Grateful Dead

Cathy's Clown

Don't want your love any more
Don't want your kisses that's for sure
I die each time I hear the sound
Here he comes, that's Cathy's clown

I gotta stand tall
You know a man can't crawl
For when he knows he's telling lies
And he lets them pass on by
He's not a man at all

When you see me shed a tear
And when you know that it's sincere
Don't you think it's kind of sad
That you're treating me so bad
Or don't you even care

This was apparently played during two Dead shows billed as Bobby Ace And The Cards From The Bottom Of The Deck (on 6/11/69 and 4/17/70). No tapes of these shows circulate. It was reportedly also played at the Hell's Angels benefit on 11/23/70, though it does not appear in the DeadBase list.

Cathy's Clown