Grateful Dead

Railroading On The Great Divide

Lyrics By: Sara Carter
Music By: Sara Carter

Railroading on the Great Divide
Nothing around me but the Rockies and sky
It's there you'll find me as the years roll by
Railroading on the Great Divide

In 1916 I left my old home
[Alternative In 1914 I started to roam]
Went out into the West with nothing of my own
[Alternative Out through Wyoming, no money, no home]
I went drifting along with the tide
And landed on the Great Divide

Ask any old timer in old Cheyenne
Wyoming railroading's the best in the land
A long steel rail and a short cross tie
Laid across the Great Divide

As I look out across the fields
Number 3's a-coming, the fastest on wheels
Through old Laramie she glides with pride
And rolls across the Great Divide

The Dead played this once, on 11 June 1969 at a concert billed as Bobby Ace and the Cards from the Bottom of the Deck. The song was originally performed by the Carter Family, but it seems most likely that the Dead learnt it from the New Lost City Ramblers' version. There is no known tape of the Dead's performance in circulation, so the lyrics below come from other versions.

Railroading On The Great Divide