Grateful Dead

Madison Square Garden - September 18, 1991

Madison Square Garden

September 18, 1991

New York, NY US

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last "Midnight Hour": 12-31-89 [136]

Set List:

Midnight Hour
Ramble On Rose
Wang Dang Doodle
Stuck Inside of Mobile
Row Jimmy
Jack Straw

Victim or the Crime
Crazy Fingers
Playin' in the Band
Terrapin Station
The Wheel
I Need a Miracle
Wharf Rat
Sugar Magnolia

Brokedown Palace

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josh e bear's picture
Joined: Feb 29 2008





Josh E Bear !!

Joined: Aug 3 2009
My last show!

Amazing show and my last. Just listened to it on my ipod on the way to work. I actually had few tears in my eyes listening to Brokedown Palace....great memories! Glad I went to see The JGB a couple of months later and was able to see Jerry one more time.

Fare you well, fare you well, I love you more than words can tell, Listen to the river sing sweet songs, to rock my soul.

Jerry thanks for the memories. Rest in peace.

Joined: Jun 21 2007
Not Bad

I went to this show and only listened to it for the first time recently since then - Over 20 years. It's actually an underrated show - there's like a 6 and a half minute jam after Terrapin that should be listed in the setlist, a pretty long space, and a phenomenal Sugar Mag. My only Midnight Hour, my only Wang Dang Doodle and my last Brokedown. Worth checking out.

JacktoldAlthea's picture
Joined: Jun 21 2007

My last MSG show and my only "Midnight Hour." Thanks Boys

Nothing to tell now, let the words be yours I am done with mine...

Joined: Apr 19 2011
Ahhh! My Last Show.

Had I known this would of been my last show. Bla bla bla. But it was sweet and special, Terrapin is always special. Smoked a dubbie with a guy and sonofabitch somthing was in it. Damn pranksters! But well worth it. I went with it and enjoyed the show. I woke up next to a homeless guy named Vern and he taught me how to beg for money so i can get back home. Thanks Vern and Dubbie guy. Once again NYC became a long strange trip. God bless the Grateful Dead

Pard's picture
Joined: Dec 20 2007
Last show of the MSG run

My best friend and I went to all of them selling Jerrymeister tshirts...what a great time>>>Boston Garden run...oh to be 21 again....listening to this one on right now and bringing back some spectacular memories

Joined: Oct 11 2012
My first show and packed me a Wollup!

I was in college on East Coast, a buddy said to me you have GOT to see the band in NYC and that was that. outside the show was already flying and met some guy with extra tabs, givin' out for free, so I just grabbed the whole sheet and put it in my mouth. I think their jaws fell to the floor and they said something like, "You're gonna have one helluva night!" I did.

I will never forget the moment of take-off just as Ramblin' Rose kicked in. Somewhere around Terrapin entered Shangri-La and I am not kidding my life has never since been the same.

I have been super-clean since the mid-90s, but I think I love the music and dig the message even more as the years go on.

IF ANYBODY HAS THIS TAPE COULD YOU MESSAGE ME? I am out of the loop, this website is my only way of connecting with fellow Heads-forever, and this show has big sentimental value for me. Where can I get it? Thanks to all who can help, and thanks to all those many kind Heads who saved my life as I flew through the streets of Manhattan that night. God bless you all.


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Madison Square Garden - September 18, 1991