Grateful Dead

Say Boss Man

Lyrics By: Bo Diddley
Music By: Bo Diddley

I got nineteen kids and all got to eat
Eighteen of them need shoes on their feet
Boss man, can't you see?
All nineteen kids I got to feed
Oh, oh-oh-oh oh
Oh, oh-oh-oh oh

Early this morning there's a knock on the door
Don't pay the rent, boy, you got to go
Three days, three months in arrears
Five days notice you move away from here

Work all day and the overtime
Nineteen kids drive you out of my mind
Oh, oh-oh-oh oh
Oh, oh-oh-oh oh

Place I used to work, they went on sack
No use trying, they'll never take me back

This was played when the Dead backed Bo Diddley on 25 March 1972. "Eighteen Children" is the title used on almost all tapes and setlists, but David Blakey and Matt Schofield have now identified it as "Say Boss Man" - recorded on the Bo Diddley box set.

Say Boss Man