Grateful Dead

(For The) Children Of The Eighties

Lyrics By: Joan Baez
Music By: Joan Baez

We're the children of the eighties, haven't we grown
We're tender as a lotus and we're tougher than a stone
And the age of our innocence is somewhere in the garden

We like the music of the sixties
It's the Rolling Stones, the Beatles and the Doors
Flower children, Woodstock and the war
Ah but it's getting harder to deceive us
And we don't care if Dylan's gone to Jesus
Jimi Hendrix is playing on
We know Janis Joplin was The Rose
Ah but all the stuff that she put in her arm
We're not alarmed

Some of us are the sisters and the brothers
Who take a leather jacket and a single golden earring
Hang out at discos, rock shows, lose our hearing
Take uppers, downers, blues and reds and yellows
Our brains are turning to Jell-O
We are looking forward to the days
When we live inside of a purple haze
And the salvation of the soul
Is rock 'n' roll

Recently have you looked in our eyes?
And maybe will your conscience in disguise
We're well informed and we are wise
Please stop telling us lies
We know Afghanistan's invaded
And we know El Salvador's dictated
Ah but our lives are just begun
We are the warriors of the sun
We're the golden boys
And the golden girls
For a better world

(For The) Children Of The Eighties