Grateful Dead

West Palm Beach Auditorium - September 11, 1982

West Palm Beach Auditorium

September 11, 1982

West Palm Beach, FL US

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Mickey Hart's 39th birthday

Set List:

New Minglewood Blues
They Love Each Other
Me and My Uncle
Big River
Dupree's Diamond Blues
C.C. Rider
Looks Like Rain
Tennessee Jed
Let it Grow

Scarlet Begonias
Fire on the Mountain
Lost Sailor
Saint of Circumstance
Terrapin Station
Stella Blue
Around and Around
One More Saturday Night

Baby Blue

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micstan's picture
Joined: Jun 7 2007
First Show!!

This was my first show and what a blast it was. I was supposed to go with some fellow classmates (I was a senior in high school 16 years old) who were late. I ended up getting my Dad to drive me. The first thing I found inside was an older hippy couple who had some orange sunshine (at least they called it that) they were passing out. I looked younger than my years and they were hesitent to gove me some, but sharing some of the bag of weed I had with me motivated me. I had tripped before, but this was different, very intense. Being alone and starting to feel it, I was getting a little freaked out, but headed in as far as I could up front.

It was a few minutes to showtime and I was in front of the organ maybe 10 rows back. Everyone around me was very cool and I was soon laughing and feeling better. It was a sense of community that I hadn't experienced yet. I was an outcast at school what people would call a freak with my Dylan Thomas book of poems and my own battered notebook of songs and stuff. This didn't go down to smooth in catholic school, I was a non-conformist of the worst kind, but got excellent grades and there wasn't much they could do.

Anyway here I am 16 high as a kite and the lights go down. It was like electricity was going through the air and binding everyone together with this pure force of joy. Bob started the first notes of Minglewood and we were off! I was blown away at first by Brent's organ it was so loud and I never heard anything like that. The first set included some of my favorite songs and others I had never heard like Looks Like Rain and They Love Each Other. The set ending Let It Grow was mind melting.

During the break I met up with an old freind from the neighborhood who I actually turned on to the Dead. He was about as high as I was and I went with him to his seats up front. With the lights going down again, I thought I was ready for what would come in the second set, but Scarlett-Fire Lost Sailor- Saint into Terrapin, shit who could be prepared for that? The music was so loud, but crystal clear, I was on another plane of existence, happier than I had ever been, with people that were so cool, good weed everywhere, dancing like I felt no shame, which was true and a unique experience since catholic confinement will make you feel ashamed at everything you do.

I think for me it was Stella Blue that hit me the hardest. Everything was so great, but the way the band got so quiet and the way Jerry lead them back so dynamically, it was very powerful.

I was on the bus and have never gotten off!

Michael Stankard

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Joined: Oct 20 2010
Let it Grow

This was my third show. I remember how intense the Looks Like Rain and Let it Grow were. The Band continued to make their permanent impression on me. I was on the verge of getting on the bus...
By the next year, I dove in head first and never looked back.

Joined: May 16 2011
One of my faves

I had a synesthentic experience during the trans from Scarlet >
Fire. Musta been the roses. Phenomenal show.

Joined: Jul 8 2014
Two shows in one weedend!

Saw my 1st Dupree's Diamond Blues....

Very special memories

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Joined: Oct 20 2010
Great story

Enjoyed reading. I'll never forget that night.


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West Palm Beach Auditorium - September 11, 1982