Grateful Dead

Madison Square Garden - September 21, 1982

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Madison Square Garden

September 21, 1982

New York, NY US

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Set List:

Playin' in the Band
Crazy Fingers
Me and My Uncle
Big River
West L.A. Fadeaway
Beat it on Down the Line
Looks Like Rain
China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider

Touch of Grey
Samson and Delilah
High Time
Estimated Prophet
He's Gone
Throwin' Stones
Not Fade Away
Black Peter
Good Lovin'

U.S. Blues

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Attendees of this show

Frankie In atlanta, V-GOD, Jerry Gillespie, Laheyrj10, PeggyO.5.5.1977, Gen, MikeOMikeO, chas44, kayman714, Wryan40, Larchmont, M.Laurentus, hockey_john, KKWDeadHead, Purple Haze, WestHarlem, andychatfield, NJDEAD40, hitmeister, Zbear, Mind Bender, snafu, Farrel, amy_leader, thomasthecarpenter, JoeyHinVB, ZephyrGirl, Stardancer, StarsUnderCats, intrepid, gmjbeachside, Geodye420, jbloomskullandrosen, seltz, skarlitfyer, bigdaddyinc68, Sequitor, 7d n me, greatfulted, hippierob, uponscrutiny, jackstraw700, Ljouwert, Steve-o Brooklyn, spacewalker, corrinaandmarin, Vree7, DeepSpace, Mud, swa, Randy779, AlaskaDeadHead1, stroukoa, foreverahead, deadredhead, jlawless, DeadHeadDaveMo, kimmerjo, Terrathea, Extinguiderm, sugarmag68, alovours13, tommcgee1, 1coolfool, Guardian, Danc1n, ppkgmsy, swirlygirl116, misterglen, Heynow from The Well, pat L, drjass57, ajfink12, tcrider, docjbf, powderjunky, Bettinadragonfly,, kenrock, grtfuld, Byrd24, BurntDawg, coldrain_snow, matki822, JohnnyThunder, MagicPEZ, Fulcanelli, imabmf, J Mully, Shaugn, jsomoza, Deadathoner, DireWolfStudios, dedhed76, Basilicone, wilbur3134, FreakDaddy, Grat3fulDad, redeft, bcat726, muff1969, aikox2, bobbyb, johnbgoode, DinoBam, Halfstep1019, free2liv64, yuletime, shithead, ejfan319, epp0331, burntbabyboomer, cub, aliceDmillionair,, gnoodle, Ami, NM-MCS, dave h, JJG4Ever, festival0122, ScottNJ, uncjhn, StaggerLee32, Wharfrat1963, ChicoNYC, BEGGERSPAY, Cosmic.Wimpout, AlanSheckter, Bluebird3434, merle211, captrips, twilaq1, kfchef, ginsu710, BigDog, jwalsh1957, gr8tfulandy, Jack O-Roses, rpartusch, dloehr, drkeith, Peachy, Mike Wid, Zippy, dedhedesq, rebel61aka goin2hlnabuckt, rgreene, GR8FLPT, tpiader, Rico, Ted S, Gr8fulglow, gratefulgreg1, Garypaul, rmarsmedic, Doughboy, unyun, JMRDead, sugareelady, HowardH, heliotroupe, KingLono, croc, FlyAwayTooNight, logstirl, George C. Hartman, tommygutt, DFBWM, mcthwait, Jetstream, JurassicBlueberries, bigdancingbear, daphne, ribbsey, jzias, seaweed94, catchmohl, JimiRo, jacofny, Jack_Straw22, NoQuarter, Diceking, wolf, tganz, sugarmag122, boffo the chimp, Thomcat, slpatgun, gregp123, ez2lovu, crushedbyadwarf, mustawas, Terry Tolkin, Debdeadhead, robsegall1956, softmonkey, EnglishtowneAndy, chef, drumzspace, crippledbutfree, Bob Minkin, direwolf02, LarryG, legionmary, WackaloonQ, stonyweirdo, ibewbro, deadglo, Jim Gore, Friend of the Devil, Univax, CR, BTW, bonz713, deadicatedBRONX, peace3314, fotd313, Offbeat-Andy, Dodaman, Gr8fulMark, TracyS, Vegan Mike, bribenk, PeggyO, hot2na, levitonjl, Cloud37, OneGratefulDad, Lesh-Is-More, fenario80, gilco, adocart, walstib3, mrngdo, augwest386, Bobby33914, jbloomrosen, The Whale, bill642, peter, georgewweir, rdnzl, Kenman, EDupree, jdwilgus, vernnlou, Lazy-Supp-Deal, RZ12-4-71, Kenpb, kjh13, grateful daddy, joeybug69, Billy Delion, marlo, BlackandWhite.Peter, woodstockjams, Thom, pomo1, snoone, Meeko, bradleyg, sixstringsmoreorLesh, deadhead20, markh, MAXROD, skllbob, rodger allinson, gratefuldad1960, jims, Charlie Miller, scarlet, aud


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Joined: Jun 13 2007
My second show I had just

My second show I had just turned 15. what I remember mostly is intro by john sher promoter I think it these where the only shows I ever heard them introduced Playin 1st set with a china rider to close didnt see too many of those.

Joined: Jun 13 2007
First & only time on MSG Floor for me ...

and the only time I ever saw the band introduced, too. What could be better than a "Playin" opener? - four minutes into the show, and it's jam time. Before this show, I thought all those stories of the Garden pumping up and down were just stories - hah! - in fact the whole building was dancing to the tune of Phil's bass! Great show.

Joined: Apr 5 2009
my first show

13 years old ... my big brother drove me there ... and then ... the bus came by and I got on, that's when it all began ...

Joined: Apr 5 2009
The Garden DOES move!

It's absolutely true, you have to feel it to believe it. The only other band that I ever felt make the Garden move was Pearl Jam, and that was long after this... But the Dead did it every time...

I remember quite well John Scher's band intro, and also there was a film crew on stage for Playin In The Band. What a way to open a show, into the greatly anticipated Crazy Fingers which we had all heard about being broken out that summer! And I finally got to hear China/Rider - my all-time favorite... Also another highlight for me was High Time. Just super-sweet stuff. Take a look at the 'fan' photo - what a great shot. Bob and Jer in that red light, I can see them like it was yesterday... Thanks to the Phellow Phreak who posted it...




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Madison Square Garden - September 21, 1982