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It’s that time of year, when the Dave’s Picks subscriptions for 2014 go on sale. In 2012, the series was limited to 12,000 units of each release. Last year, we increased that to 13,000. And for 2014, you guessed it, each Dave’s Pick will be limited to 14,000 units.

It’s that time of year, when the Dave’s Picks subscriptions for 2014 go on sale. In 2012, the series was limited to 12,000 units of each release. Last year, we increased that to 13,000. And for 2014, you guessed it, each Dave’s Pick will be limited to 14,000 units. And just as all releases in 2012 and 2013 sold out, quickly, we expect the same in 2014, particularly with the quality of music we have planned for release. The only way to ensure you’ll receive all four releases in 2014 is to subscribe.

For those of you who can't stand the suspense, news has come in about Dave's Picks Vol. 9, the first of our four releases for next year. We're very pleased to revisit the Wall Of Sound era, with a complete show that took place on May 14, 1974, at Adams Field House at the University of Montana in Missoula, the Grateful Dead's only appearance in the state of oro y plata. This monstrously hot show is the third official show of the Wall Of Sound, which had debuted in March 1974. (You can find more details about this show in the 2013 Almanac.)

Although we haven’t mapped things out too far beyond Dave’s Picks Vol. 9, further digging through a batch of tapes returned to us in 2012 revealed more than we expected, so you in turn can plan on something excellent from the 1969-1971 era, likely something you’ve never heard. We spend months working on each and every release to make sure it’ll be something that you’ll happily hear again and again, and we’ve already got some great ideas in mind for the four releases in 2014.

Show specifics aside, no matter how you slice it, Dave’s Picks subscribers get the very best deal – four spectacular limited-edition numbered releases, free domestic shipping, and a stellar bonus disc that will arrive with Volume 10, in May 2014. The last two bonus discs have proven immensely popular, so naturally we’ll have another cool, interesting, exciting and rare treat for you in 2014.

Dave’s Picks 2014 Subscription Benefits:

Four Limited Edition, Numbered Releases

Delivered Quarterly

Highly Collectible Bonus Disc

Free Domestic Shipping


*Please note that your card will be charged at the time you place your order.

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Joined: Dec 17 2011
Shipping & an argument...

I told the wife in September I wanted a DP 2014 Subscription for Christmas she said how much is it & how do I get one. I told I'll let her know. So finally we get word about the subscription yesterday. I told her I'll use my credit card & order it and she can give me the 100 bucks on Christmas Day she was cool with that. Well I figured I'll pay for the the NBD shipping option for $33.95 all it guarantees is that I'll receive each release either the day before or the 1st day of the month, I usually receive each one on the day before the 1st so on January 31st I'll have DP 9 instead of waiting 6-7 days for regular mail they'll ship UPS Next Day Air. Well I print the receipt show it to the wife & she freaked out because she claims it's not a gift if I have to put out any of my money I told her I chose to do the NBD option just give me a hundred bucks & she will be giving me a GRATE Christmas present. I use the NBD option on EVERYTHING Dead because I'm an impatient man and I want it when I want it. So I'm fine with paying extra to get it early. I paid $44.95 for the Spring 1990 box set last year and got it a FULL week early, SSDD on Monday the 16th instead of Tuesday the 17th. I tried to explain to her that we Deadheads are an intrepid bunch nothing not even the mail gets between us & our Dead however right now we are a house divided over $33.95. Deadland was I wrong? Like I said in an earlier post, wives, gotta love em!!!! HAPPY WEDNESDAY

Joined: Jan 26 2011
SPAC Shows

Cool.. That was the 1985 show. Im partial to earlier stuff, but those SPAC shows 83,84,85 maybe even 88 were all pretty good and as my hometown shows I've always fantasized about some kind of official release

zxtttxz's picture
Joined: May 1 2009
SPAC shows

I think I remember at least one of those. It was the first GD 'bootleg' tape I ever got. I bought it (I know, but who knew?) at a flea market in Berlin in 1987 or so. It was really a horrible recording…I never listened to any more 'bootleg' tapes after that until a few years later. The main thing I remember about that show was some guy seemed to be sitting on the railing and Bob asked him to get back in his seat.

hbob1995's picture
Joined: Jun 26 2007

Wow! For a band that ended in 1995, feelings sure run high here. I have always considered myself a Dead Head since I first got on the bus in the early 70's. I consider myself totally hooked and truly passionate but I would never get so worked up as to start calling people names and dissing them.

I love all eras and would like to see releases from them all. I will like some better then others for sure, but I do want a representation from every year if possible. My first show was 3/31/73 in Buffalo and my last was Hartford 3/26/87.(Which was DL2's first show!!)

My favorite eras are '71-'74 & '77. But I actually saw Brent more then I saw Keith. (Missed Pigpen by 3 weeks) As I said though, I am a Dead Head and I love all of the releases. Even one which is not my fave will contain some awesome moments. I myself prefer complete shows, but that is just my preference, and if somebody else likes compilations, that's ok. They are not an a-hole or anything. They just like something different then me. I am also a chocoholic but I know some folks prefer strawberry.

Can't we all get along here? We are extremely lucky to have such a treasure trove of great music. If you don't like this one, perhaps the next one will do it for you. I am happy with all and I love not knowing what is up next. It keeps me looking here every day, several times a day. And yes, my wife is not always totally on board with this but she understands that being a Dead Head is who I am and it is what I do.

So let's all take a step back and be glad we live in such an awesome time when releases just keep coming. Rock on & peace out.

skwimite's picture
Joined: Feb 17 2008
More 74...73,72,71,70,69,68,67,66

The longer you stay in the 60's and 70's, the longer I'll continue to receive the subscription series as a Christmas gift. I think it makes sense to exhaust this vintage now since the ranks of us who want these years are probably getting a bit long in the tooth. When we've croaked feel free to move on to the 90's. Thanks Dave.

andrewhentzen's picture
Joined: Oct 17 2013
RE: rdevil

the portland show is incredible

Joined: Jun 4 2007

I just don't get it most of you are all wrong 89-91 is absolutely the f%cling best dead music ever and that's a fact! Some of the 70s stuff ok but I don't take acid anymore so these 30 minute dark stars and pitb just don't do it for me just like good solid music.

Joined: Oct 29 2013
What Sold Me On The 2014 Subscription

The presence of DARK STAR sold me to the 2014 subscription.
To my knowledge, there are a total of 4 1974 Dark Stars.
I currently have it's a thrill to anticipate a 3rd Dark Star from that Wall Of Sound Year. With the second 2014 subscription selection rumored to be late 1969...I can only hope that it, too, will contain a DARK STAR.
Just for the heck of it, I'll go to my CD collection right now for an accurate, current many Dark Stars do I, at this moment, have? The answer momentarily.
Okay...not counting a few "Dark Star Jams," I currently have fifteen (15) Dark Stars...and I love every one of them. They're all different and they're all great. Again, looking forward to the newest 1974 Dark Star in February!

Joined: Jan 26 2011
SPAC shows

Does anyone remember the mid 1980s Saratoga Performing Arts Center (SPAC) shows ?

Joined: Jan 13 2010
LOL, wadeocu

u r funny dude


Joined: Sep 5 2012
"The 80s"

Mr. Jack Straw -

I'm not so sure it's fair to lump the '80s in with the '90s, or even to consider all of the '80s a single period. Apples and oranges. I'd propose the following:

- '79 & '80: The "Welcome Brent" era. Straight-ahead Dead.
- '81 & '82: Perky fun, aka "What kinda coffee are they drinking?"
- '83 - '85: Sloppy, occasionally brilliant fun. The chug-a-chug-a-lug sound fully mastered.
- '86: The Lost Year.
- '87-4/90: The Phoenix rises, taking flight circa July '87.
- Mid-'90-'95: The rapid downward spiral. Garcia dozes behind keyboards.

One could very reasonably dig any one of these periods without loving all of them. (I'd question the sanity of anyone who preferred the last, but there's no accounting for taste!)

Joined: Sep 9 2012
GD Movie

I'm still waiting for my residual!

Yeti_UK's picture
Joined: Mar 21 2008
Trying to think of a witty line to make this post interesting.


Anyway, im in the Brent and Bruce eras camp, even the dec 92 dicks pick was great, but that said the WRS from dicks 7 is to me the greatest piece of music I've heard by any band. The jam in let it grow gets my heart pumping every time I hear it such is the attack of the band.

No such physical responses from the 80s 90s, so more 74 is good for me.

if not my likely longevity.

Maybe Garcia was listening to it in 95, the fool...

Joined: Aug 29 2013

I actually like Brent as a keyboardist, once he grew into his own in the late 80s and adopted a fuller and more soulful sound. It's not his fault that the band was a shadow of it's former self by that time, mostly due to Garcia's disinterest and drug abuse. Blow Away is a great song, although, I would argue, it's the only tune Brent wrote that could stand up with the Dead's earlier catalog.

I have nothing against Touch-heads. I myself was too young to see the Dead. I like to think that this removes the attendance bias factor from my ability to objectively assess shows.

80s and 90s Dead is still the Dead, and I love it, purchase it, and listen to it. But let's not pretend that "all eras are equal". Opinions are just that; opinions. But the opinion that the 80s are the peak era is a very, very minority one.

Joined: Jun 4 2007

Popularity has everything to do with it. The biggest difference is that from 1987 through 1990, all of the Grateful Dead albums that came out with Brent onboard sold either gold, or in the case of In The Dark, multi-platinum. That's where the demand was, and always will be. It was on the strength of that time frame that led to the success of their previous albums and even their current catalog still to this day. Even the success of "Sunshine Daydream" is compared to their first since '87, and I could safely argue, because of '87.

Someone had mentioned their hatred towards "When Push Comes To Shove", an excellent Grateful Dead blues song, or "Blow Away, another excellent blues song. I would take both of those songs over "Sunrise", Heart of Me" an "France" 1,000,000 out of 1,000,000 times (or whatever gauge that person used to express hostility towards the '80s).

The high concert attendance for '94/'95 was entirely riding the coat tails of their successes with Brent, and yes, the '80s. The sole reason that so many '70s shows are currently released is because of their commercial success from the '80s.

Mr. Jack Straw - sarcasm noted. So you hate Brent and his song "Don't Need Love", another excellent Grateful Dead blues song. Are you one of those people who deeply despise and begrudge "Touch Heads", despite that all of the musical riches you reap today are entirely because of their influx into the scene?

It's one thing to have a favorite era, everybody has one. It's another thing for tptb to deny official representation from the most critically acclaimed and successful era in favor of personal favorites, which I believe is short-sighted from a business point of view.

A final point in this post - I'm generally happy with the picks, even if they are almost entirely one-sided choices that I believe should be spread out for the sake of wider era representation. I have a short enough attention span as it is, ad if they stick to being predominant in releasing mostly one era, while virtually ignoring the other 22 years, I'll get bored with it.

May 14th '74 is a great show that I'm well familiar with and think is a worthy choice. Light years better than nearly half of the picks in the current series thus far. Why they would pick 4/24/78, with the meat of the show being Saturday Night Fever teases on the cowboy Bob tunes, over, say, most of the '80s Greek shows, Oxford Plains '88, Red Rocks '87 ect as a few examples, seems odd to me.

Joined: Apr 10 2008
I'm up!

Just tuned in to find out about this. Can't wait to renew my subscription, one of the best deals going for Dead music, always a thrill to get a clean, quality version of a random show in the mail. I'm still excited about Vol. 7. I'm ready for more and have aquired a new taste for 1984. '84 Heads, I'm on the bus!

Joined: Aug 8 2013
Would like to see more compilations released as well,

Sometimes those were the best releases, but it always leaves you wondering about the other songs that were not included. I am happy with the 74' release. Although I still want to hear an official 84' or 86' release. Some of the Bird Songs from that era have a great vibe to them. 74' is a top year musically and improvisation wise. Other suggestions is please listen to 2nd set of 10-29-73 and 10-30-73. Some great stuff. The jam on 10-29-73 reminded me of some music from 69' . Dave also mentions he gave Dick a list of 10 shows from Fall 73' and Dick responded by giving him a box with all 10 shows. 10-29 and 10-30 being part of those 2.

5-1-70 could be a show to watch out for in future releases and I hope the 74' playin is as good as the Venetta PITB, that is a tall order though

antonjo's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007
If you're tired of whining.....

...that's valid. Though you sure don't mind whining about it (not fair, I'm guilty of that, too -- with the complete-show-demanders & where's-my-order-ers ad nauseum).

But spare the thin arguments about the tape vault, being patient (after more than a dozen years) or what you feel I should already be satisfied with.
I'm happy for the Vault, God Bless David, but his vocation wouldn't exist without us, either. And I've been supporting him & generously with my wallet and with many, many positive comments & nuanced reviews since before the previous decade.

And let's be clear ~ Deadheads have never been an easy-going lot :) Maybe at the Haight 65-67 & Springfield Creamery. But an unbroken chain around the sun? You know better than that ;)

rdevil's picture
Joined: Nov 2 2007
It's okay

It's okay to complain here, it's a GD forum after all. This is the place to get your opinion heard. No one is killing my buzz over this hot release; the passion shown here for music made 20-40some years ago is awesome.

I would respectfully disagree with Spacebro and some of the other vocal minority who prefer 80s shows. Actually, I think Spacebro has mentioned before that he likes all eras but to suggest that there are shows from the 80s that are as good as the best shows from 70-74 is pretty far fetched and possibly even ridiculous.
Don't get me wrong. I would welcome a DaPick from say, 84 or 87 but that doesn't mean any possible release from those years would be better than the Portland 74 show that was mentioned recently here. That would be my choice for DaP 10, but imagine the uproar back to back 74 releases would cause.
Anyone else have a particular love for that Portland 74 show?

drshakedown's picture
Joined: Mar 1 2010
First and Last

1st: 3-23-1992
Last: 6-4-1995

51 in between with 18 JGB

Wish I was a bit older to this day, to of caught Brent or even Keith......Hornsby was always spectacular though.

Joined: Jul 20 2007
Easygoing Deadheads

Easygoing Deadheads? I refer you to the Grateful Dead Movie and the guy ranting about the film crews and people in the audience getting paid for their time. :-)

drshakedown's picture
Joined: Mar 1 2010

Damn I love that.

Joined: Oct 2 2012
Old Saying


Here is another old saying: If you can't spot the donkey at the table . . .

Just one last question that I hope will add some clarity to this "discussion." What was your first Grateful Dead concert? Be honest now.

And while you ponder the response, be sure to study up on those utility curves.

Joined: Apr 1 2008
ST. STEPHEN!!!!!!!

now what were we discussing? oh yeah, Gainesville ....

mustin321's picture
Joined: Aug 12 2011
Captian, I agree

and speaking of everyday life, where I come from at least, people don't talk to each other like that or they might catch a beating. Its pretty easy to be more aggressive than a public social situation will allow when your sitting behind a computer a few hundred miles away from the next person.

drshakedown's picture
Joined: Mar 1 2010

I just hate hearing deadheads bitch and whine. we used to be an easy going lot. maybe we all need to head to mexico for the Furthur finale and wrestle it out. peace

drshakedown's picture
Joined: Mar 1 2010

my first post I believe I use the term Mydland era......then yes, I was broad with Eighties heads, I apologize. But most of us are sick of hearing the whining about what Dave is releasing for us. We have heard you, so has he, move on. My jumping around from 1980 to 1990 and saying it was different was not in line with my whining comment. 1983, 84,85 will get there due if Dave wants to PICK them, when you want to send me copies of good mid eighties shows remastered, I am ready.

Joined: Dec 31 2008

Wow, you all are harshing out my buzz, man! I would like some mid-80s releases, there is obviously a hole in our collections there. That said, I believe another hole is the Wall of Sound 1974 tour with only one full show released to date (not counting the Cow Palace test show) and I am happy with this release. I missed out on Dave's 2, so this one will be a nice addition.

I was disappointed with Dave's 7-- fairly pedestrian show from my ears-- and Dave's 8 setlist just does not stir me. So, this 1974 show will definitely be something different, which is welcome. I look forward to #10 which will likely be from the 1969-71 period (love me some Pigpen), but after that I hope 11-12 are Brent era from the mid to late 1980s or a 1981 show with a kickin' Alabama Getaway opener.

Some criticism is warranted with Dave's selections so far (even 70s fans need to recognize that the 9 releases so far are tilted one way), but the way this conversation has devolved is a bit much.

A Greek Box-- now you are talking!

Joined: Jun 7 2007
re expiring card issue

they could solve this by having a paypal payment option. they get their money now, those with expiring cards down the road don't have to worry. win/win.

Joined: Aug 29 2013

I think that Dave must be holding off on the releases from the 1980s out of pure spite. After all, he stated in one of his Seaside Chats that his primary obligation as Archivist is to upset Spacebro, Patagonian Fox, and the huge ranks of 80's enthusiasts. He's definitely not putting out what supply and demand dictate. If he were, we'd have gotten hours upon hours of plinky keyboard sounds from 1979-1982, froggy Garcia vocals from 84-85, and Weir's buzzsaw guitar tone from the 1990s. His focus on the 70s is depriving us of classics such as Day Job, Man Smart, When Push Comes to Shove, Easy Answers, Wave to the Wind, Samba in the Rain...the list goes on and on.

I also suspect that aside from spite, DL2 must not know what he's doing, or what sells. After all, he only has 20 years of data on archival releases to draw from, as well as sales numbers. I mean, the Europe '72 Box (yawn) is still available from They're practically giving them away. Meanwhile, that Spring 1990 box sold out in a matter of 5 days. He's also fortunate enough to have to report to bosses at Rhino who don't care to turn a profit on all these untapped versions of Don't Need Love. They're clearly just catering to their buddies, just like that ol' Latvala guy.

Like someone suggested earlier, the most attended concerts occurred late in the band's career, and therefore must be the best. That means that 1995 is better than 1990, which is better than 1980, which is better than 1973 (except for their brief Watkin's Glen surge in popularity). However, Justin Bieber outsells all of those, so he must be better than the Dead. It's obvious!

(end sarcasm)

Count this Deadhead as grateful for DL2's selective ears.

Joined: Jun 4 2007
road trips

I was just looking at the road trips and noticed that the 93 and 88 shows were sold out and the 69 and two 71 shows were not does any one no how many copies of these shows were printed

Captain Stormfield's picture
Joined: Nov 4 2007

If you make posts intended to stir up shit, you're a troll. Makes no difference if you understand that or not. Maybe that's the worst kind of troll: a person that doesn't believe he's a troll even though his sole purpose for making posts is to start arguments.

In everyday life, we call these people assholes. These people generally suck.

Joined: Jul 20 2007
Between Reno and Portland

Another reason I'm excited about the 5/14/74 release: It is sandwiched between the more famous Reno (5/12) and Portland (5/19) shows. So you can't say it's obscure I guess (nothing in 74 would be), but it sort of is, relatively speaking. Right now I'm listening to the jam out of Truckin' from Portland... gosh. There is a rather distinct tight feel to the May 74 shows, and this is the first to see release, and it is not the one people would have expected. I call that a good pick.

Keith on the Fender Rhodes, Fall 72 - 75, can do no wrong. Especially in 74-75.

I'm also jazzed about the impending arrival of Dave's 8.

Coco Phil - exactly right. Cosmic B - "just be nice" - perfect. You are the master of concise.

EDIT - I've now gotten to the Not Fade Away in Portland... haven't listened to this show in years. Why didn't I remember what a mindfuckingly good version of NFA this? Skronk, utter skronk. Billy, jesus man.

Joined: Nov 1 2010

While the Grateful Dead were best in the 1980s, I think we can all agree that Jerry was most on fire in the late '90s. I remember seeing him in 1998, and the jamming between Jerry and Bobby was amazing.

When Brent left the band in 2000, they started to go downhill again. I always think of early 2000s like the early to mid 70s--that is, a little dry, unexperimental, and repetitive.

Why is everyone focused on the mid 80s and early 90s instead of the late 90s?

Joined: Jul 9 2007
Prescription or subscription

Next to Obamacare, the subscription is the best deal on the planet

Joined: Jan 13 2010
a sure-fire way to make everyone happy:


It surprises me than no Greek show has been released. 27 total, 81% of which I count as winners. There's even a Dark Star in there.

Cast aside your differences and bad vibes, everyone, and concentrate really hard: GREEK BOX SET.

everyone wins, everyone happy.

antonjo's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007
dr shake

So, doctor, you accuse "Eighties Heads" of memory loss because they think an '80 release is different from an '84-85. Then you send them back to their Spring '90 box, and if we don't like that, "It'd be like late 70's head beggin for some 77."

Then your next statement is, "73 and 74 are nothing a like, same with 77-78 , and other two year stretches."

The irony boggles the mind.......

Last word, then I'll leave my (MID-)80's soapbox for the duration of this thread. No need to keep reminding us about the quality of 80's tapes. We've all heard it, and get it. Check your Deadbase and see how many shows were played between 1983 & 1987 (or even just 84 & 85) and tell me that in THIRTEEN YEARS since Dick's 21 not a single other worthy tape/performance combo could be located. We even had several years of Road Trips, where best bits could've been culled from throughout a stand or a tour.

As Spacebro said: baloney. With spoiled mayonaisse.

Joined: Mar 18 2010

Nevermind. Sorry. My two cents didn't make the cut.

drshakedown's picture
Joined: Mar 1 2010

Iowa is kinda like a cave, but its home. Never heard that quote, and it was perfect. Pfox, you just kinda stick out on here, we all have opinions, but yours are abrasive most the time, and you do seem to have an entitled sense about you, but as for my comment earlier, I think you just need a friend, so good luck with all that. Don't listen to too much 70's, count your cash, fast forward through Ripple and you should be happy.

There is a road, no simple highway
Between the dawn and the dark of night
And if you go no one may follow
That path is for your steps alone

That is all from me on this subject.

Joined: Oct 2 2012
Dr. Shakedown

No problem. Anytime.

PalmerEldritch's picture
Joined: Jul 25 2011

spacebro- The popularity of the band and the size of the audience really don't say much about the quality of the music. If so, then obviously any show from 94-95 would be better than any of the Fillmore East/West 1970 shows (absurd). For some reason many musicians/bands make their best music before they hit the big time. I don't know why. Maybe they need to be struggling and have nothing to lose. Also, I strongly suspect many, many concert-goers in the 80's and 90's were casual fans and never became collectors (like most of us here).
I think the reason DaP8 sold out so quickly is now everyone knows all the picks will sell out and will be more expensive later on and/or have good resale value. I'd be very surprised if any post hiatus show would outsell a pre-hiatus on an equal footing (i.e. without subscription).
Still, I am looking forward to DaP8. A 1980 show will be a nice change of pace.

evgraham's picture
Joined: Jan 19 2011
Y'all are nuts

Turn on some tunes. You'll feel better.

PatagonianFox's picture
Joined: Oct 25 2011

do you live in a cave?

its an old saying, and clever antidotes don't always make for a cohesive argument.

PatagonianFox's picture
Joined: Oct 25 2011

i have a degree in economics (not accounting). i know how to measure wealth.

drshakedown's picture
Joined: Mar 1 2010
born on third

AJS........I am stealing that quote about third base. Hilarious.

PatagonianFox's picture
Joined: Oct 25 2011
2 points

1. there are plenty of animals more regal than humans.

2. any fool can quote mark twain.

Joined: Oct 2 2012

You obviously didn't take the time to read my post.

You sound like the kind of person who was born on third base in life and thinks he hit a triple. Be careful how you measure wealth my friend.

Joined: Jul 9 2007
Please don't feed the animals

“Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.”
― Mark Twain

Not choosing sides, general statement.

Now for something completely off-topic, I ordered the subscription and I think 74 is a good choice. I was actually hoping for a 74 and/or 73 box set this year.

PatagonianFox's picture
Joined: Oct 25 2011

that last statement is trolling,

PatagonianFox's picture
Joined: Oct 25 2011
you all can suck it

for the record drshakedown; i am rich, and while i'm not a perfect person, i'm not going to apologize for that, so let me just say, as simply as i can… EXPRESSING AN OPINION YOU DON'T AGREE WITH IS NOT TROLLING!

when i said i hated the song 'ripple' people got all upset, even though its only my opinion, but then when others say they hate the last 15 years of the grateful dead's career nobody seems to care, because it wasn't me who said it. you need to put your feelings aside. either you agree with what people say, or you don't. it shouldn't matter who says it.

not one person, who called me a troll, even responded to my point that releases compiled of partial shows are just as good if not better than whole shows (dick's picks 12 > dave's picks 2). if you don't want to debate point for point thats fine, but you're not going to paint me as the bad guy, just because you need someone to hate.

personally, i think the direction dave's picks has taken is blatantly disrespectful, and i really don't care if me saying so ruins your buzz. deal with it. this forum is a great reminder that the grateful dead ruled, but their fans sucked. go back to your VW busses, smoke some weed, and stink up the joint.