Grateful Dead

Warfield Theater - September 25, 1980

Warfield Theater

September 25, 1980

San Francisco, CA US

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first "Ain't No Lie" - last "All Around This World": 02-14-70 [706] - last "Bird Song": 09-15-73 [382] - last "Dark Hollow": 04-29-71 [550] - last "Monkey & Engineer": 12-31-70 [589] - last "Ripple": 04-29-71 [550] - last "Rosalie McFall": 11-08-70 [609] - last "Roses": 01-12-79 [118]

Set List:

Bird Song
Been All Around This World
Dark Hollow
Rosalie McFall
Monkey and the Engineer
It Must Have Been the Roses
Oh Babe it Ain't No Lie

Alabama Getaway
Greatest Story Ever Told
Friend of the Devil
Mama Tried
Mexicali Blues
Little Red Rooster
Jack Straw

China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Samson and Delilah
Ship of Fools
Playin' in the Band
Wharf Rat
Around and Around
Good Lovin'

U.S. Blues

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Joined: Jun 8 2007
ACOUSTIC DEAD...wooohoo...

ACOUSTIC DEAD...wooohoo... the roar from the crowd when they came on was amazing!

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Joined: Jun 5 2007

I was wondering-- was the entire show acoustic? I have Reckoning on vinyl and just love it, but I don't have any extra acoustic dead from the 80s. So is there more than what you can get on the fancy new CD of the Reckoning and if so could it be posted in the taper's section, PLEASE? I know theres plenty 'coustic from the early 70's, but... it just doesn't have Brent's sweet piano playing.

If anyone could shed some light for me I would love it...

Sunshine and Daydreams

Joined: Jun 7 2007

what an elegant venue, i was underdressed in tye dyes ,1st night of longest SF run ever. BG gave me a poster

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Joined: Jul 25 2008
Attended all 13: lst "tour without going anywar" tour

keep your character, enjoy living, share your fortune,
OXOX Merple Reddin

Joined: Jan 3 2009
Warfield - 1980s

Not sure if you noticed, but there are about 14 shows at the Warfield Theater in 1980. It seems as though they went from acoustic to part acoustic and then to full electric. Its absolutely insane, get them all.

If anyone knows the actual story behind why they did this I would love to hear it.

"We used to play for silver, now we play for life."

Joined: Apr 24 2008
My son's 1st show... in utero

I only made it to one show of this run, but it was the opening night which to me is special. My son would be born in less than a month, so I'll claim this to be his 1st show.

Joined: Mar 29 2008
what a time it was - my 1st show of 15 - perfect attendance

The marquee on the theater said it all ...

They're Not The Best At What They Do, They're The Only Ones That Do What They Do

I think this was the night that Uncle Bobo saw me unwrapping the tape mike cables while I was in the restrooms before the show. Of course he confiscated them. Yeah, I had lots of splaining to do to Joanie, Mark, and Keith.

Joined: Sep 1 2015
An entire show of acoustic,

An entire show of acoustic, wow. I think we can only dream about such concerts these days only in our dreams. I don’t remember getting an opportunity to attend such concerts other than the one to which I have gone with my father when I was a child.

Water White Glass


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Warfield Theater - September 25, 1980