Grateful Dead

Madison Square Garden - September 13, 1991

Madison Square Garden

September 13, 1991

New York, NY US

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Set List:

Touch of Grey
Wang Dang Doodle
Big River
Cumberland Blues
Bird Song

Victim or the Crime
Scarlet Begonias
Fire on the Mountain
The Other One
Stella Blue
Throwin' Stones
Not Fade Away

Knockin' on Heaven's Door

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Attendees of this show

dubai-escorts-bunnies, Brad125, Amy from New York, Singmeback-Home, terrapin201, Frankie In atlanta, johnzias, Chuck Gannon, rockit,, brezit, Qnape, pghas1, curieye, slap22happy, RANGER15, John Bonham, Egg, Dog Star, Hippiechick3868, Lou C, Mayor of Bay Terrace, reijo29, youngmc100, dedhed1963, v32,, Purple Haze, Pard, gratefulgregv,, Harrington, cmd, deadicatedBRONX, Mind Bender, mmcnutt1970, fibhart, amy_leader, uptownww, VTSugaree, intrepid, jod9157, john manicke, gmjbeachside, Geodye420, Monkeyfuss, jnlnyc, CarrionCrow, Sumrskyjam, chris p, friskie, fritz1620, whirldpeace, Sequitor, gmcmd, the_wet_one, smarcus, dredileogirl, ckayaker, pauln, Delaware Dead, bekkif, saigonmarc, CaptTheo, martiniolive, Feltlikeastranger, Steve-o Brooklyn, jeromethompson, darkstarcrashes, spacewalker, lazy, jussieyes, bigjohn71, fpdr9817, obx420, Iko37, Eldehbran, Mud, Rolokid, whiter, photogeek423, darylk, toddlesh, foxymom, stroukoa, GR8FUL TED, clysus, foreverahead, lotdawgtodd, Gr8ful Dean, blotterman, Promised Planet, Fred The Head, micah68, jlawless, zebadya, sugarmag68, chicagomarc, lilD, jayers1, jerseyjoe, Blysergic, jam e, photoleon, hjleddy, jhop321, thomas513, nicklas59, Deadercize 4 Life - formerly Bob Quinton, kobejuan, carolyndeitsch, retiredwingnut, Crystal Journey, powderjunky, shaw-, Bettinadragonfly,, sunshinedaydream43, Brunfus, hobiecat37, Monad, toni rachelle, Hoboken Head, Savage, MagicPEZ, dancingbear66, Mr.SanJose, lookyloo, scottrost, jsomoza, deadheadfrom76, dylan from canada, jsilkowitz, ellisdee420, st.steven, completebalance, richdead, doc holliday, FreakDaddy, outerben, terrapinrichie, NNJDEADHEAD68, krzykat, PigPenKingBee420, cboogie, sitirose, ejh495, teknosapien, pyy, adamr, bobby, Gratefulsturgeon, aikox2, bobbyb, GOONZQUAD, yuletime, A. Friend, sgrmag2564, Amitayus, philmaywalt, rami, joakes, nickelless, TaofSteve, muffin, josh e bear, Kordo, jimi864, Philatelichead, Upstate NY, Shov39, TJD, EcoBen, funkygoodpants, ticket lee, jay gd, AlanSheckter, Dupreediamond420, Tenner, captrips, I.MGr8ful, Sleepy Monkey, Mr.Skjellyfetti, BHMorgan, rpartusch, paintedmandolin71, Tanto, john05hd, fortuenti, rastarick, kkeyser27, dedhedesq, MDKrack, LeftHandMonkeyWrench, paldss, stevetabb, gr8fuldaddy1, Brownie, ramblonrose, hugz420, BULLHEADEDDOGS, JINGLE, AndieIsAlthea, lost_sailor77, SocietysPliers, Ted S, jauerbach, spacekat, Doughboy, mrkaos63, Haybrown, kluk, bucketorain, UncleBruce1971, tambourine man, LastFairDeal, runonguinness, blondon1, Bamski, garydobson, tommygutt, DFBWM, Grateful Diver, Valerie Stevenson, justice, andrewmyers, mstaggerlee, Josef, mary-sunshine, Uncle Jimmie, buz_73, jzias, catchmohl, adker, tonyrabbit, melloslo, david515, wolf, chuck2007,, JBT420247, gk, lizard, PaulF13, johnh, smokin_dave, gregp123, purplesunflower11, Forever_Deadicated, aquanee, robsegall1956, Josh, slicae611, crippledbutfree, Joshadelic, AikoBearzly, nathanleary, D-MAN, Brian710, jeffy8, hoptrip, mgal73, stonyweirdo, ripple7, Symmetry, kenco, shugamag, ecmitch, fdnybri, bonz713, Les Gibson, captnbadass, skatemaniac, Cookbitch, Offbeat-Andy, batcavejoe, ghfg, TracyS, Vegan Mike, bribenk, kiote, chrish, darrrkstarrr-billy, Gr8ful dad, Rutgers51581, ramble_on_schroedes, judyc7, SkookS, mcleary, gilco, walstib3, mrngdo, moxxie, jillstraw, The Whale, Papa-bear, Sinc6, SirX1970, dazebtween, peter, scooterpoo, jdwilgus, PsillyJim, adimar, vernnlou, Lazy-Supp-Deal, 333mike, Maliz, slapshotsam, Kenpb, robo2973, Kat, DaffyDuff, TERRIPIN, msgsec74, OnTheRoadAgain, mcumm1165, Billy Delion, Jack_Straw, Thom, Steve C, paolinoj, Major_Domo_Billy_Bojangles, battman, Lucab12, tbsjr65, Stealth, Randi, Sonicutes, Dr. Vitz, pauli


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Joined: Jul 23 2007
Cumberland Blues--->Big

Cumberland Blues--->Big River.. Great show!!

Jay E. Auerbach, Esq.
Hollywood, FL

melloslo's picture
Joined: Jun 25 2007
Scalper with a Heart

Went up to NYC for the big Friday night show at MSG with a couple of friends. I was the only one without tix. I jumped on the first one I saw for $50 - even though the scalper seemed sketchy (hey now it was NYC - what could a guy do? Spend the night in the Penn Bar?). When it was time to go in - I found out it was a faxe ducat. Believe it or not, I tracked the scalper down outside, I told him it was fake and I needed my money because it was all I had. He must have seen my deadication - because he hooked me up with a real ticket and I was in!

What a great show.

marye's picture
Joined: May 26 2007

is a story for the ages! So glad you made it...

josh e bear's picture
Joined: Feb 29 2008



GOOD TIMES ~ Josh E Bear !!

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Joined: Sep 13 2008
My First Concert

This was my first concert, lots of firsts that night in the city for a 16 year old from Jersey...

Joined: Jan 27 2009
fake 20

after walkin for hours in the city we headed to the garden. On the sidewalk we found what we thought was a 20 dollar bill. We were so stoked at first. Then it unfolded and was some adult store add. We laughed and the discovery, and so did people around us, they too fell for this great advertisement. Then I thought to myself, what if we used these to bride a security guard. These things looked real.
Well long story short, it worked. We had seven people all with one fake 20. each. Went to one guard, flashed him the 20., told him there was another $120. in it for him. He got greedy & wanted $200. He settled for the $120 and we sailed on in.


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Madison Square Garden - September 13, 1991