: Jun 23 2007
Todd, I miss Jerry! When did

Todd, I miss Jerry! When did they play Satisfaction at Landover?

bfowl420's picture
Joined: Apr 14 2013
Great Show.. Went with Holly L and Her sister Tracy....

Great seats on Jerry side first row( not floor . first row on side Next to Jerry!!). My buddy Adam was out west so I took His ticket to this show...Ran into old friends.. One was pregnant.. it was their seats and we all crowded int 3 seats. 6 of us.. the girls were small and stood in front the guys.... Miss You all.... Bry

Terrapin Moon's picture
Joined: Apr 9 2018
was never at a show but

was never at a show but playing this now as I type. the Comes a Time is wonderful and means even more knowing its the last one from here on out. they did it justice.


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USAir Arena - October 9, 1994