Grateful Dead

Boston Garden - September 26, 1991

Boston Garden

September 26, 1991

Boston, MA US

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final/last "We Bid You Goodnight": 07-14-90 [107]

Set List:

Jack Straw
Cold Rain and Snow
Wang Dang Doodle
Mexicali Blues
Cumberland Blues
Picasso Moon
Box of Rain

Dark Star
Saint of Circumstance
Eyes of the World
The Other One
Dark Star
Attics of My Life
Good Lovin'

Brokedown Palace
We Bid You Goodnight

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Joined: Jun 22 2007
What a way to end Fall Tour

What a way to end Fall Tour and the Boston Garden run-this one was like a 'thank you' from the boys. You can't beat a show where Box closes the first set and Dark Star opens the second. The second set was unique in that it radiated a mellow beauty that gave it a consistent sound throughout. I remember thinking that the jam before 'Saint' sounded like it wound its way from a certain place and back again, kind of like a horseshoe. And, listening to the recording later, I found that what I heard was the band playing a kind of 'Saint' theme for about 3 and 1/2 minutes that gets pretty crazy before seamlessly winding its way into the song with some beautiful playing from Bruce. The 'Bid You' was the perfect ending to this show, and a wonderful way to close out the tour.

kweeks's picture
Joined: Jul 23 2007
Too many Saints on the Balcony

I was, ahem, "seated" on the big balcony across from the stage. And during "Saint", we all began jumping in unison ("holes in what's left of my reason...") and I coulda sworn we were gonna bring it down - you could see it flexing like crazy. Thank goodness the old Gahden had at least that much life left in her. A crazy scene, engraved in gold in my memory.

Joined: Jun 11 2007
Two Fall Tours Ended With Dark Star

I was at the "Gardens" for end of fall tour '90 and '91 and got two Dark Stars. I had gotten sick for the MSG run and had to give up three nights of tickets so getting into boston was my miracle! After having seen the end of the fall tour the year prior I did not think i would get blessed twice. Thank you boys for a real good time!

Joined: Aug 6 2007

I was up there across from the stage, too. kweeks has it right. Dark Star was really special that night for me, it being my first one, and I'd seen my first show in 77. Dark Star and the spoked B's hanging there... woah.

amdew122's picture
Joined: Sep 25 2008
Sure don't know what I am going for...

Yes,this is one of the best shows I ever saw and witnessed. It was an amazing run at the Garden, I saw 4 out of 6 and I think now one knew at the time that this show would take on lengendary proportions. Much has been written so what can else be said? The first set opened with an reckoning version of Jack Straw which was incredible, but then into CRS was a total surprise. Candy man was one of the best I had seen in years and the combo of Mexicali> Cumberland was very hot. Picasso was still a new song but they ripped it up and then we got Box of Rain, and ofcoase that fire alarm somebody set off, luckly a resourceful Head threw something at it which stopped the wailing and we all went nuts because it was the horrible to have this ruin Phil's song. When they came back they gently went off into some playing, the lights were amazing, and then we got it! A second set opener of DS, my first too, this version is similar to other '91 versions, great vocals by Jerry and explorative playing by all, but the ending into Saint is really good. Saint brought the house down and we all exploded in a shared joy. It was truely one of those moments and holds up quite well on tape too. Eyes was just the perfect song to bookend this part of the set and we got a magical version whith Jerry at the peak of his powers. After Eyes we even get the Other One tease from Phil, but we would have to wait. The D/S is amazing with the Space going into beautiful star lit theme that is more knowing and nuturing than spacy with hints of DS. The tranistion into the Other One was wild and we got an amazing version but then to drift back intio the second verse of DS was almost too much and the way they end it was very special it twinkles to a subtle close and then Jerry plays us those notes that touched all of our souls and they grace us with a heart felt and spiritual Attics.Maybe "the" version. The place was so quite you could hear a pin drop, we were all just so captivated and moved.This song may express the theme of this night so well, it was heaven and they ended it with such grace too. Then to have Bob play the opening chords of Good Lovin' was incredible. It was the perfect song to hear and we all rejoyced in was a full blown celebration at his point, the old and the new in perfect unison.The Brokedown was simply breath taking but then to hear them not stop and simple break out the opening verse of We Bid you Good Nite' was the most sincerest and humble thank you I ever witnessed from this Band. We all had come full circle this fall night in Boston, the Spirits of Pig Pen and all that wonderful light that we all created, cherished and shared with each other once again was truely shining.

Joined: Aug 9 2013
A Perfect Ending Of My Long Strange Trip

To a great run of shows. Although I continued to go on the road and see many more shows in pursuit of the sound, this was for me the last perfect night. There would still be good shows, great sets, and interludes of magic. But as the last notes of the acappella "We Bid You Goodnight" drifted away, I felt then at that moment that for me anyway the Grateful Dead were saying goodnight, forever.


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Boston Garden - September 26, 1991