Grateful Dead

Richfield Coliseum - September 9, 1993

Richfield Coliseum

September 09, 1993

Richfield, OH US

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Set List:

Here Comes Sunshine
Stagger Lee
Queen Jane Approximately
Tennessee Jed
Easy Answers
Don't Ease Me In

Victim or the Crime
Crazy Fingers
Saint of Circumstance
Terrapin Station
The Last Time
Morning Dew

I Fought the Law

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Attendees of this show

dubai-escorts-bunnies, Seven777, DeadBear13, rick r, Ianwilson1, matlea25303, Dead Head 44, pesnider72, starbreather, texasdeadhead71, Calliope Sue, Dudeman52176, vickersey, Michaeltallon, KevinKroner, mrcobbyb123, bamagirl,, CRK, adamz, MikeyWeHa24, Nanno-1974,, deadheadbobcat, CarrionCrow, Cinrockhntr, rlb75, John Kovacs, dedhed1963, sciyerface, Dogmatician, spcmnky420, the axis, hippiechick308, Tri1pinJ1mmy, Charlie Mosbrook, miracleme, capt_mellow, JimboFloat, mbunn789, cali23, mjnash666, Andy D in KC, legba23, busyb67, for_veronicas_sake, darrinfh, brian_j_vona, slamminjeffrey, bmason, scarletfire5877, JohnRapp, packymalley, jamb band fan, bigtuna842, DkStar76, 3D, kirk angel525, smarcus, Experiencereunited, dredileogirl, chriswyhead, Delaware Dead, skychief, jackstraw72, CaptTheo, terrapinT, Kristin-Quinn, wang, mandalafly, JackStraw_19631, purple75, PonchoBill, relnad, joebroomhead, midiman007, Eyes over Toronto, sitontoptworld, photogeek423, toddlesh, jennyBgood, GogglesPizano, aikoaiko66, TomBanjo1969, kevjones, Al Dad Shasta, blotterman, La La, Sampson1966, celticwolfsun, TreeTop, Kykind, moodyja395, onemeanchef0420, BLC420, btwind13, bluefairee, Snapperhead, theothercharliechanman, Pedro2009, sommer breeze, Boiler814, Cosmic_Dad, ritekowst, Grateful_HERSH,, lostdeadhead, kind tunes, Blysergic, zackman27, jam e, lucky mahone, StaggerLeeMcNasty, Tie-Dyed Jedi, stiney456, csikesz, smithfish, Mguzziridr, piznoink, vangogh-frog, pearldiver069, mondomarty, anthemsun_row, kugster1, Key Wester, turtlespirit, tjazzbo, ktown44420, dylan from canada, Christopher_Joyal, hippiechickmom, Squirrel95, silentlyscreaming, carpetmadness, tp3232, drc32-0, Jelly, Reya Sunshine, snobtaper, namnroc, Natty Bumppo, lifesavermedic, rick_r, stargazer777, chuckm77, GOONZQUAD, mbwade20, 73joey, jebs07, jaykuhles, zion, am_dew89, PalfHead, Do lord deliver our kind, ERNIE, roscoemaplesbaby73, DrewFreeman, Picasso, oscarphree, kadbones, killerpug, ithrash420, ohio4peace, schwaz, muffin, ColoradoDeadRainbow, Grateful Jeff, Tea 4-2, MICH-WOLF, buffalo81, Miss Missy, dr_watson_12, sakparadise, Tiffanydawn, luv Brent70, Mitrananda, maass, another jerry, sillytomtom, ohioted, Tenner, kbdeadhead, reba, osborne fitzgerald mcclintic, LevitatingYogi, Brother cricket, bubbadub, lisalit, paintedmandolin71, fatmanrocks, pyrorite, dawnoftheravenmoon, shappychef, jstange, MDKrack, Damien, hugz420, BULLHEADEDDOGS, JINGLE, spacekat, DogCow, hanuman, voorhees_71, Little Wing, Grasshead, thundermike, Gr8fulTed, CLETUS UNCLE, evan, shakedownman, ekbond, trach1, Foreverdead, chuckulz, uncle johns stan, joeman, JP92, althea16, justice, mary-sunshine, buz_73, mtnref4, theology33, jaymcf, dgmiller3000, Father Of Stella Rose, communemary, gratefuljim, Scarlet.-.Roses, mackie67, jack-o-roses, jennyb413, FLY-GUY, smokin_dave, Will, Jeffervonjefferson, PearlyB, Cutback, Captain Grass, kindveggiebagel, Phattskis, freedomseeker48, rborn, TEagleton, Tbear, jonnyy, throwoutthelifeline, uncleduke, JOEG, chefjim, Fillmore Midwest, marian, rckhld, lunaloo, scoontie, 10acjed, Reddawgfuji, Teajay, Puffem420, tommytomato, mixmaster, GodfatherJ, truckinup2buffalo, Uncle Jabba, ZiggyDaMoe, kelster, Maggot Brain, jillstraw, MojoHand, garystar, jaybird, gregk63, Will Speed, safarian34, gdtrfb5, jamkoch, dennisw, dolecda,, PsillyJim, shack, cactuswax, mightzwell, uncle crappy, paullebo, tannertdog, wlknblu, crazyfingers, duker, chris hodgson, bradleyg, GreyFolded, Gravy, TomBanjo, billbartleson, HeadwayGraphixx, mindbender, gespacho, Steve-O, deadheadgarcia


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Joined: Aug 22 2007
Steal your face paint

Before the show we all went to a park by the coliseum to hang out and got raided by the cops looking for drugs. The cop's blocked off the one way entrance to the park and search everybody. I was painting Steal your face's on the VW logo of some new friends buses, and didn't even acknowledge they was there and keep painting. They even searched my paint for acid, but never found anything. If anybody remember's this, contact me.

Joined: Nov 10 2007

YA i remember the cops were very thick but i had the most bazzar trip/show/trip to heaven!!!! that show was the first time i really seen the light so to speak!!!! THANK YOU JERRY!!!

Joined: Jul 31 2010
Sept. 9

Saying that this was the only show I was able to attend during this life's run cuts like a double edged blade. Was it unfortunate that I only saw them once? Some might say so, as I may feel it to be so at times, but I must look at the reality of this situation. On the big stage, who, and how very few, can actually say that they were there at any time of their lives? How very few are FORTUNATE enough to know the Dead? Like it's said "If you don't know, you never will". I have been, and am still going, to many shows a year. Every set I play and don't know the list too is a concert attended or revisited. Truly, the music never stopped.

PonchoBill's picture
Joined: Jul 29 2009
Last show...

and the Dew was sweet.

vickersey's picture
Joined: Jan 20 2015
My first show

This was my very first show and I got there late. I remember walking in on a don't ease me fitting was that!

vickersey's picture
Joined: Jan 20 2015

To Darkstar-thank you for keeping the music in the air. You guys are great!-


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Richfield Coliseum - September 9, 1993