Grateful Dead

The Frozen Logger

Lyrics By: James Stevens
Music By: James Stevens

As I sat down one evening, within a small cafe
A forty year old waitress to me these words did say
I see you are a logger, and not just a common bum
'Cause no one but a logger stirs his coffee with his thumb

My lover was a logger, but not like none today
If you'd pour whiskey on him, he'd eat a bale of hay

He came one night to see me, [?] 48 below
[forgets words]

He held her close and kissed her, so hard he broke her jaw
So she could not speak to tell him, he forgot his mackinaw

He went [?] off that evening at 48 below
La, la, la, at 48 below [forgetting words again]
The weather tried to freeze him, it tried it's very best
At 20 degrees below zero he buttoned up his vest

It froze clear down to China, it froze the stars above
At a gazillion degrees below zero, it froze her logger love

So now she works all evening [?] cafe

This was performed a few times by Weir as a novelty or to pass the time while equipment problems were fixed. Weir often only sang one or two verses - eg 26 December 1970, when he sang the first verse and the first two lines of the second verse below. The most complete version I know of (thanks to Matt Schofield for the transcription) is from 6 September 1985, when Weir attempted what might have been the full version but couldn't remember it.`

The Frozen Logger